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...and other Thursday headlines!
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MILEY CYRUS' parents, BILLY RAY and TISH, are getting divorced after 17 years of marriage.

They issued a statement saying, "As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family. We are trying to work through some personal matters. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers."

Billy Ray and Tish have three children together...Miley, who turns 18 next month...a son named Braison, who's 16...and a daughter named Noah, who's 10.

Billy Ray also adopted Tish's son and daughter from a previous relationship...21-year-old Trace (from the group METRO STATION) and 23-year-old Brandi.

And Billy Ray has a son named Christopher, who's about the same age as Miley. Billy Ray and Tish weren't married at the time Christopher was conceived...and Christopher was raised by his mother.

Billy Ray was the one who filed the papers, but so-called "sources" say the divorce was a long time coming, and no third party was involved.

Dang. Parents getting divorced. Hopefully, this won't cause Miley to act out by dating older guys and dressing like a slut. Oh, wait...

TMZ asked SAMANTHA RONSON if she's dating CHRISTINA AGUILERA. She said no. And that's all she said. Still makes me wonder if that means BENJI from GOOD CHARLOTTE is involved...see my story from yesterday (next entry down)

If you think about it, it's interesting that none of STEVEN TYLER'S rock 'n' roll peers spoke out against him accepting the judging gig on "American Idol". I mean, that's one of the LEAST rock 'n' roll things he could've done.

But now someone HAS: KID ROCK. And he was pretty harsh.

In an interview with "Entertainment Weekly", he says, "I think it's the stupidest thing he's ever done in his life. He's a sacred American institution of rock 'n' roll, and he just threw it all out the window. Just stomped on it and set it on fire.

"I think whoever's advising him, we should bring back the guillotine, or whatever they call that thing. And if it was himself, he needs some serious counseling. I love him to death, but I gotta speak the truth."

If you think DRAKE should be doing more singing than rapping, bad news...he disagrees with you.

He says, "I been rapping a lot lately. Me and [my producer] 40 have been doing some great rap music, so I sort of took a hiatus on the R&B for a second.

"It's cool to do R&B...I love it...but it's just hard for me to always commit to it. Because some nights, I get in there and 40's beats, as melodic or R&B-driven as they may be, just have that right pocket that I just wanna spit."

What's the difference? Was anyone categorizing Drake as an R&B singer even when he wasn't "rapping" as much? And even if he was, it's not like this is a major career shift.

Drake seems to be part of a new school of hip-hop that strikes a balance between singing and rapping...along with Kid Cudi, Wale, Jeremih, and even Chris Brown and Kanye West.

The new style seems to make hip-hop more accessible and my opinion anyway.

"Consumer Reports" just put out the results of their annual survey about the most reliable car brands. And there aren't too many surprises.

MOST RELIABLE. Porsche, Honda, Toyota, and Volvo all scored the highest in reliability. Other brands that did well were Acura, Hyundai, Infiniti and Scion. Ford was the most reliable of the American car brands.

LEAST RELIABLE. Chrysler did the worst in the study...the Dodge Ram 1500 was their ONLY vehicle ranked as reliable. If you've heard "Fix It With Fred" on The DeLuca Show, you know he echoes that! Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Land Rover also came in near the bottom of the list.

MOST IMPROVED. GM is usually near the basement in these lists, but they worked their way up. They're still not at the top of the pack, but they did better than ever before...69% of their models were ranked as average or above average.

MOST RELIABLE OVERALL VEHICLE. The Porsche Boxster was named the most reliable car in the country.

LEAST RELIABLE OVERALL VEHICLE. The least reliable vehicle was a tie between the Audi A6 and the Jaguar XF.

It's kind of amazing it took so long for someone to think of this: On Monday, the first toilet paper without a cardboard tube in the middle started hitting stores. And that could mean BIG THINGS for the environment.

Kimberly-Clark is the company that makes Scott toilet paper, and they started testing the tubeless toilet paper at Walmarts and Sam's Clubs in the Northeast. If it catches on, it should go nationwide and global soon.

Instead of keeping the hole in the middle of the roll with a cardboard tube, Kimberly-Clark uses a special winding process. The holes aren't perfectly round, but they still work in any bathroom.

The last few pieces are glued together to keep the roll intact until the end. And yes, it's safe to use the glued together pieces at the end...there is ZERO waste with these rolls.

This is a pretty big "green" effort by the toilet paper industry. Americans throw out 17 billion cardboard tubes from toilet paper every year...accounting for 160 MILLION POUNDS of trash every year.

If they were stretched end to end, the amount of cardboard toilet paper tubes we throw away in a year could stretch to the Moon and back...twice. That's well over one million miles.

Kimberly-Clark says that if the toilet paper tests go well, they could also start producing tube-free paper towels, too.

Have a great Thursday!

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What a let down that storm was yesterday, right? I don't even know if I heard any thunder or saw any lightning!

Hey, LAST day to score Anberlin tix on Q92...don't forget PLAIN WHITE T'S and SHONTELLE are both coming...PWT's tix starting tomorrow ONLY from Q92!

LOTS of stuff...let's get to it

First, we heard that CHRISTINA AGUILERA'S marriage broke up due to some LESBIAN SHENANIGANS with SAMANTHA RONSON. Now we're hearing a different story.

There's talk that Christina may be enjoying the old BUMP AND TICKLE with BENJI MADDEN of GOOD CHARLOTTE!!! WHAT!? This is huge! We've got Good Charlotte in for a Q92 show on Friday! I MUST find out what's going on!

We haven't heard any actual evidence yet except for this: Christina has reportedly become very close friends with NICOLE RICHIE...who is fornicating and procreating with Benji's twin brother JOEL

MTV has completed their annual list of the Hottest MCs in the Game...and this year, EMINEM edged out JAY-Z and KANYE WEST to come out on top.

Last year, JAY-Z was #1...with Lil Wayne and Drake coming in second and third, respectively. Here's this year's Top 10:

#2.) JAY-Z
#4.) DRAKE
#9.) B.o.B

You can find MTV's arguments for each rapper, here

Earlier this month, ERYKAH BADU slammed today's hip-hop for being too computerized and lacking soul. And now, JAY-Z is making a similar complaint.

Jay-Z recently told the "Wall Street Journal" that if he could change one thing about hip-hop...he would make it more emotional and REAL.

He said, "We have to find our way back to true emotion. This is going to sound so sappy, but love is the only thing that stands the test of time.

"'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' was all about love...Andre 3000, 'The Love Below'. Even N.W.A., at its core, that was about love for a neighborhood.

"We're chasing a lot of sounds now, but I'm not hearing anyone's real voice. The emotion of where you are in your life. The mortgage scandal. People losing their jobs. I want to hear about that."

Instead of doing a fourth season of "Rock of Love", BRET MICHAELS and VH1 decided to do a more "real" reality show called "Life as I Know It".

But apparently, America is NOT as interested in Bret's "real" life as they are in watching him nail 20 groupie skanks on a bus. "Life as I Know It" premiered to an audience of fewer than 850,000 viewers last Monday night.

By comparison, the three "Rock of Love" seasons debuted to 1.6 million, 3.7 million and 2.1 million viewers, respectively.

This could not be less of a shock. The cars that have a reputation for being driven badly by entitled a-holes actually ARE being driven badly by entitled a-holes.

According to a survey of 3,000 drivers in the UK, when they were asked to name the car that seems to have the angriest drivers, more than HALF of them went with...BMW drivers.

Delivery van drivers came in second. Audi drivers were third, Ford drivers were fourth, and Land Rover drivers were fifth.

The survey also found that 17% of drivers...or one out of six...have had a bad experience with another driver in the past week, whether it was a rude gesture, someone tailgating them, someone driving dangerously, or something else.

10% of people say they've had an accident that was the direct result of road rage.

And 58% say that tailgating is the worst thing other drivers do. Making dangerous turns in front of other drivers came in second, and speeding came in third.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL must want to be the future subject of a formulaic pop-country heartbreak song...because it appears that he's dating TAYLOR SWIFT.

First, they were backstage during "Saturday Night Live", where a witness says they, were, "careful not to be seen too close."

The source added, "It was hard to tell if they were together, but everyone was shocked that she brought him."

On Sunday, they had brunch with another couple at a Brooklyn joint called Al Di La. They were later seen walking hand-in-hand around the Park Slope section of Brooklyn.

OO, la la!!!

"Us Weekly" says TAYLOR SWIFT and JAKE GYLLENHAAL are definitely a couple. A source says, "The relationship is very new, maybe two or three weeks old. I'm not sure who pursued whom, but they're both into it."

If you need more proof than that, we have this: Before they hit up the "Saturday Night Live" studio, they went APPLE-PICKING together.
I'm sorry, people, but platonic friends do NOT apple-pick. At least not together.

It went down at a place called Fishkill Farms in Hopewell Junction, New York. A witness says, "They were walking through the trees, having fun together. They looked happy.

"Some of the customers tried to take a photo of them, but they were hiding from them in the trees. They drove through the orchard and bought the apples on the way out."

Jake did the gentlemanly thing and paid the tab...which came to three bucks.

It's official: We're not alone...COLDPLAY puts British people to sleep, too.

For whatever reason, the Travelodge hotel chain conducted a survey in the U.K., asking people what musicians and / or bands were most likely to put them to sleep.

Coldplay came in first, followed by MICHAEL BUBLÉ. Here's the top 10:

#1.) Coldplay
#2.) Michael Bublé
#3.) Snow Patrol
#4.) Alicia Keys
#5.) Jack Johnson
#6.) Taylor Swift
#7.) Mozart (LOL)
#8.) Barry White
#9.) Leona Lewis
#10.) Radiohead

Unfortunately, this list isn't actually as amusing as it sounds. That's because the survey was treating falling asleep to music as a POSITIVE thing.

It even quoted a sleep expert who said, "Listening to soft, relaxing music at bedtime leads to a number of different benefits...[including] a longer sleep duration period, fewer night time awakenings and shortening of the time it takes to fall asleep."

KANYE WEST says that he and JAY-Z are no longer planning on recording an EP together...instead, they're going to do a FULL album called "Watch the Throne".

Kanye explains, "We're putting out a whole album now. We had done five [songs] so far...and then a few of them kind of were out there...and I put them on my album. Sorry, Jay!"

He adds, "We're going to the South of France at the end of this month just to record new ideas. We'll probably be done with the album in like a day or whatever."

There's no release date yet...but if Kanye wasn't joking about recording it in a day, I guess it could be on its way fairly soon.

As a kid, there are no two words in the English language sweeter than "SNOW DAY." It almost makes up for having to spend half the year bundled up in brutally cold weather.

Well, there's a school district right here in Ohio that wants to take away that joy from its students.

The Mississinawa Valley School system is in Darke County, in western Ohio. And they say that this winter, instead of cancelling classes on snow days, they're going to make their kids stay home and take classes ONLINE.

Lisa Wendel is the superintendent of the Mississinawa schools. She says that the district is just testing the plan. But if it goes well, other schools in Ohio...AND the rest of the country...might adopt the same plan.

Right now, schools in Ohio can only cancel school for three days a year because of snow. Anything more than that, and they have to make up the days at the end of the year. Sucks for you guys! It was FIVE days when I was in school!!

That sounds bad, but it really isn't. By June, all the teachers do is put on movies. Any kid would gladly take a few surprise days off in the winter, even if it means a few extra slacker days in June.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is making a lot more movies than music these days, but he'd like you to know that he's not abandoning his music career.

Over the weekend, he performed at a benefit concert in Las Vegas. He did an acoustic medley that included a version of Drake's song "Over"...but he added to the lyrics to tell the crowd:

"Don't be pissed off I'm an actor. It's not over. It's not over. It's not over. And when I come back, I'm gonna come harder."

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A rare Sunday blog appearance! And this one is typed PRE-BROWNS game, so I'm still in a decent mood...

The herpes threat level at the Jersey Shore has been lowered to green...after SNOOKI admitted she hasn't had sex in THREE MONTHS.

Snooki made the big announcement during a radio interview Friday in Detroit while responding to pregnancy rumors.
And she added, "You have to have sex to get pregnant. We are really into family values and getting married before [getting pregnant]."

Not sure I buy that, but ok...

...I posted that on my facebook page yesterday:

A-ROD struck out, for the final out of the game Friday night, to send the Texas Rangers to their FIRST World Series. Maybe he has a lot on his mind?

The word is that CAMERON DIAZ is THROUGH with A-Rod...and possibly dating someone else.
She was seen hanging out with a new man in London the other night.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA tells the new issue of "Redbook" magazine that she's pretty depressed about her divorce.

She says, "It's not easy, and there have been a lot of tears and sadness. It's impossible to redefine yourself and your life overnight.

"Thankfully, I have my mom and a small group of close friends who are there for me 24-7 and whom I can trust and depend on. On days when it feels impossible to even get out of bed, much less function as a mother, their support and encouragement have kept me moving forward."

Being a mother to her son Max...who'll be 3 in helping to keep her spirits up. She says, "Thankfully, I have Max to keep me on a sane path. His needs and happiness are my top priorities, and my biggest concern is to protect him and make him feel safe."

Christina refuses to go into detail about the split, though. She says, "Out of respect for my husband, I prefer to keep the specifics private. Right now, I'm just trying to figure out how to make it through each day."

Just 2 more weeks to go...and CONAN O'BRIEN has lined up an impressive list of celebrity guests for the premiere week of his new TBS show, "Conan"...which debuts on November 8th.

Here's the current roster according to
Monday, November 8th: Seth Rogen and musical guest Jack White.

Tuesday, November 9th: Tom Hanks, "30 Rock" star Jack McBrayer and musical guest Soundgarden.

Wednesday, November 10th: "Mad Men" stud Jon Hamm, comedienne Charlyne Yi...who was in "Knocked Up", "Semi-Pro" and that Michael Cera romantic comedy "Paper Heart"...and musical guest Fistful of Mercy.

Thursday, November 11th: Michael Cera, Julie Bowen from "Modern Family"...and comedian Jon Dore.

Tom Hanks was a guest on the final episode of Conan's "Tonight Show"...and the WHITE STRIPES performed on Conan's last "Late Night" show.

NBC is jumping on the TAYLOR SWIFT bandwagon in a big way. They'll be airing a one hour special on Thanksgiving night called "Taylor Swift: Speak Now".

Expect a lot of it to focus on Taylor traveling around the country pimping her new album "Speak Now", which drops Monday. There's also a Taylor Swift concert held on a jet 30,000 feet in the air.

The "London Sun" compiled the results of a bunch of studies and surveys to figure out which days of the week are the best times to do all kinds of things...from quitting smoking to having sex to going to the hospital. Check it out . . .

MONDAY is the best day to de-stress, because it's also the day you're most likely to die of a heart attack. It's also the best day to stay home, because of the worst traffic jams. And it's the worst day to start a diet . . . 33% will fail by Tuesday night.

TUESDAY is our most productive day, so it's the best time to tackle your to-do list. People also have the least sex on Tuesdays, so it's the best time to get some sleep.

WEDNESDAY is the best day for a first date. It's also the best day to ask for a raise: Bosses are most likely to listen on a Wednesday because it's generally the least-busy day at the office.

THURSDAY is the best day to go to the hospital because they're usually the least busy . . . no one wants to ruin their weekend by going on a Thursday. It's also the best day to have sex.

FRIDAY is the best time to quit smoking, because it's right before the weekend, where temptations are the highest . . . but your willpower is fresh enough that you can get past those temptations and make it through, smoke-free.

SATURDAY is the best day to have a baby. For whatever reason, kids born on Saturdays somehow end up statistically better off than other kids.

SUNDAY is the best day for eating out, because preparing a Sunday night dinner is the most stressful meal to cook. It's also the best day to read your email: People catch up on personal email on Sundays more than any other day.

On Monday, 26-year-old Andrew Berkos of Joliet, Illinois was arrested for impersonating a police try to get a discount on his McDonald's breakfast.

Andrew went to a McDonald's in Joliet and ordered a breakfast meal. The police report didn't say which meal, but none of them really exceed the $3 to $5 range anyway.

He demanded a discount, and showed the employees a piece of paper with the Department of Defense seal on it. He said that was his police ID.

The employees were suspicious for two reasons. One, a cop would probably show a badge, not a piece of paper with the seal of an unrelated federal government department. And two, the local cops know this McDonald's doesn't give them discounts.

When the real police got there, Andrew was arrested for impersonating a peace officer, which is a felony. He was also on parole at the time for theft and unauthorized use of a credit card.

Halloween is next weekend, which means you're probably still scrambling to find the perfect costume. But choose carefully ladies...because according to the people at, your costume says a lot about you.

Here are eight costumes ideas, and what they SUPPOSEDLY say about you . . .

#1.) FAIRYTALE CHARACTER. A fairytale character costume like Tinkerbell, Snow White or Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" means you're looking for that fairytale happy ending.

If you choose a more TWISTED fairytale a wicked witch or a Disney means you're playfully naughty, and that you might have some less-wholesome fantasies to act out between the sheets. I like these, myself.

#2.) HEROIC FIGURE. Dressing up like MOTHER TERESA or JOAN OF ARC shows that you're an over-achiever, an idealist, or maybe kind of a feminist.

#3.) SEX SYMBOL. Dressing up as MARILYN MONROE or a "Playboy" bunny doesn't mean you're EASY. But it's a pretty obvious sign that you're confident about your sexuality, on the one night where it's totally socially acceptable.

#4.) CLOWN, GUY, OR OTHER "FUNNY" COSTUMES. A clown costume, a LUCILLE BALL costume, or dressing up as a GUY show that you see yourself as free-spirited and entertaining.

Women in funny costumes are totally approachable at Halloween shows they're fun, they have a sense of humor, and would probably be cool to spend time with.

#5.) MATCHING COUPLE. Costumes like Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein, or a nurse and a doctor, shows that you're a tight pair, and your relationship's in sync.

#6.) SILLY COUPLE. Dressing like Homer and Marge Simpson, or Fred and Wilma Flinstone shows that you're a fun couple, you both know how to have fun on your OWN, and you're not going to spend the whole night connected at the hip.

#7.) SEXY COUPLE. If you want to go as a couple but spice things up a little, you can do something like Tarzan and Jane, or James Bond and a Bond girl. But it shows a BIG gender split: He's in charge, and she's the SEX OBJECT.

#8.) DOMINATRIX AND A GUY ON A LEASH. If you don't know what the roles mean here, it's not the costume for you: She's in charge, he's not.

But it ALSO shows that the guy is really secure about himself...since he's allowing the public to see that he's whipped...literally.

Most-requested songs on 9-2-5
30. Linkin Park - Waiting For The End
29. Jesse McCartney - Shake
28. Plain White T's - Rhythm Of Love
27. Taio Cruz & Ke$ha - Dirty Picture
26. Sick Puppies - Maybe
25. 3OH!3 - Double Vision
24. Sean Kingston & Nicki Minaj - Letting Go (Dutty Love)
23. Anberlin - Impossible
22. Trey Songz & Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up
21. Taio Cruz - Dynamite
20. Taylor Swift - Mine
19. Cee Lo Green - Eff You
18. OneRepublic - Secrets
17. Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything
16. Mike Posner - Please Don't Go
15. & Nicki Minaj - Check It Out
14. The Ready Set - Love Like Woe
13. Neon Trees - Animal
12. Good Charlotte - LIke It's Her Birthday
11. Train - If It's Love
10. Paper Tongues - Ride To California
09. Pink - Raise Your Glass
08. Daughtry - September
07. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
06. Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)
05. Far East Movement - Like A G6
04. Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me
03. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
02. Usher & Pitbull - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

Listen for new songs this week from Ke$ha, Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift!!

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...but can Rob handle the club? That is the question.

"Us Weekly" says that BEYONCÉ and JAY-Z are expecting their first child...and Beyoncé is in her first trimester.

A so-called "source" says, "B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn't ready to be a mother just yet. She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again."

Another source adds, "She realizes this is a gift from God and she's so happy."

I posted all of that FIRST yesterday, in the blog below this one.

BUT WAIT! Beyonce's mom, TINA KNOWLES, says it's NOT TRUE.
That's what she told TMZ anyway.

This, I posted the pics on my FB page yesterday. Now. the moral watchdogs at the Parents Television Council are upset about some photos the cast of "Glee" shot for "GQ" magazine.

LEA MICHELE, CORY MONTEITH and DIANNA AGRON shot a series of sexually-suggestive pics in a high school setting (which you can see at the facebook)...which is why the PTC isn't cool with them.

Lea, Cory and Dianna play high school students Rachel, Finn and Quinn, respectively. But all three of the actors are in the twenties. Cory is 28, while both Lea and Dianna are 24.

The PTC said, "It is disturbing that 'GQ', which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on 'Glee' in this way.

Here's where I am on this. The PTC answered their own concern..."GQ...written for adult men"
A magazine for ADULT men with ADULT women in it! The actresses are in their 20's! I see no problem with this at all. Many guys like me, may not watch Glee, but certainly enjoy seeing beautiful women in GQ mag.

"It borders on pedophilia. Sadly, this is just the latest example of the overt sexualization of young girls in entertainment."

They added, "Many children who flocked to 'High School Musical' have grown into 'Glee' fans.

"They are now being treated to seductive, in-your-face poses of the underwear-clad female characters posing in front of the school lockers, one of them opting for a full-frontal crotch shot."

I doubt it. Show me how many kids read GQ?!?!

"GQ" issued the following response..."The Parents Television Council must not be watching much TV these days and should learn to divide reality from fantasy.

"As often happens in Hollywood, these 'kids' are in their twenties. Cory Montieth's almost 30! I think they're old enough to do what they want."


BOB GUCCIONE...the founder of the "Penthouse" empire...died yesterday after a battle with lung cancer. He was 79 years old.

Guccione started "Penthouse" magazine in 1965 in England...then brought it to America in 1969.

In 1982, "Forbes" listed him as one of the 400 richest people in the world, with an estimated net worth of $400 million.

Two years later, Guccione caused a national scandal when he printed pictures of Miss America, VANESSA WILLIAMS, nude and engaging in some lesbian hijinx. The issue sold 6 million copies and made $14 million.

Vanessa, the first black Miss America, was forced to relinquish her crown. (Not that it hurt her future earning potential or anything. She just finished a successful stint on "Ugly Betty", and she's on "Desperate Housewives" now.)

Guccione lost much of his personal fortune to lawsuits and bad investments in the 1980s. In 2003, thanks to the proliferation of online pornography, "Penthouse" and its parent company filed for bankruptcy.

It's now owned by the adult entertainment company FriendFinder Networks.

CONAN O'BRIEN has set up a camera in the stairwell of his new show's offices...and is in the middle of broadcasting a live 24-hour stream from it.

The feed went live yesterday at 1:00 P.M. Eastern...and it'll be up until today at that time. (Here's the link...)

Harris just released the results of their annual poll where they ask people which major U.S. city they would most like to live in...and which major U.S. city they'd least like to live in. And this year, the same city came in FIRST on both lists.

And the winner is...New York City. It seems that no one really feels ambivalent about New either love it or hate it.

Since they started running the poll in 1997, New York has been the most desired city every single time...except in 1998, during the dot-com boom, when San Francisco was number one.

And it's not because of pompous New Yorkers either...people aren't allowed to choose the city where they currently live.

In order, the top 10 cities where people most want to live are New York . . . San Diego . . . Las Vegas . . . Seattle . . . San Francisco . . . Los Angeles . . . Nashville . . . Atlanta . . . Denver . . . and Boston.

Seattle has always intrigued me, as does Denver and even Nashvegas.

The 10 cities where people least want to live are New York . . . Detroit . . . Los Angeles . . . Chicago . . . Houston . . . Miami . . . Washington, D.C. . . . San Francisco . . . Dallas . . . Phoenix . . . and New Orleans.

Haaaaaave a GREAT thirsty Thursday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Join the facebook:
Here's some Wednesday stuff!

You heard it here first: Beyonce Knowles better brush up on her lullabies.

The 29-year-old singer is pregnant with her first child! Despite the happy news, no one was more surprised than the singer herself.

"B was shocked. She loves kids, but she wasn't ready to be a mother just yet," says a source of the singer, who married rapper Jay-Z in 2008.

"She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again." Still, another insider says that the singer, who is in her first trimester, realizes that "this is a gift from God and she's so happy."

Friends of the couple are already expressing their well-wishes for the parents-to-be. "Jay has been all about family since I met him, and he's always going to be," record executive Kevin Liles, who has known the rapper for years, says. "I wish them the best."

Knowles' sister Solange -- and mom to Julez, 6 -- agrees. "She's got the most beautiful heart," she tells Us of her big sis. "She'll be a great mom."

TBS has confirmed that JIMMY VIVINO will be CONAN O'BRIEN'S new bandleader. His group will be called Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band.

Jimmy is taking over for MAX WEINBERG, who decided he wanted to do his own thing after undergoing "massively invasive open heart surgery" earlier this year.

The members of the new band were all in "The Max Weinberg 7". Jimmy regularly took over the reins when Max would take breaks to tour with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E STREET BAND.

Conan's new show, "Conan", premieres on November 8th.

Remember KRIS ALLEN?
He just told MTV News an amusing tour story. Apparently, he once sleepwalked his way out of his hotel room...naked...and got locked out. And this happened in Hershey, Pennsylvania, if you think that makes it worse.

Here's how Kris told the story..., "At about 2:00 A.M., I wake up outside my bedroom, for some reason. I don't know if I'm sleepwalking or what's going on. The door closes, and I wake up and I go, 'What the heck? I'm locked out of my room!'

"The bad thing was I went to bed that night in the buff. So I am locked out of my room, butt-naked, in Hershey.

"At that point you're so defeated. It's not like I'm running down the halls trying to find something. I'm just walking around [with my hand covering my junk, thinking], 'If somebody sees me, they see me.'

"So [then I think] somebody's had some room service, so maybe I can find a napkin or something and cover me up and go down to the lobby. There's nothing, obviously. I don't want to go down the elevator. That would be stupid, right?

"So I [finally] find this phone and I call the front desk and I go, 'Hey, man. This is a little weird, but I'm locked out of my room. Can you please come up here?'

"So I'm waiting for the guy to come. I'm kind of bent over a little bit [peeking around a corner looking towards the elevator]. For some reason, the guy comes up from behind me and so he sees everything. From behind, which is not cool.

"He goes, 'Hey, man.' I'm like, 'Oh, gosh. Hey, dude. How's it going? Can you please unlock the door?' And he, like, does it really fast and then runs."

But that's not all. Kris said the very next night his key stopped he was forced to go down and talk to the same front desk guy.

Kris said, "He goes, 'Nice night last night, eh?' And I'm like, 'Oh, dude, I'm sorry.' I'm deeply sorry that he had to see that. Man parts are not meant to be seen out in the open."

This is why you always wear your boxers!

You may have heard that TAYLOR SWIFT'S song "Dear John"...on her new album "Speak Now"...talks about her relationship with JOHN MAYER. If that's true, then they were a lot more involved than most of us knew.

The best way to examine it is to look at some of the recently released lyrics.

"Dear John, I see it all now that you're gone. Don't you think I was too be messed with? The girl in the dress...cried the whole way home...I should've known.

"It was wrong. Don't you think nineteen's too be your dark, twisted games...when I loved you so.

"My mother accused me of losing my mind...but I swore I was fine. You'll add my name to your long list of traitors who don't understand. And I'll look back in regret...I ignored what they as fast as you can."

Oh man! The most obvious reference is putting the name "John" in the title, but as far as the lyrics, she asks if 19 is too young: She was 19 when they were dating. She's 20 now, and Mayer is 33. And then there's the line, "long list of traitors".

Anyway, I'm convinced. And I kind of get enjoyment out of it. It's only a matter of time before John says something. He always does.

Here we go...we've taken another step closer to the day when every square inch of space is covered with advertising.

The Centennial school district in Minnesota is considering a plan that would allow companies to buy advertising space on their LOCKERS. So when kids go to put away their coat and get their books, they'll be face-to-face with an ad.

The school district is also considering selling ad space on their walls and floors as a way to deal with $3.6 MILLION in budget cuts.

Giving up 10% of their available surfaces to advertising would earn them $184,000 per year.

If Centennial approves the plan, they wouldn't be alone...other schools around the country are also starting to allow advertisements on their lockers as a way of trying to fight against major budget cuts.

I, personally, think it's a fantastic idea. Why not?

"I hate (effing) hipsters."
-Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill

He added, "Everyone talks about indie this and indie that, but would you really want to be one of those indie bands that makes two albums and disappears?

"That's just sad. When we signed on with our manager, we all said we wanted to have a box-set career. We'll gladly be the next generation of bands that aren't going anywhere."

In Jacksonville, Florida a woman lost her job...and responded by getting in her car and RUNNING OVER HER BOSS!

The woman is 28-year-old Najma Asgharalam of Brunswick, Georgia. Last week, she found out that her boss, 45-year-old Shair Muhammad, was shutting down his jewelry store, called Gold Super Jewelry. And she FLIPPED OUT.

First, she stole a box of jewelry worth $15,000. Then she got in her car and drove it into Shair! Fortunately, he wasn't badly injured. Najma was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, grand theft and criminal mischief.

Still need one? Here ya go:

Have a great hump day!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Hola! I don't have some fancy speech today...I'm just gonna jump into it!
"Like" on FB...some cool new music for ya, other random things:

Now that USHER is divorced, he's in no hurry to make that mistake again. He says, "Seeing how marriage didn't work out for me the first time, I'm in no rush to do it again."

Instead, he's got a better idea, "Maybe I can find a couple of women who are open-minded. Look at how Hugh Hefner does it, with a harem of women."

Whether he's being serious or not, Usher probably really COULD start a harem. Because he's still got women hitting on him all the time.

He says, "Sh**, what haven't they said to me? Every so often you meet a woman who's very aggressive. 'I'll make you feel things you've never felt in your life.' 'Once you get it, you'll never let it go.' All that."

And Usher admits that he's not above falling for a woman's sexual pitch. Asked if those lines have ever worked on him, he says, "A couple of times."

Usher also compares his divorce last year from his wife Tameka to the LINDSAY LOHAN situation..."People love a train wreck. Lindsay Lohan...everybody is eager to see how that comes out. This is somewhat the same thing."

It is? Oh ok then Usher.

You're about to read the BEST story of the day! OK, well I am. We don't know why CHRISTINA AGUILERA and her husband, Jordan Bratman, are splitting up. But it might have had something to do with the fact that Christina was allowed to have sex with women whenever she wanted to..........(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

That's according to some anonymous woman who claims she was propositioned by Christina one night.

I, for real, don't even know if I can go on right now. Have we ever heard about Christina being into girls before? I don't seem to recall it! How HOT is that?!

She says, "I was at [a club] one night when Christina's bodyguard approached me. He said, 'My boss would really like you' and pointed over to Christina.

"The bodyguard told me it was an understanding within their marriage and that she brings girls home and Jordan's okay with it. (!!!!!!!) (Of course he is. Smart man.) I met Christina in the bathroom and she told me she liked to play with girls.

"I ended up not pursuing anything with it because the situation just seemed so weird to me, but Christina was definitely looking to hook up."

The woman adds, "My understanding was that Jordan wasn't involved when she brought girls home, so maybe the divorce is because Jordan's jealousy got the best of him."

Do you buy any of this? I WANT to, but I don't know if I do....

The "Jersey Shore" cast will make BARBARA WALTERS' annual "10 Most Fascinating People" list...or at least "Life & Style" magazine says they will.

Apparently, Barbara is planning on lumping them together as one entity. (They shouldn't mind...they pretty much lump themselves together into one entity.)

There's no word on who else may be on the list. Barbara's "10 Most Fascinating People of 2010" special will air on ABC on December 9th.

McDonald's is running its Monopoly game promotion again. And people love it...there were little game pieces all over the studio the other day...even though it's basically impossible to win anything other than a medium fry.

A website called Eat With a Spork put together a calculator that lets you pick one of the prizes from this year's McDonald's Monopoly...and calculates how many Big Macs you'd probably have to eat before you win.

I tested it out with the $500 cash prize. The odds are one in 1,204,981. In the simulation, I had to eat 442,366 Big Macs before I won...which cost me $1.65 MILLION, and made me gain 68,250 pounds!! So much for the diet!

There are two parents in Matthews, North Carolina who are raising a responsible son with sound morals. Although now they're probably thinking they've done TOO good a job.

Last week, their 11-year-old fifth grader was at a D.A.R.E. class at his elementary school. That's the program where cops talk to kids at schools about the dangers of drugs.

After the assembly, the kid went up to the police officer and told him that his parents had marijuana at home. The police went to the house, and the kid led them right to his parents' stash.

His 40-year-old father and 38-year-old mother were arrested and charged with marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Matthews police say the boy did the right thing. Quote, "Even if it's happening in their own home with their own parents, they understand that's a dangerous situation because of what we're teaching them."

The boy was removed from the parents' house temporarily and is currently staying with relatives.

OK, I did a McD's story...only fitting that BK gets some love!
Burger King is offering a new line of pillow cases so you can sleep next to the King:

The average American eats 24 pounds of candy every year. And I'm not sure if you've heard, but...candy is bad for you. Just to put it in perspective:
A pack of Skittles has more sugar than two scoops of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. And there are the same number of calories in nine Twizzlers as there are in a Wendy's Double Stack Burger.

So if you want to avoid the worst-of-the-worst this Halloween, here's a list from "Men's Health" of the four worst Halloween candies, and what you should eat instead...

THE WORST "FUN SIZE" CANDY BAR: BUTTERFINGER. There's no faster way to swallow 100 calories and 4 grams of fat. Go with a 3 Musketeers instead. The fun size bars have 63 calories and half the fat. I like me some Musket!

THE WORST FRUITY CANDY: AIRHEADS. They're basically sugar, artificial flavors, and partially hydrogenated oil...which means they have trans fat. Give out Dum Dum lollipops instead. Kind of lame compared to Airheads, but they have half the calories.

THE WORST CHEWY CANDY: CARAMELS. Each one has about 40 calories and more than one gram of fat. And you never just eat one. Instead, have a "Now And Later." They have less than half the calories and almost no fat.

THE WORST NOVELTY CANDY: REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER PUMPKINS. Say it ain't so!!!They're like regular Peanut Butter Cups, but bigger...which is why they're so amazing. But they also have almost two-thirds more calories.

So stick with Reese's BITE SIZE Peanut Butter Cups. You can eat four, and it's still better for you than eating one Peanut Butter Pumpkin.

Probably no blog tomorrow, unless I'm bored. See ya Wednesday! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Happy FRIDAY! Hope you've had a great week and have a great weekend lined up!
I'm on for Mo tonight. He's over at GlenOak HS collecting donations for Karyssa. Read her story here:

PLUS GOOD CHARLOTTE TICKETS!!! We've also got ANBERLIN, PLAIN WHITE T'S, and SHONTELLE coming in the next few weeks ONLY from Q92...listening and winning is the only way you can get in!

"Like" the facebook page:

Did I pimp enough stuff yet? Ha! Herrrre we go....

Posted FIRST on my facebook page earlier this week that they'd gone splitsville. And now it's official, CHRISTINA AGUILERA filed for divorce yesterday from Jordan Bratman. Her papers say they've been separated since September 11th.

She's seeking joint physical and legal custody of their son Max, who'll be 3 in January. She also asks that all her earnings...even those from before and during the considered separate property.

And she doesn't want the court to give Jordan spousal support. Christina and Jordan would have celebrated their fifth anniversary next month.

Sad. OK, it's not really. I'll rescue her!

SNOOKI SPIN-OFF... claims SNOOKI is getting her own "Jersey Shore" spin-off.

A so-called "insider" says that MTV was originally developing something for both Snooki and JWOWW...but that JWoww was "pushed out" because MTV execs thought a show featuring just Snooki would be a bigger hit.

For the record, a rep for MTV would only say, "We can't confirm any new 'Jersey Shore'-related programming at this time."

This isn't the first time we've heard talk that "Jersey Shore" may be spawning. Back in April, there were reports that MTV was developing a "spin-off" called "Wicked Summer", which would take place in Boston.

It's unclear how it would be a "spin-off". At the time, it didn't sound like it would feature any of the "Jersey Shore" stars. It could very well just be a show LIKE "Jersey Shore"...but we haven't heard anything about it since.

And a few weeks ago, RadarOnline reported that MTV was giving DJ PAULY D his own spin-off. It was supposed to begin shooting sometime this month.

BRET MICHAELS has confirmed speculation that he was a finalist to be a judge on "American Idol". If he'd gotten the gig, he would have been at the judge's table instead of STEVEN TYLER. And he's a little down about losing the gig.

He tells MTV News, "I made it into the top five people. It came down to five people in the end. I was disappointed [it didn't work out]. I'd love to have done it. I'm competitive, so it would have been great.

"On the other hand, to have [JENNIFER LOPEZ] and Steven Tyler . . . one's a pop icon and one's a rock legend and both, along with Randy, are going to make such amazing TV."

Oh are they?

Anyway, Bret adds, "[Steven] lays it out there. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's crazy, and I love that about him. I think he's going to be able to give them great advice. And I know J.Lo has been through it all. I think they've got it covered."

Bret doesn't have any hard feelings toward Steven. He says, "I can truly say that I lost to a worthy opponent."


A TAYLOR SWIFT fan named Chloe created a "Twitition"...a petition on Twitter...asking other fans to stay home from school on the day that Taylor's new album comes out.

The Twitition was created back on Monday...or at least that's the date of Chloe's original signature. As of 6pm Friday, there were 136 other signatures. Since there are 11 days left before the album drops, that number could rise significantly.

According to one of Chloe's Tweets, she says she came up with the plan as a way to, "Get my dad to let me take the day off." It's not clear if her dad was in on this nonsense from the beginning...or if
he's even agreed to go along with the plan.

Here's what the Twitition reads, "Help persuade Swifties' parents to let the true Swifties stay home from school, or at least half of the school day, on October 25th, 2010, in order to buy Taylor's 'Speak Now' album when store doors open."

There's no word if Taylor knows about this...but if she does, I doubt she'll say anything. Taylor's smart enough to know that you CANNOT encourage kids to take off from school just to listen to your album. I bet she stays quiet because it's a lose-lose situation for her to get involved.

CONAN O'BRIEN'S new TBS show starts November 8th, and the newest promo is EPIC: He fills a 1969 Dodge Dart with C-4, gasoline, fireworks, and popcorn...then drives it off a cliff!!

He hits the gas at 1:21

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The Anthem. As in the GOOD CHARLOTTE song. Today is the day!! LISTEN to Q92, it's the ONLY way to get in to not only SEE GC, but MEET them as well!!

The E! network has just announced a new reality show called "Married to Rock", which follows the wives of three rock stars, and the girlfriend of another.

The cast features: Etty Farrell, who's married to Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell...Susan Holmes McKagan, the wife of former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan. (He also briefly played with Jane's Addiction earlier this year.)

Josie Stevens, the wife of Billy Idol's guitarist Steve Stevens...and AJ Celi, who's dating Billy Duffy, the guitarist for The Cult.

An E! suit explains, quote, "So many women have a fantasy about landing a rock star. We're raising the curtain on the rock 'n' roll lifestyle and showing there's more to it than the late-night partying, ravaged hotel rooms and jet-set life we've all read about.

"But, of course, there's all of that too." The show debuts on November 7th.

Of course, the curtain-raising could've been much more interesting if they actually landed some wives of current, relevant rock STARS!!! I'm just sayin'

KE$HA has a secret weapon with her on tour: A spiritual healer.

She tells "Seventeen" magazine, "I have a spiritual healer on tour with me, and we center our chakras before every show. We meditate and try to hone in on my psychic abilities, and go to acupuncture, and eat super organic."

In Hindu and Buddhist ideology, "chakras" are basically a series of spiritual energy wheels that operate as "force centers" in your body...I guess.

Eating "super organic" is a notch above eating "really organic"...again I guess. And two notches above plain "organic". And it's a notch below "absolutely organic." Uh, yeah.

But maybe Ke$ha's spiritual healer can let loose a little, too.

She says, "I could party in a cardboard box with people who are funny and don't care. For me, it's really about who I surround myself with, so I just try to always be with hilarious people."

Btw, Ke$ha is putting out a new disc called "Cannibal" on November 22nd. It's a nine-song, "companion album" to her debut, "Animal".

T.I. personally talked a young man out of jumping off a skyscraper in Atlanta yesterday. For real. T.I. saved the dude's life. Here's how it went down.

At around 4:00 P.M., a local radio station there was talking about how there was a man, who has only been identified as "Joshua," threatening to jump off a 22-story office building. The radio station studios are actually INSIDE that building.

T.I. heard about the situation on the radio, and rushed over to the building. When he got there, he coordinated with the police to try to help talk Joshua down.

He quickly recorded a message on a cell phone that said, "Nothing is that bad. Nothing in life is worth taking your life. I'm here to help you. Please come down to talk to me."

It worked. Joshua came down off the roof in exchange for some face time with T.I. in the lobby of the building.

An Atlanta police officer said, "He didn't have to stop. He could've kept on going about his business. We're happy it ended the way it did, and we thank him."

T.I. later told the Associated Press, "I told him it ain't that bad. It'll get better, to put the time and effort into making it better. I just reminded him, know that I know. It looks bad right now, but it can turn around."

He added that Joshua seemed, "beat up by life." (The man was taken to the hospital. The police won't be pressing any charges against him.)

All this comes at a VERY convenient time for T.I. Tomorrow he'll be in court asking a judge not to revoke his probation for a drug bust last month.

But T.I. says he wasn't even thinking about that. In a radio interview after all the excitement, T.I. said that he isn't accepting any credit for his role in talking Joshua down.

He added, "I didn't wake up this morning with the intentions of going down and helping hostage negotiators talk someone down off of a ledge. I don't think that can be in anyone's plan of action."

Back in September, I told you about this saga. And now, with the Chilean miners being rescued, it's reached its conclusion.

You're very happy and all that about the Chilean miners finally being rescued.

But what you REALLY wanted to hear about was what happened to 50-year-old Yonni Barrios. He's the miner whose AFFAIR was exposed while he was trapped...after both his mistress AND his wife showed up to hold a vigil for him!!

Well...early yesterday morning, Yonni was the 21st miner rescued from the mine. And there to greet him was...HIS MISTRESS. No wifey!

That mistress is 45-year-old Susana Valenzuela. When Yonni emerged, she was there to give him a giant hug and kiss. His wife, 56-year-old Marta Salinas, REFUSED to be there if the mistress was going to be there.

According to Yonni's sister, now that he's out, he's REALLY trying to do the old have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too thing. "He loves them both and he wants them to be friends with each other."


His wife says that's not an option.


Listen to WIN those GC tickets! We'll see you tonight for K'NAAN & PAPER TONGUES!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


...(Thursday, Friday, Saturday, eeeeeven on Sundaaaaaay....sorry)

2010 AMA NOMS...
The nominees for the "38th Annual American Music Awards" were announced yesterday. This is the biggest 'competitor' to the Grammys....and this year, EMINEM and LADY ANTEBELLUM tied for the most nominations with five apiece.

JUSTIN BIEBER was next with four...and KATY PERRY, KE$HA, USHER and rapper B.O.B. followed with three each.

Yes, Bieb seriously got more nominations than Katy, Usher, and B.o.B
If he WINS more than them, THAT will be a true travesty!

Eminem and Justin will face off in three categories...including the top award, Artist of the Year. LADY GAGA is also up for that, along with Katy Perry and Ke$ha. And any of those artists deserve the crown far more than Justin, let's be honest...

AMA nominees are determined using a formula that weighs artists' music sales, prevalence on radio and TV, Internet streams and, "additional online metrics," which includes "social-media activity."

ABC will air the ceremony live on Sunday, November 21st.

As usual, YOU will choose the winners. Voting is open NOW at You'll have to provide an email address to register before casting your vote.


--Justin Bieber
--Lady Gaga
--Katy Perry

ROB THOUGHTS: Tough call. You could probably rule out the Bieb right away. Ke$ha had much success, but not as much as the others. I bet it goes to Lady Gaga, but 2009 was her year. Not 2010. Eminem should get it, in my opinion, though I wouldn't hate it going to Katy P.

--Justin Bieber
--Taio Cruz
--Jason Derulo
--Lady Antebellum
--Travie McCoy
--Mike Posner

ROB THOUGHTS: Travie was with Gym Class for several years so I say no to him. Who should get this? I'm going with B.o.B or Mike Posner. While I like Taio and Derulo, they didn't really hit as hard as B.o.B, and re-ignite an entire genre of music as he did with hip-hop.
But, I bet Lady A wins this.


--Justin Bieber

ROB THOUGHTS: Eminem or Usher. I like Usher here.


--Lady Gaga
--Katy Perry



--Black Eyed Peas
--Lady Antebellum

ROB THOUGHTS: Train or Peas


--"My World 2.0", Justin Bieber
--"Recovery", Eminem
--"Teenage Dream", Katy Perry

ROB THOUGHTS: Eminem. Hard to deny his huge success with this album.

--Vampire Weekend

ROB SAYS: Muse or Phoenix. I'm going Muse.



ROBBIE SEZ: Em or Drake


--"Recovery", Eminem
--"Thank Me Later", Drake
--"B.o.B Presents", B.o.B

ROB: Give it to Em

Celebrity breakups are apparently the big thing this year...because CHRISTINA AGUILERA and her husband, Jordan Bratman, are trying it too.

A so-called "source" says, "Yes they are separated. Right now they're just trying to figure things out. There are no divorce proceedings at this point. They have their ups and downs like all married couples. They argue like everyone else."

Another source says, "They were very much in love. But over the last six months, it became clear they were more like friends than husband and wife."

Christina released a brief statement saying, "Although Jordan and I are separated, our commitment to our son Max remains as strong as ever."

Max will be 3 in January. Christina and Jordan got married in 2005.

CONAN O'BRIEN'S longtime sidekick, ANDY RICHTER, will follow him to TBS.

Andy said, "I'm thrilled to be going back to work with Conan...and very excited to start a whole new venture on TBS. However, I am mostly looking forward to getting out of the house again."

And Conan joked, "This decision was made without my authority. I will get to the bottom of this."

The new show starts November 8th!

Fuse TV recently conducted a survey to determine pop music's "Top 10 Sexiest Video Hotties"...and after over 30,000 votes were counted, BEYONCÉ came out on top. She received the honor for her "Sweet Dreams" video. Which I gotta tell you, is flat out WRONG. Xtina's "Dirrty" is just about the sexiest video of all time in the history of ever. And while it's on the list, it should have beaten Beyonce! As should Womanizer...and Teenage Dream! Anyway...

Here's the Top 10:
#1.) BEYONCÉ, for her "Sweet Dreams" video
#2.) KATY PERRY, for her "Teenage Dream" video
#3.) BRITNEY SPEARS, for her "Womanizer" video
#4.) LADY GAGA, for her "Bad Romance" video
#5.) FERGIE, for her "London Bridge" video
#6.) RIHANNA, for her "Hard" video
#7.) CHRISTINA AGUILERA, for her "Dirrty" video
#8.) PINK, for her "Sober" video
#9.) SHAKIRA, for her "She Wolf" video
#10.) NICKI MINAJ, for her "Massive Attack" video

AKON'S new album, "Stadium", is scheduled to drop sometime next month.

He chose that title because he's getting BIGGER, apparently. He says, "I started getting bigger, the music kind of grew with it." That musical growth includes a new "worldly" blend of music and beats.

Akon says, "[I'm still] the type of artist that created my music based from my experience. I'm always in Europe, always in Asia, always in India, always in Japan, always in Africa, the U.K., France, and this is the kind of music that I'm exposed to."

We know TAYLOR SWIFT loves to trash her ex-boyfriends in the songs she writes. Well, guess what? She actually wrote a song admitting SHE was the A-hole in the relationship.

It's called "Back to December", and it's on her album "Speak Now". (The song is available now on iTunes. The album drops October 25th.)

Here's what Taylor said about "Back To December", quote, "(It) addresses a first from me in that I've never apologized to someone in song before. Whether it be good or bad or an apology, the person I wrote this song about deserves this.

"This is about a person who was incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship, and I was really careless with him. So, this is a song full of words that I would say to him that he deserves to hear."

Taylor didn't say who the song is about...but suggests its "Twilight" stud TAYLOR LAUTNER. As you know, they dated for a while last year, and broke up in...wait for it, December!!!

At the time, they both called it a mutual breakup, but Popeater claims Taylor Swift is the one who ended it because she was feeling smothered.

They cite a rumor going around that Lautner flew to Nashville to surprise Taylor Swift on her twentieth birthday, which was December 13th. But Taylor Swift didn't appreciate the intrusion, and she broke it off.

So now the song "Back to December" comes out and it's no stretch to believe it's about Taylor Lautner. I agree.

If you decided to have SWEET, TABOO RELATIONS with your BOSS, do you think it'd help you get promoted? Apparently, for one out of every six people, the answer is a definite YES.

A new survey of American workers found that 17%...or about one out of six...say that they think having an affair with their boss would get them a promotion or a better salary.

And 7%...or about one out of 14...say they've followed through and HAD relations with their boss. For some reason though, the people running the survey didn't ask the follow-up question about whether those people DID get promotions.

The survey also found that only 18% of people are connected to their boss on a social networking site like Facebook or LinkedIn. (Our boss doesn't do the social networking thing)

Of those people, 45% have adjusted their privacy settings to keep some parts of their profile...and photos...blocked from their boss.

91% of people think their boss respects them. (Even though they want to sleep with him or her AND give up access to all the dumb stuff their friends are posting on Facebook? Must be a really forgiving boss.)

This is quite ridiculous: An artist named Benjamin Lotan launched a website called, where he'll print you a poster featuring photos of ALL of your Facebook friends. It only runs $20, plus $6 shipping.

The poster is 20 inches by 40 inches. It can accommodate as few as 200 friends, or up to 2,200 friends. If you have more than that, or you don't want to include all your friends, you can select a specific group of friends you want for the poster. So, I could plaster 912 people on my wall ( actual wall)

Benjamin says that looking at all of your friends on a poster, "Is totally different from looking at pictures on Facebook. You get drawn into it. It's a trace of everyone you've known or met."


The Dallas Cowboys haven't really been Super Bowl contenders in a long, long, long, long, long, long time. But apparently, the fans they made when they WERE champs aren't the bandwagon jumpers!

Harris Interactive just released the results of its annual NFL poll, and for the fourth straight year, the Cowboys are the most popular team in the U.S.

The five most popular teams are the Dallas Cowboys, the Indianapolis Colts, the Green Bay Packers, the P***sburgh Steelers, and the New Orleans Saints.

As expected, everyone jumped on the New Orleans bandwagon last year, after they won the Super Bowl: They made the biggest jump, from the 24th most popular team in 2009, to fifth most popular in 2010.

For the second straight year...and the fifth time in six years...the Jacksonville Jaguars are the LEAST popular NFL team.

The Seattle Seahawks had the biggest drop, from 14th last year to 31st out of the 32 NFL teams this year.

Overall, 53% of Americans say they actively follow professional football. That's up from 51% last year.

LADY GAGA had a tiny part in an episode of "The Sopranos" back in 2001.
(That was the third season. At the time, she was still known as Stefani Germanotta.)

She played "a 15-year-old rebel." (The video just popped up online. You can watch it below. NOT SAFE FOR WORK...there's an F-bomb)

Fox has ordered six episodes of a new animated series based on "Napoleon Dynamite". But it isn't going to be just a lame knock-off with no connection to the original movie.

A lot of the stars from the original movie will be back to voice their characters, including Jon Heder as Napoleon, Efren Ramirez as Pedro, Aaron Ruell as Kip Dynamite and Jon Gries as Uncle Rico.

Plus, brothers Jared and Jerusha Hess, who co-wrote the movie, will serve as executive producers. (Jared Hess also directed the movie.)

So just to be clear...this doesn't mean that it can't end up being a lame knock-off with a strong connection to the original movie.

There's no word on when it might premiere. More than likely, it'll eventually end up among Fox's animated lineup on Sunday nights.

OK. It's that time once again...time for us to tell you about the latest performer whose upcoming concert is being protested by the strict Muslim fundamentalists in Malaysia.


Usually, these Malaysian protests are over female performers who are known for showing a lot of skin onstage. But as you've probably guessed, their problem with Adam is the fact that he's a gay man.

Although, his onstage wardrobe may very well be a contributing factor.

A spokesperson for an anti-Adam Lambert group says, "[His] shows are outrageous, with lewd dancing and a gay performance that includes kissing male dancers. This is not good for people in our country."

In Malaysia, gay sex is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

The concert is scheduled for Thursday, and as of last night, it was still a GO.

Adam has responded on Twitter..."While I don't believe that my Glam Nation tour is in any way offensive, I have agreed to make a few minor adjustments out of respect for the Malaysian government."

He added, "Does my show 'promote the gay lifestyle'? It promotes living ANY lifestyle that includes the freedom to seek love and intimacy. Gay, straight, bi, young or old. It's all inclusive. Plus, what's THE gay lifestyle? There isn't just one.

"There are so many different kinds of gay people. We have a variety of different lifestyles. There's not only one lifestyle lived by straight folks. Generalizing..."

A new study has a theory for why women like to cuddle after sex and men don't.

And unfortunately for the ladies, it comes down to a hard scientific truth: Men are already focused on their next sexual conquest.

The researchers say it's grounded in basic biological instincts: After a woman has sex, her instincts tell her to bond with the man as much as possible, and keep him around in case he just knocked her up.

After a man has sex, his instinct is to do whatever it takes to have sex again as SOON as possible, to try to increase his chances of reproducing as MUCH as possible.

In the study, women almost universally were more into intimate talking, kissing, cuddling, and talking about the state of their relationships after sex.

Men were more into claiming a reward, whether it was smoking a cigarette, watching TV, going to sweet, delicious sleep...or moving on to the next lady.

But, there was one sign that men ARE evolving: Men found it equally important to say "I love you" to their long-term partner after relations.

There's a man who's $1 MILLION richer today...and all he had to do was risk getting shot and killed by a Secret Service marksman.

On Sunday, 24-year-old Juan James Rodriguez STREAKED in front of PRESIDENT OBAMA during a speech in Philadelphia.

A British billionaire named Alki David was offering $1 MILLION to anyone who was willing to perform the stunt while shouting the name of Alki's website six times in front of the president.

I first told you about this offer back in August...but at the time, the prize was $100,000, not $1 MILLION. Looks like upping the stakes finally got someone to risk getting thrown in prison.

That website is, and it's a fairly generic video-sharing website. In fact, none of us would ever have heard of it without this stunt, so I guess it worked. Alki has confirmed he'll pay Juan once he sees Juan's friend's video of the streak.

On Sunday, Juan stripped down with "" written across his chubby torso, and started screaming the website while Obama spoke. He was arrested for public nudity, but otherwise it looks like he'll be getting away with it.

Weirdly enough, during Obama's speech, a different man THREW A BOOK at him. The book missed...the Secret Service says that the book was thrown by an excited fan and wasn't a threat.

There's no video yet but we're sure they'll post it eventually!

That'll be it! LOTS of stuff today! Enjoy your humpday!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Seems like EVVVVVVVERYONE is having a party tonight! So it's a SLIZZARD SATURDAY, here's some shtuff for ya!

RUSSELL BRAND will NOT be charged for going after a paparazzi scumbag who ALLEGEDLY tried to get an upskirt photo of KATY PERRY at Los Angeles International Airport last month.

Both Russell and the photographer do have to attend a hearing on November 19th. E! Online says the purpose of that hearing is so the judge can "lecture them on the letter of the law and officially inform them that they're in the clear."

Facebook founder MARK ZUCKERBERG had said that he didn't want to see "The Social Network". He wasn't too happy that it was even made in the first place, and he's described it as "fiction".

But apparently he had a change of heart. Because according to "Us Weekly", he took his entire Facebook staff to see it last Friday.

A company rep says, "To celebrate a period of intense activity at Facebook, we decided to go to the movies. We thought this particular movie might be amusing."

Christopher Sibona is a business student at the University of Colorado at Denver, and he just finished a survey of more than 1,500 people to figure out why they UNFRIEND someone on Facebook. Yes, parents, your dollars at work.

Here's what he found...

The number one reason someone might unfriend you is that you make unimportant posts...and you make them WAY too often.
(FYI: All of my posts are important.

Number two is that you post about controversial topics like politics or religion.
(FYI: I never post about these things.

And number three is that you post inappropriate things, like obscene or racist comments.
(FYI. I may sometime post some of these things, but if it's funny and makes you laugh, who gives a f**k? <---see, not obscene. I edited.

There's also a chance you could get unfriended for something that's NOT related to your etiquette on Facebook...27% of people have unfriended someone for something that happened offline, like a break up or a falling out.
(FYI. Even ex-girlfriends 'like' me

The study also found that people are much less likely to unfriend someone when they're the ones who initiated the friend request.
(FYI. I'll never drop yo ace. <---See? Edited again.

WILMER VALDERRAMA...who played Fez on one of the best shows of all time, "That '70s Show"...has a new sitcom in development at ABC. There's no title or ballpark premiere date yet. All we know about it is that it's a, "live-action comedy with a musical component" that was created by a couple of producers from "American Dad".

Jane Lynch of "Glee" fame is hosting...BRUNO MARS is the musical guest

Of all people...BEYONCÉ'S sister, SOLANGE KNOWLES, exploded on KATY PERRY in a series of Twitter posts earlier this week. Yes, really.

Solange blew up after catching her five-year-old son Daniel Julez watching Katy's sexy "California Gurls" video, which she compares to, "kiddie porn."

She Tweeted, "But seriously. I don't like the fact that Julez thinks he gotta sneak [and watch] 'California Gurls' on YouTube. Katy Perry is polluting the chirrens.

(Rob interjection: Does a 5 YEAR OLD really sneak anything, knowingly? I mean, it's not like a 14 year old sneaking off to watch porn, ya know? Could the kid just like the song...or, I don't know, the fact that it's FILLED WITH CANDY...WHICH KIDS LOVE?!?!?!?!?!?! OK, I feel better...)

Back to Solange..."It is like kiddie porn though. All them damn colors, candy and (crap)...and then daisy dukes, breast shooting cream."

Naturally, Solange then turned her attention to Katy's controversial, cleavage-y "Sesame Street" appearance. Which went viral on YouTube, but won't end up airing on PBS.

She Tweeted, "And then Elmo and (rhymes with BITS)!? [That] sounds like a personal problem." (Katy hasn't responded. Nor should she.)

Every year, PPG Industries releases their data on the most popular car color in North America. And for the past 10 years, the result has always been the same. We just LOVE our SILVER cars.

And, this year, silver isn't just the most popular color yet's more popular than EVER.

31% of the cars sold in North America this year were silver, grey, or charcoal. That's up from 25% in 2009 and 20% in 2008.

Black and white tied as the second-most popular colors this year, at 18% each.

Red was third, at 11%.

Blue is fourth, at 10%.

"Natural" is fifth, at 8%. That includes colors like brown, tan, gold, orange and yellow.

And finally, green was last, at 4%.

That's a pretty stunning drop for green. In 1994, green was the most popular car color in North America, at 21%. Back then, silver only had an 8% share. My uncle is a car dealer, and he says they can't give green cars away!

So we have DAVID ARCHULETTA in Canton on Monday. Think I should ask him about this?
Former "American Idol" runner-up DAVID ARCHULETA was on "The Wendy Williams Show" yesterday, and when he looked at a picture of the new "Idol" judges standing together, he thought STEVEN TYLER was a woman.

He said, "Who's that other girl?", then tried to claim he was talking about JENNIFER LOPEZ. But Wendy Williams didn't buy it.

ANGELINA PIVARNICK from "Jersey Shore" refereed a celebrity boxing match on Saturday, and one of the boxers was KERRY SCHWARTZ from the VH1 reality show "Frank The Entertainer In A Basement Affair." (remember that one?)

Then afterward, the two of them almost got into a REAL fight in the bar where they were doing the after-party.

They didn't land any punches, but according to RadarOnline, they've now agreed to fight in their own celebrity boxing match next month.

They get into it at :35, then start arguing again at 1:50. WARNING: Not safe for work...this video is filled with F-bombs and other profanity.

Yep, it's your grandparents show, so you won't be looking for it. But I'm here to let you know! EMINEM will be featured on 60 MINUTES, which will air on CBS (WOIO-19) this SUNDAY evening (10/10).
60 MINUTES reporter ANDERSON COOPER will profile the artist, discussing his "recovery," both from addiction, as well as latest album, RECOVERY, which has sold over 2.7 million copies.

According to the OAKLAND PRESS, the interview was conducted in DETROIT prior to EMINEM's concerts with JAY-Z at COMERICA PARK on SEPTEMBER 2nd and 3rd. The one we sent YOU to see!!
The DETROIT NEWS reported that locations featured in the interview range from EMINEM's childhood home, to the restaurant where he worked.

ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! Sunshine, 70's...perfecto!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Thirsty because I really could go for a drink at the moment!
Been posting more and more on the facebook, so FOLLOW if you aren't yet!

If you have been eagerly awaiting new music from Kelly Clarkson, your wait is almost over! Kelly Clarkson is looking to release her new album early next year, with a single coming before that. Kelly has been tweeting some of the details about her new album, and you can read them below.

"Just finished up w/ Jason Halbert in the studio. It's one of my favorites and its called "you won't know what it's like."

Kelly went on to say on Twitter:
We’ve almost completed the album. We’re gonna have way too many songs to pick from ….and that part sucks

"Probably not till the beginning of the year but my single will come out before that. It takes too long. I’m bored & ready 2 tour:)

my favorite song off of the new album is “You Love Me”

There are actually 2 duets on the new record & I have at some point sang w/both of these artists before but not on record.

There is definitely one song that could have been on My December and it’s also a duet ….and I’m not saying who yet

Remember that WILL SMITH movie "Hitch"? Good stuff! Well, Fox just obtained the rights to make it into a TV series. And according to, Fox won a BIDDING WAR to get it. And that actually wasn't a joke.

There aren't any details yet...but says it'll be created by writer Pete Chiarelli, who wrote the SANDRA BULLOCK instant-classic "The Proposal". And no, that's not a joke either.

The movie "Hitch" is about a "date doctor," who was played by Will Smith. He helps Kevin James get into Amber Valletta's pants...and in the process, finds love himself with Eva Mendes.

LIL WAYNE has received over 100 pieces of fan mail a day while at Rikers Island prison...and he's previously talked about how much he enjoys reading letters from fans. But now he'd like everyone to STOP.

Yesterday, a message was posted on his Twitter account saying, "I can no longer write my fans, as difficult as this may be to say please stop sending me mail, I luv u and will see you soon."

Wayne didn't explain WHY he can't write to his fans anymore...but earlier this week he was moved to solitary confinement for "music contraband", where he will do the rest of his time.

He's still expected to be released on November 4th.

If you're thinking you can make some extra coin by going on the sly and printing up some t-shirts with TAYLOR SWIFT'S face on them...well, don't. Taylor sued some dudes who were doing just that...and she won.

Taylor was granted an injunction and default judgment against 16 people accused of selling unauthorized merchandise featuring her likeness and trademarks.

And the guys sound pretty stupid too. In one case they sold bootleg Taylor Swift stuff six feet outside the door of one of her concerts. Two of them even got arrested after fighting with Swift's merchandise manager!

According to 24-YEAR study in Germany, a woman's weight has more of an effect on her happiness than whether or not she's in a relationship. In other words: Being skinny makes women much happier than any man could.

Dr. Pam Spurr helped lead the study. She says that this study shows how much of a stigma has been put on being chubby...and how that stigma has INFECTED our brains.

"I have worked with many overweight women and their weight is always on their minds. And not the back of their minds but at the forefront, because we live in a society that is constantly evaluating shape, size and attractiveness."

"People who are obese are stigmatized by people thinking they are stupid or lazy or just don't care."

We all know it's pretty rude to whip out a cell phone in a restaurant and start talking. I's not a movie theater!

But according to a new survey by Zagat, TWO-THIRDS of people think it's JUST as rude to pull out your phone in a restaurant to text or check email.

Tim Zagat, the founder of Zagat, says, quote, "A lot of people do it, and the restaurant is not going to tell you to stop unless you're shouting while you're on the phone. [But] two-thirds of the people at your table will probably find it irritating."

The days of carving a gap-toothed smile into a perfectly round, orange pumpkin are OVER. This ain't your grandma's Halloween anymore!!

According to pumpkin growers and retailers across the country, the big trend this Halloween is buying the UGLIEST pumpkin you can find.

Jamie Hoffman runs the Outstanding Seed Company in Monaca, Pennsylvania (right down the road from Salem, actually). She says, "We're putting a fair amount of effort into pumpkins that are not round and orange. [People want] surprises, pumpkins that are multicolored and warted."

Randy Graham grows pumpkins at his farm in Champaign, Illinois. And he says, "Anything that's ugly or weird or unusual, it just sells like crazy."

The National Retail Federation estimates that 68.5 million Americans...or more than one out of every five of us...will buy a pumpkin for Halloween. That's up 5% in the past five years.

Overall, Americans will spend $1.63 BILLION...yes, BILLION with a "B"...on Halloween decorations this year. The NRF doesn't break down what percentage of that is pumpkins, but it's definitely a good chunk.

Alright, have a good rest of your evening!