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Well, tomorrow perhaps....GOBBLE TIL YOU WOBBLE! Happy Thanksgiving Eve...drink yourself silly tonight, and listen to me first. 3-7pm today, Friday afternoon as well. We'll play Adam Sandler's THE THANKSGIVING SONG in the 5pm hour!

CHRISTINA AGUILERA had denied that she's dating Matthew Rutler...who was a crew member on her latest movie "Burlesque". But the two of them were photographed holding hands in Los Angeles on Sunday.

PIC EVIDENCE? Visit my facebook, its on the wall:

A so-called "source" says, "They've been on a few dates. [But] she's not looking to jump into a relationship right now."

If Christina IS trying to hide a relationship, her motive is pretty obvious. She's in the process of divorcing Jordan Bratman, her husband of five years.

Here's another brief Xtina tidbit, cause 3 PEOPLE have sent me texts this week saying "woah, your girl is looking big"...HEY! Cut homegirl some slack! She's going thru a divorce...and I think she still looks great!

The oh-so-controversial stage antics of ADAM LAMBERT now include SMOKING MARIJUANA...or at least they did at his show in Amsterdam over the weekend.

Technically, he could be smoking a regular cigarette, but it doesn't look like it. Plus, he was in the Netherlands, he was singing JIMI HENDRIX'S "Purple Haze"...and frankly, let's be honest, this isn't DAVID ARCHULETA that we're talking about here.

You can see video below. He smokes throughout most of the clip...but you can get a good look when he's first handed the joint at the 1:50 mark, and he gets another one at the 2:45 mark. Be warned, the audio quality is terrible.

For her upcoming ballet movie "Black Swan", MILA KUNIS (the oh-so-hot Jackie on That 70's Show and the hotel front-desk girl in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) had to drop down to 95 pounds...which was about a 20-pound loss for her. She's 5-foot-3. And she didn't like the way she looked.

She says, "I could see why this industry is so (effed) up, because at 95 pounds, I would literally look at myself in the mirror and I was like, Oh my God!'

"I had no shape, no boobs, no ass (sad face)...All you saw was bone. I was like, 'This looks gross.'"

It actually got to the point where friends and family were panicking.
But Mila adds, "In real life, it looked disgusting. But in photographs and on film, it looked amazing."

Mila says it took her five months to lose the weight...and only five DAYS to put it back on.

"Black Swan" is a thriller co-starring NATALIE PORTMAN and WINONA RYDER. It's directed by Darren Aronofsky, and it hits theaters a week from this Friday.

Broke the story on-air and on my facebook yesterday afternoon, TAYLOR SWIFT will be doing a massive 19-country tour next year. The "Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour 2011" will kick off February 9th in Singapore and make stops in Asia and Europe before hitting the states.
July 30 Cleveland, Ohio (no venue yet)
June 7 Columbus, Ohio
Her Pittsburgh show on June 18 will be at Heinz Field, one of 6 stadium shows she'll do.

Apparently, if you want to have the best Thanksgiving celebration this year, you should take your talents to...AKRON! Of all the cities in the entire country, yes, really. According to a study by Pepto-Bismol and, there ain't no Thanksgiving like an Akron Thanksgiving.

They ran a survey that asked where you're going for Thanksgiving, how many people are attending, and how many dishes are being served. They also looked at data on the increase in inbound holiday airport traffic and turkey consumption.

And when you add that up, Akron is #1! We have some of the largest Thanksgiving dinners, at 7.63 people and 6.44 dishes. The Akron/Canton Airport sees a 3.78% increase. And we consume 105% more turkey than average. YES! GO US! Buncha fatties...

The rest of the top 5 are:
#2.) West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, Florida
#3.) Columbus, Ohio
#4.) Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas
#5.) Las Vegas, Nevada

Spelling. I was always a pretty decent speller and I HATE when people are too lazy to spell s**t right...anyone who's read comments on YouTube or tried to decipher a tweet written by someone born in the '90s knows one thing: The Internet is doing everything it can to MURDER the fine art of spelling.

And it turns out that there are plenty of people who are cool with that.
According to a study by Manchester University in England, 66% of people 18 to 24 say that they think dictionaries should start adapting their spellings to match what people are typing on the Internet. (!!!)

They didn't give specifics, but that could include acronyms like LOL...misspelled words like using y-o-u-r and y-o-u-apostrophe-r-e interchangeably...or randomly sticking apostrophes before the letter "s" in plural words.

The survey also found that 22% of people 18 to 24 say they wouldn't be confident writing an important email without using a dictionary or spell-check...they have THAT little faith in recognizing proper versus improper spelling.

Lucy Jones, who led the study, says, "We are witnessing the effect these linguistic variations are having on children born into the computer age...they do not question their existence."

This is a STRANGE perversion. Police in Medina busted 33-year-old Jason Morrison after he kept FLASHING his junk at AMISH people riding in their buggies.

He kept driving up to their buggies, hopping out of his car, whipping it out, and, according to the police report, quote, "making gestures indicative of masturbation."

The police finally caught him when he flashed a group of Amish people and they actually made a note of his license plate. Jason was arrested for public indecency.

That's all, drink lots tonight, eat lots tomorrow, shop lots Friday...see ya back here Friday afternoon!

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KE$HA, aka future ex-girlfriend #3, will be in the new issue of COMPLEX magazine...check out some SEXIFIED pics from the shoot!









Good stories for a Tuesday? Let's see...

MILEY CYRUS turns 18 TODAY. But she started celebrating her birthday Sunday night after the "American Music Awards"...with a party at a nightclub called Trousdale.

Not surprisingly, she wore a slutty outfit...tight leather pants and a leather top that was basically a bra.

She was also spotted at one point making out with AVAN JOGIA...that guy she's been kind of seeing from the Nickelodeon show "Victorious". Didn't know that at the time I got ahold of the pic, but you can see it on the wall at my facebook:

Celebrity guests included Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Rumer Willis...Kelly Osbourne, Kyle Massey from "Dancing with the Stars", Mark Salling and Chord Overstreet from "Glee", Kesha and...JOHN MAYER. A source says, "John's presence was the buzz of the party, and he wished Miley a happy birthday."

Miley's mom, TISH CYRUS was there. But BILLY RAY was not...supposedly because he was working in Nashville.

It sounds like we can expect more reports like this, because Miley isn't done celebrating. She says, "I have a birthday month. I do the whole month of November. Thanksgiving, cake, it's all about me on Thanksgiving!"

JESSICA SIMPSON admitted on the "The Early Show" yesterday morning that she'd been throwing up. She blamed it on the flu...but of course, that didn't stop the rumor from spreading that she's PREGNANT.

But multiple sources say she's NOT. She was just sick, like she said. (Jessica's out-of-nowhere engagement to former NFL player Eric Johnson kind of had people talking already. But so far, there's no real evidence that she's with fetus.)

This should be helpful knowledge if you decide that this year, instead of EATING Thanksgiving dinner, you're going to RUB IT all over yourself.

Researchers at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Center in Chicago (yes, apparently there is such a place) just finished a study of men ages 18 to 64, to find out which Thanksgiving scents turn them on the most (yes, they did such a thing).

And I'm not kidding when I say "turned them on"...for the study, the researchers had men smell different fragrances, then measured how much blood started heading down to their JUNK.

And the winner was...PUMPKIN PIE. According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, who led the study, quote, "The number one odor that enhanced penile blood flow was a combination of lavender and pumpkin pie."

Vanilla had the second-strongest effect on men. Strawberry-rhubarb pie came in third.

The scent that was least effective was CRANBERRY SAUCE...only 2% of men were turned on at all by its smell.

Damn....where can I find a girl to bring me a PUMPKIN PIE?!

According to a new survey, only 7% of Americans say that their sense of humor is their most attractive quality.

The most common answer is "my personality or attitude"...16% say that's their best attribute.

Here's how the list breaks down...
My personality or attitude, 16%

I'm caring/nice/kind, 8%

My eyes, 7%

My smile, 7%

My sense of humor, 7%

My face, 4%

My chest, 2%

Nothing, 2% (alright, pessimists!)

My backside, 1%

My body in general, 1%

Everything, 1% (get it, optimists!)

21% of people mentioned another personality trait that wasn't one of the choices...5% mentioned a physical trait that wasn't one of the choices...and 15% refused to answer the question.

Only 2% of people say that they are extremely physically attractive to others.

18% say they're very attractive to others...59% say they're moderately attractive...16% say they're not too attractive...and 4% say they're completely and totally UNATTRACTIVE.

Oh...and the survey also asked people about their last sexual partner and what his or her most attractive quality was. Less than 1% of people said "sense of humor." The most popular answer was eyes, at 11%.

My girl Sarah hit me with a text last night about 5:30, complaining about the 77 South exit at Belden Village being backed up past the Hall Of Fame/Dressler bridge. Sarah, that ain't NOTHIN'!
According to data from NAVTEQ, which is the company that supplies maps and real-time traffic data to a bunch of different GPS services, these are the cities that have the top 10 worst rush hours in the U.S. Check 'em out...

#1.) New York City
#2.) Washington, D.C. (been there, AGREED!)
#3.) San Francisco
#4.) Los Angeles
#5.) Philadelphia
#6.) Chicago
#7.) Dallas/Fort Worth
#8.) Atlanta
#9.) Houston
#10.) Denver

They also named the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel as the freeway with the slowest rush hour in the country.

Pornographers throughout history have tried to figure out how to DOUBLE their business by finding a way to get WOMEN to buy porno.

Well, "Playboy" just commissioned a study to figure out what women really want to see in a porno movie. And they came up with these four elements that women want in their smut...

#1.) Real chemistry.
Women don't just want to see two random people talk for two minutes then start going at it. They want to see the connection there that leads to the relations.

#2.) Non-enhanced body parts.
This mostly means real breasts...AND realistically-sized MALE junk.

#3.) Different body shapes.
Women don't want to just see hairless, kinda-greasy, muscular men having their way with women who have bleached-blonde hair, tiny bodies, and gigantic breasts.

#4.) Contextual sex.
Women actually want to see the DIALOGUE, not just start a scene with two people already about to have sex. They want a story, a plot, and the sex to make sense.

I take pride in keeping you up-to-date on all of the biggest trends in the world of CASUAL SEX...either so you can know what to expect in your dating life, or so you can vicariously live through the people who are still getting sweet VARIETY.

Apparently, one-night stands are fading away...and more and more people are going for TWO-NIGHT STANDS. That means you get-it-on once...stay in touch and do it again shortly thereafter...THEN never talk again.

The thought behind this is that people see three times as a pattern...and a pattern suggests a commitment. But with two times, there's no're just maximizing the amount of commitment-free sex you guys can have.

That's all for now, hope it's a great Tuesday!!

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Hey, Happy FRIDAY!! Erika from Louisville won the big $500 gift card to Westfield Belden Village from Terry's Tire Town!

Join me this afternoon on Q92, 3-7pm, I'll get you included to win next Friday!

Q92 fan Monica was posting ALANIS lyrics up on her Facebook last night. "Head Over Feet" to be specific. "Uninvited" is my personal fav. Anyway, ALANIS MORISSETTE had henna tattoos painted on her pregnant belly...and, of course, posted a picture of it on Twitter.

Alanis is surrounded by friends who also had henna tattoos painted on their hands and arms. The caption below the pic reads, quote, "Some rituals surprise in the heart-warming department."

Apparently, this is some kind of Arabic ritual that occurs during the seventh month of pregnancy. Alanis and her boyfriend, superstar rapper MC SOULEYE (???), are expecting a boy early in the New Year.

Everybody's talking about how former NFL player ERIC JOHNSON is using JESSICA SIMPSON as his meal ticket. But it turns out he has his own money.

A so-called "source" (my favorite) says, "Eric comes from a really wealthy family in Massachusetts, and he's an only child. He doesn't have to worry about money. He's not Jessica Simpson-rich, but he's well-off."

Eh, I'll buy it. Sure, it would be nice to get a hold of Jessica's money. But remember, there's another reason a guy would date Jessica Simpson: She's certified SEXUAL NAPALM by John Mayer!

It doesn't take a genius to figure out this equation: Those looks plus being dynamite in the sack equals a huge line outside a girl's door!

Here's the latest MILEY CYRUS love life rumor: She might be dating AVAN JOGIA. He's on the Nickelodeon series "Victorious"...and he's 18.

But a source says she's keeping it casual because, quote, "she wants to be officially single for her birthday and just have fun with whomever she hangs out with. Translated: She wants to be a wh*re and make out with a ton of dudes. Miley turns 18 on Tuesday.

NICKI MINAJ was on "The Wendy Williams Show" on Wednesday...and while there, she gave some advice to her young fans.

She said, "Don't chase these boys and all that stuff, go to school, go to college, don't depend on anybody. Don't be having babies. Do your thing.

"I'm in love with my music...I'm in love with [my album] 'Pink Friday'...I'm married to Benjamin Franklin. That's all I care about. That's what I tell my Barbz and my Ken Barbz."

For all the women reading right now...if your first name ends with the letter "a"'re probably not going to like this story. Or maybe you're going to love it....

According to a French study, women whose first names end in the letter "a" Monica or Melissa or Anna...GET-IT-ON with more random guys than other women.

The study found that women whose names end in "a" have an average of 4.4 more sexual partners in their lifetimes than other women.

The horniest name of all is...LAURA! Women named Laura averaged 9.7 sexual partners, which was the highest average in the study.

Here's the theory why this happens. Names that end in letters other than "a" are generally more traditional, classical and biblical...and less exotic or trendy.

So parents who choose a traditional name might be more likely to have a traditional, stricter household...which can SCARE the promiscuity right out of a girl.

It's finally happened: America's law schools FINALLY cranked out TOO MANY LAWYERS for the population to handle.

According to a study by Michigan State University, hiring of people with college and graduate degrees is going up. But for lawyers...hiring is going way down.

Hiring is up 10% for people with bachelor's degrees and MBAs from business school.

But it's down 13% for professional degrees, including law degrees and medical degrees.

Hiring of people with Ph.D.s is up 5%.

Right now, 36% of companies say that if they have a position open, they'll consider any person with any college major for the job...they're just looking for the best person. And that's an all-time high.

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...and we ARE giving you a little more! Wait til you hear what we've added to the YOU'RE INCLUDED grand prize, in addition to the $500 shopping spree...listen for info!

(so you should follow at:
"People" magazine drops its Sexiest Man Alive issue this week. And this year's winner is...RYAN REYNOLDS.

Despite the honor, Ryan doesn't necessarily feel sexy. At 6-foot-2, he says, "My body naturally wants to look like Dick Van Dyke. When I stop training, I turn into a skin-colored whisper."

Not that he doesn't plan on milking it...not only with his wife SCARLETT JOHANSSON, but with anyone else he can brag to. He says, "Now it's going to be, 'Sexiest man, take out the garbage.' That does sound better.

"The most difficult part is going to be organically working this title into a conversation with random strangers."

Last year's top dog, JOHNNY DEPP, was voted Sexiest Man of All Time in a poll on

And VIN DIESEL was named Sexiest Man Alive on a five-way online poll that also included Enrique Iglesias, Pauly D from "Jersey Shore", Chad Ochocinco and the Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa.

Here are some of the other dudes who made it into the Sexiest Man Alive issue . . .

Jon Hamm
George Clooney
Robert Pattinson
Kellan Lutz
Robert Downey Jr.
Bradley Cooper
Rob Mackenzie
Jake Gyllenhaal
"Glee" star Matthew Morrison
Hugh Jackman
Justin Timberlake
Patrick Dempsey
Joel McHale
Hugh Laurie

DRAKE was just named one of "GQ" magazine's "Men of the Year," and in the issue, he tells a story about how he was once set up to be his DATE.

It happened in the spring of last year, after he'd started his rap career...but BEFORE he'd made it big. He says at the time he, "wasn't even really Drake yet." Oh, and it happened in the GANGSTA nation of Canada.

Anyway, Drake was robbed AT GUNPOINT, while he was still on the date.

He says, "I knew it was a setup, because I had on a sweater and a jacket...but when they banged on the car window with a gun and opened the door, the first thing he said was, 'Yo, run that chain.'

He was asking for a chain that Drake had on him, which LIL WAYNE had recently given him. Wayne, of course, has been Drake's mentor.

He adds, "They didn't rob [my date], and her purse was sitting right there. So I was like, 'OK, set the whole thing up.'"

Drake ended up losing $4,000 in cash and the chain. By the way, he also said that he expects his next album "Take Care" to drop in the spring.

RIHANNA has explained why she posed for a picture with those kids while wearing an "(Eff) You" necklace. Basically, it sounds like it was just an oversight.

You can peep that pic at

She says, "I never tell kids no when it comes to pictures or autographs. The last thing I'm thinking about is my necklace."

TAYLOR SWIFT doesn't just write about her past relationships...she continues to smell them. For real. She tells "Allure" magazine, "Different smells bring different relationships to mind for me.

"I have always loved how fragrance can shape a memory, the way certain scents remind you of events and people that are imprinted in your thoughts."

But Taylor doesn't just rely on her memory. She says she used to keep a tray of perfume and cologne at her parents' house, so she could wear the scent of the guy she wanted to remember.
Um...creepy, isn't it?! A little bit...

She explains, "I'd put on Abercrombie 8 to remember when I was in ninth grade and had my first boyfriend, because he gave me that."

The downside to Taylor's, uh, quirk, is that certain scents also bring back some bad memories. She says, "Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is still a difficult one for me to smell."

Didn't say why though. Joe? John?

I don't honestly understand it. Great deals, sure...but I'm still not getting up at 3:30am to fight thousands of people for cheap DVDs. But hey, it's a chance for the girls to get out, let us guys sleep in...eventually get up, scratch ourselves and sit around and watch college football in our boxers all day! Win? WIN!

Anyway, Black Friday is starting earlier than ever this year...fewer and fewer retailers are waiting until 5:00 A.M. on the Friday after Thanksgiving to open their doors.

Wal-Mart has announced it will be starting its Black Friday sale at MIDNIGHT on Thanksgiving night. And they're not alone. Old Navy and The Gap are starting at midnight too.

Last several years, I've seen lines around the building at Best Buy stores!

Toys "R" Us is beating them by two hours...they'll open at 10:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving and start offering their deals.

Sears and Kmart are trying to get the jump on everyone...they'll be opening and offering their best sale offers at 6:00 A.M. on Thanksgiving morning.

For now, Target is still set to open at 4:00 A.M. on Black Friday, Best Buy is set to open at 5:00 A.M.

But there's a major price war going this holiday season, as these stores are desperately competing to grab your gift budget...however small it is in this economy.
So other stores could still respond and push up their Black Friday opening times, too.

People seem cranky today. Cheer up! Gonna be a great Thursday!

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Morning! First of all, I posted like...8 different things yesterday on my Facebook, which is why you NEED to follow!
Aight, here's some shtuff...

"I didn't want to talk about it because I was just really nervous and I have had a miscarriage before, but if I was going to talk about it with anyone, it was going to be with you," the expectant pop star told ELLEN DEGENERES in a sit-down for Wednesday's ELLEN.

Always one to get down to business, Ellen asked Pink right away why she's "glowing" these days.

"Oh, so many reasons," the singer replied. "That's it? That's the question?"
"That's it," Ellen countered.

"I'm eating for two these days," Pink confirmed.
She went on to say that she and hubby Carey Hart planned to have a baby and things are "better than ever" between them since reconciling after a temporary split.

"I never had anything in my life that I didn't work hard for and my relationship is that," Pink said. "We worked really hard and we had our little meltdowns, a couple of them, and now...we both needed to do that and come back together. It's just yummy."

But what is she having?
"I don't think I want to know, but the doctor kind of told me what she thinks. I'm terrified because she thinks it's a girl," Pink said.

NICKI MINAJ says that she was a loser before she became a rapper.

She says, "I'd been fired like 15 times because I had a horrible attitude.

"I worked at Red Lobster before that and I chased a customer out of the restaurant once so I could stick my middle finger up at her and demand that she give me my pen back. I swear to God I was bad."

But VERY fortunately for her, Nicki seems to be the next hot thing. She's appeared on a few tracks, but her debut album, "Pink Friday", isn't even out yet. It drops Tuesday.

You're probably underpaid. Of course, in today's economy, that makes sense...there are probably 25 people lined up outside right now who would happily take your job for way less money. But're underpaid.

And a new website called tells you just how underpaid you are. You enter some basic info about your job, your experience and your location, and it tells you how much you should be making.

Then you can pay $20...yes, really....for them to create a custom raise request for you. And they say that if you don't get a raise within six months, they'll refund your money.

Rapper TABOO of the BLACK EYED PEAS played three songs off the Peas' new album "The Beginning" at a party in Brazil. (It comes out on November 30th.)

You can check out clips of the three songs..."Don't Stop the Party", "Light Up the Night" and "The Best One Yet (The Boy)"

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE has announced the dates for the North American leg of their World Contamination Tour.

April 17th they'll play a show at HOB in Cleveland.

You can check out the full itinerary at

Their new album "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" comes out next Monday.

KID ROCK has a big tour set to go, starting with a huge show in Detroit on his birthday.
Jan. 15 Detroit (40th Birthday show)
Jan. 26 Toledo, OH
Jan. 28 Columbus, OH
Jan. 29 Dayton, OH (MY birthday)

Among the stops on the tour.

LINKIN PARK has unveiled the North American dates for their A Thousand Suns tour. The dates stretch from a January 20th in Sunrise, Florida, through February 26th in Denver.

That tour will NOT come thru Ohio at all, but all the dates are up at

When JESSICA SIMPSON divorced NICK LACHEY, he reportedly walked away with more than $10 million of her money, because she didn't sign a prenup. And now, it's about to happen again.

So-called "sources" claim that Jessica is refusing to make her new fiancé, former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, sign a prenup.

One source says, "You would think she would have learned her lesson. But where romance is concerned, Jess follows her heart not her head."

Meanwhile...Nick was asked how he feels about Jessica's engagement. He said, quote, "I will say the same thing I always say: I wish her the very best."

Ladies, here's some good information for the next time you're out with the girls dancing, and suddenly a circle forms around you and you realize: This is MY time to show who I am through the timeless art of dance. (??)

A new study out of the University of Jyvaskyia (don't ask me to pronounce it) in Finland has figured out what different dance styles say about your personality. Here's what they found:

If you move around a LOT, with exaggerated, energetic movements of your arms and head, it shows that you're an EXTROVERT.

If you tend to kind of "shuffle"...jerking your hands and feet with sharp means you're NEUROTIC.

If you move around the dance floor a little more smoothly, swinging your hands and moving side-to-side, it shows you're AGREEABLE.

If you bob up-and-down more rhythmically in a less exaggerated way, it shows you're OPEN-MINDED.

If you move all over the dance floor and move your hands all over the place, it shows you're the RESPONSIBLE, CONSCIENTIOUS type.

KANYE WEST canceled his performance on NBC's "Today" show the day after Thanksgiving because he thought MATT LAUER screwed him during their interview last week.

But Kanye is still scheduled to perform at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...which will be televised by NBC and co-hosted by...MATT LAUER.

A new T.I. track called "All She Wrote" has leaked online. It features EMINEM...and will be included on T.I.'s "No Mercy" disc, which drops on December 7th.

The track features the hook: "I don't really care what you call me, just as long as you don't call me broke / I bet they knew as soon as they saw me, good night it's over with that's all she wrote . . .

"Streets like cold Chicago, ain't nothing new, I seen it all before / But still I ball like no tomorrow, good night it's over with that's all she wrote."

Check out a NOT SAFE FOR WORK version here:

Now that "Glee" has become a TV sensation, there are people who think that the show's CASTING SESSIONS could also become a big hit. And there was a chance that could happen...until they decided to air them on the Oxygen network.

Here's the deal:
Oxygen is doing a show called "The Glee Project", in which contestants will compete for a guest-starring role on "Glee". It'll begin airing next June, so the guest spot would be for next season.

The winner will eventually appear in "multiple" episodes of "Glee".

Production will begin next month. Oxygen has announced that they will be holding casting calls in Chicago on December 18th and 19th...and in Dallas on January 8th and 9th. (It's unclear whether or not more cities and dates will be added.)

They're looking for, "talented young men and women with strong vocal, acting, dancing abilities and big personalities! Musical theater experience is a plus, but not required." You also have to be at least 18 years old.
And it would probably benefit you to LOOK like you're 18...or YOUNGER.

For more information, hit up or

We've got a website to tell you about today that will FINALLY answer the question everyone faces when they're dating: Can I do better? Am I currently exploring the loins of someone who's WAY TOO UGLY for me? You get the idea.

The site is called You upload your photo and the photo of the person you're dating, and then random strangers vote on which one of you can do better...or if you're a perfect match.

Check out the site here....

The thought of a girl cooking in the nude? Can't lie. Kinda hot!
And apparently people do it. A LOT. But men are FAR more likely to do it than women.

According to a new survey, 12% of men, or about one in eight, say they cook nude.

Only 4% of women, or one out of 25, say they cook naked.

That means men are THREE TIMES more likely to cook naked than women.

The most popular thing to wear when you're NOT cooking nude is warm-up or sweatpants...46% of men and 60% of women say that's their favorite cooking outfit.

For what it's worth, JAMIE OLIVER...who became famous for calling himself the Naked Chef...says he stopped cooking in the nude a long time ago, "because it will end in tears."

That's enough for today...lots of good stuff! Have a GREAT hump day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I wasn't going to post anything fresh this weekend. And then I came across this...

Not to be out done by her ex husband NICK LACHEY who got engaged last week, according to US Weekly, JESSICA SIMPSON is now ALSO engaged to her boyfriend Eric Johnson.

Sources say that the couple got engaged on Thursday.
On Saturday, Jess had a giant ring on her left hand during an appearance at Dillard's in Kansas City.

Jessica and Eric have only been dating since May. His divorce from his estranged wife became official LAST MONTH! YES!

57-year-old HULK HOGAN and his 35-year-old fiancée Jennifer McDaniel have applied for a marriage license. There's no word on a wedding date, but the license expires on January obviously, it should be before then.

E! Online says that Hulk's son NICK will be the best man.

A consumer research company called Experian Simmons has released a new study of The Top 15 Most Popular TV Shows For Republicans and Democrats.

The #1 Republican show was "Glenn Beck" on Fox News, and the top Democrat show was "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on MSNBC. But after that, the lists weren't political at all.

Here are the Top 15 Most Popular Shows For Republicans:
#1.) "Glenn Beck", Fox News
#2.) "The Amazing Race", CBS
#3.) "Modern Family", ABC
#4 and #5.) Tied: "American Idol" on Fox...and "V" on ABC
#6 and #7.) Tied: "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Mentalist", both on CBS
#8.) "Survivor", CBS
#9.) "Dancing with the Stars", ABC
#10.) "Desperate Housewives", ABC
#11.) "NCIS", CBS
#12 and #13.) Tied "The Bachelor" on ABC, and "Lie to Me" on Fox
#14.) "How I Met Your Mother", CBS
#15.) "Two and a Half Men", CBS

And here are the Top 15 Most Popular Shows For Democrats:
#1.) "Countdown with Keith Olbermann", MSNBC
#2.) "Mad Men", AMC
#3.) "Dexter", Showtime
#4.) "Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami", E!
#5.) "90210", the CW
#6 and #7.) Tied: "Private Practice" and "Brothers & Sisters", both on ABC
#8.) "30 Rock", NBC
#9.) "The Good Wife", CBS
#10.) "Damages", FX
#11 and #12.) "Community", and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit", NBC
#13.) "Friday Night Lights", NBC / DirecTV
#14.) "Parks and Recreation", NBC
#15.) "Breaking Bad", AMC

I mean, Republicans love played-out reality shows, and for some reason Democrats are into "Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami" and "90210"?

Interestingly enough, after "Glenn Beck", the rest of the Republican Top 15 is filled with popular shows on broadcast TV...while almost half of the Democrats' selections are on cable.

The study didn't clarify what the parameters were for which shows could be included...assuming there were parameters. I'm just the messenger.

It just seems weird that low-rated shows made the list, while high-rated shows like "CSI", "Grey's Anatomy", "Criminal Minds" and "Glee" were nowhere to be found.

Along the same lines, it's strange that "Glenn Beck" and "Olbermann" were at the top of the two lists, but other politically-oriented cable shows like "The O'Reilly Factor" and "The Daily Show" didn't chart.

LADY GAGA likes to call her fans 'little monsters'...but when she was confronted by a fan who really DOES sound like a monster, she panicked.

Gaga has reportedly taken out a restraining order against some psychotic, 26-year-old chick who's sent her some very disturbing letters.

She allegedly wrote, "You come to my dreams. I want to die and I want to die together with you. I am not Mark Chapman. It is not only you who will die. I will shoot a bullet through my head, too."

She's talking about Mark David Chapman...the nut-job who killed JOHN LENNON back in 1980. So yeah, you can see how Lady Gaga is a little spooked. This chick has been ordered not to come within 500 yards of Gaga.

No one knows how to get around a city like a cab driver. They know the fastest routes and short cuts...or, if you look like a tourist, they know the slowest routes. (And they especially know how to get to the best Pakistani restaurants.)

And now...the "good" people at Microsoft are planning to steal that knowledge in another attempt to compete with Google.

Microsoft created the search engine Bing to compete with Google, and they want Bing Maps to compete with Google Maps. But to do that, they're looking for an edge...and one edge could come from giving BETTER DIRECTIONS.

So, to figure out the best directions, they've actually started following around taxis to see the routes the cab drivers take. Then they'll apply those routes in Bing Maps.

So far, they've only done it in Beijing, China. They followed around Beijing's 33,000 taxis and charted their movements. Then they ran tests...comparing those routes to the routes proposed by Google Maps.

In the 30 tests, people who followed Bing Maps got to their destination about 15% faster than people who followed Google Maps.

Microsoft hasn't said if or when they're going to start following around cab drivers in the U.S. to figure out the best routes here.

A child born in the next few years probably isn't going to know what a "phonebook" is. Phonebooks, especially the White Pages, are rapidly moving closer and closer to extinction...and could be gone within the next decade.

In 2008, a study found that only 11% of people were still relying on the White Pages when they wanted to look up someone's number. That was down from 25% in 2005. And if they ran the survey again now, it would probably be in the single digits.

Fifteen states, including Ohio, have given phone companies permission to stop printing phonebooks: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

AT&T has set up a system in some of those states where they'll only provide a phonebook on request. Only about 2% of households have requested one.

The reasons for the phonebooks disappearing are obvious. More of us use cell phones, which aren't listed in the phonebook...our cell phones store important numbers...and it's faster to just look up a person or business online.

The White Pages will definitely disappear faster than the Yellow Pages. According to the Yellow Pages Association trade group, HALF of all people in the U.S. still look something up in the Yellow Pages every month.

If the directories go extinct, it could save at least 100,000 TONS of paper every year.

Robert Thompson is a professor at Syracuse University. He says, "Anybody who doesn't have access to some kind of online way to look things up now is probably too old to be able to read the print in the White Pages anyway."

Thursday, November 11, 2010



Cash cards for the holidays good at ALL BV merchants! Gotta love THAT! Thanks to Terry's Tire Town, listen to Q92 to win!

P!NK has one of the tightest bodies in the entertainment world. But it might not stay that way for much longer. "Us Weekly" claims she has been FETUSED by her husband CAREY HART.

The pregnancy might have something to do with their brief separation in 2008. A so-called "source" says, "Pink was determined to make the relationship solid.

"Now she's really happy, and she's excited she got pregnant so fast! She'll be a brilliant mother."

GET YER 90'S ON...
Last night, I was crankin' "Comedown" by BUSH. Oddly, I come across this today. A website called has put together an amusing list of the Top 15 Bands from the '90s We Used to Listen to . . . But Don't Anymore.

Here's their Top 15

#1.) Oasis . . . The album "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" is a classic.

#2.) Goo Goo Dolls . . . Not tellin' no one your name since 1995. I still love me some Goo's though!!

#3.) Hootie & the Blowfish . . . It's the 16th highest-selling album of ALL TIME. No joke.

#4.) Belly . . . I have no idea who the hell they/this is/are.

#5.) Lemonheads . . . They had a cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson".

#6.) Spin Doctors . . . Probably universally accepted as the epitome of the '90s. Got your pocketful of kyrptonite? Can't be wrong!

#7.) Stone Temple Pilots . . . another one I'll still listen to!

#8.) Live . . . still like them too!

#9.) Offspring . . . They should've done more of whatever Green Day did.

#10.) Blues Traveler . . . They sold six million copies of that album "Four" . . . and roughly 17 of those are still in personal CD collections somewhere.

#11.) Bush . . .

#12.) Crash Test Dummies . . . For a band that became popular for a song called "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"...'nuff said

#13.) Blind Melon . . . Singer Shannon Hoon's overdose ruined what could have been a great band. They had a unique-enough sound to stick around.

#14.) 10,000 Maniacs . . . Natalie Merchant is still doing solo discs. Who knew?

#15.) Matchbox Twenty . . . I don't quite understand this. They had a hugely successful run into the 2000's!


#1.) Counting Crows . . . "August and Everything After" (1993) (YES!)

#2.) Nirvana . . . "MTV Unplugged", "In Utero", "Nevermind" (Early '90s) (YES!)

#3.) Cake . . . "Fashion Nugget" (1996)

#4.) Nine Inch Nails . . . "The Downward Spiral" (1994)

#5.) Pearl Jam . . . "Vitalogy" (1994) and "Vs." (1993)

#6.) The Fugees . . . "The Score" (1996)

#7.) The Smashing Pumpkins . . . "Siamese Dream" (1993)

#8.) Dave Matthews Band . . . "Crash" (1996) and "Under the Table and Dreaming" (1994)

#9.) The Cranberries . . . "Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We?" (1993)

#10.) The Cardigans . . . "First Band on the Moon" (1996) (Really? They had ONE hit!)

#11.) Radiohead . . . "The Bends" (1995) and "OK Computer" (1997)

BRUNO MARS says he's glad JUSTIN BIEBER is lighting up the pop charts. Which is interesting, cause last time I checked, HE WASN'T lighting up the chart!

He says, "The world needs pop stars like New Kids on the Block or 'N SYNC. I grew up on New Edition. I'm not mad at [the] Justin Bieber [phenomenon] at all."

Sadly, Bruno didn't explain WHY we need pop stars like Justin...and didn't comment on whether we STILL need New Kids on the Block, because they're in their 40s and they're still at it. We can't possibly need them anymore, right?

Who knew that American women were so PAINFULLY SHY?

According to a study by the social networking and dating site Badoo, American women are the second-least likely to make the first move and flirt with a guy, compared to the rest of the women in the world.

Of the 20 countries in their study, only the women of Ecuador were more cowardly. (But keep in mind, the study didn't include the notoriously shy women of some Asian cultures.)

The average American woman starts an average of 0.63 conversations with guys every month...or less than one a month. That just beat out Ecuador, where women start an average of 0.62 conversations per month.

To contrast that with the most flirtatious women in the world, the women of Spain initiate 1.33 conversations per month...or more than twice as many as American women.

The top 10 countries with the most flirtatious women are, in order: Spain, Poland, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Portugal, Canada, and Venezuela.

The bottom 10 are: Ecuador, U.S., Belgium, France, Mexico, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Colombia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

We're saddened today to announce the passing of Mr. Goodwrench at age 37. Cause of death: Becoming more popular than the car brands he was created to fix.

General Motors announced that they're killing off their "Mr. Goodwrench" character and concept, which started back in early 1974.

Originally, "Mr. Goodwrench" was designed to be a friendly, highly skilled mechanic who made sure to keep your GM car in perfect service. He eventually evolved into a tough guy holding up the GM logo.

Either way, GM feels that the concept of Mr. Goodwrench ended up getting away from them. His name became used to describe anyone who's handy or good with cars...most people don't even remember he has anything to do with GM.

So, because he's way cooler than GM is, they're killing him off. He'll be completely phased out by February 1st of next year.

He won't be replaced by a mascot or character. Instead of getting "Mr. Goodwrench" service with your GM car, you'll now get "certified service."

Steve Hill is the VP of customer car and after-sales services for GM. He says the company realized that Mr. Goodwrench became, quote, "disconnected" from GM and its brands and "certified service" will, quote, "link buying a car with service."

If you've ever wondered what your favorite TV show says about you, you're in luck: An advertising research group called Mindset Media studied seven popular shows, and the common characteristics of the people who watch them. Check this out:

#1.) "Mad Men": People who watch it are 41% more likely to be creative and socially liberal. And they also prefer trendier brands . . . so they go for Macs over PCs.

#2.) "Family Guy": You're 61% more likely to watch it if you consider yourself a "rebel." And you're 50% more likely to watch if you're a risk taker.

#3.) "Glee": "Glee" viewers are more likely to be creative and willing to try new things. Creative types are 17% more likely to tune in, and people who search out unique and diverse experiences are 24% more likely to watch.

#4.) "Dancing With The Stars": People who like stability and respect authority are 21% more likely to watch it than people who are more rebellious.

#5.) "The Office": You're more likely to be an ELITIST. People who consider themselves superior to others are 47% more likely to watch. And viewers are also more likely to brag about their accomplishments than the average person.

#6.) "The Biggest Loser": Viewers are 24% more likely to be traditional rather than rebellious. And they're 20% more likely to watch it if they consider themselves to be practical and realistic.

#7.) "The Real Housewives": Not surprisingly, people who speak their minds and don't shy away from arguments are 33% more likely to watch. And type-A personalities are 25% more likely to watch.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


KATY PERRY pretty much lives off her cleavage. But for now, she doesn't plan on letting us see anything more.

She says, "I like to play [the sexy] card because it's fun and definitely in my deck, but I like to tease.

"I'm like a burlesque girl. I definitely won't be doing a 'Playboy' spread, but I will be doing a kind of Dita Von Teese style."

If this study is true, I'm WAY less patient than the average person. Because after I stand in line for about two or three minutes, I COMPLETELY lose patience for the entire concept of waiting in lines, and the idiots who hold them up.

According to a survey by the Payments Council in England, the average adult can wait patiently in line for 10 minutes and 42 seconds before they start getting angry.

For people over 55, their patience runs out the earliest, at nine minutes, 30 seconds in line.

People under 35 are the most patient...they don't start getting angry until an average of 12 minutes, 18 seconds...but they're also the most likely to get into arguments with strangers in the line.

People ranked grocery store lines as the most frustrating. Lines at the post office are second, airport check-in lines are third, and airport security lines are fourth.

The survey also found that 21% of people do their shopping at night to try to avoid longer lines.

About 25% of people say they pass time in a line by daydreaming...and 13% of people try to pass the time by talking to random strangers.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA was spotted on a DOUBLE-DATE Saturday night with NICOLE RICHIE and our buddy JOEL MADDEN.

Contrary to popular belief, *I* was not the guy with Christina....her alleged date was Matthew Rutler...who worked as a set assistant on Christina's upcoming movie, "Burlesque". (Which hits theaters on Wednesday, November 24th.)

The four of them went to dinner at a place called SoHo House in Hollywood. Afterward, Matthew tried to HIDE under a blanket in the backseat of Christina's car...which Joel was driving.


Christina and Matthew met long before Christina filed for divorce from her husband, Jordan Bratman. But so-called "sources" say they were NOT having an affair.

Supposedly, Christina and Jordan had been having problems for quite a while...and Matthew was just a shoulder to cry on during work hours. But after the marriage fell apart, Christina and Matthew took their friendship to the next level. Oh snap!

Alex Stebbins didn't.

Alex is a 21-year-old aspiring actress (yeah, OK), and she started dating a guy named LUC CARL after meeting him in August of 2009. At the time, Luc was Gaga's ex-boyfriend.

But a few months into their relationship, Gaga decided she wanted Luc back. So she started calling and texting him. He ignored her for a while, and told Alex he didn't want her back.

But this past summer, he changed his mind. And Alex basically just stepped aside.

She says, "It was really hard to be with someone who has a really famous ex-girlfriend who would stop at nothing to get him back.

"I wasn't going to go toe to toe with Lady Gaga, because that's like fighting Jesus. She's the most powerful woman in the world, and there's no winning."

No, I didn't spell that wrong. It's Akon, not Akron. AKON has done some stupid things in his career. Like the time he simulated sex with an underage fan onstage at a concert.

Or how about when he threw a male teenager off the stage at another concert, because the kid had tossed something at Akon from the crowd?

Now, Akon is doing some GOOD things, and it's only fair to tell you about them.

Akon has started something called the Konfidence Foundation...and that's "Konfidence" with a "K" "Konvict" of help underprivileged children in Africa.

He has already used profits from touring to open an elementary school in Senegal...and now, he's hoping to build both a university and a hospital there.

Akon says, "We feel like education doesn't mean anything if you aren't healthy. Between health and education those are the two key things to rebuild any country.

"We want to start with the kids because they have a lot more growing up to do and a lot more to give in order to create a future for ourselves."

Former "Home Improvement" superstar TIM of MY favorite shows growing up...has a new sitcom in development at ABC. It's called "Man Up"...and Tim will play a guy who's, "fighting for his manhood in a world of women."

It's in the pilot stage right now, which means that they'll be assembling a cast soon. If everything works out, it could be up for a spot on ABC's fall schedule next year.

For as long as there have been parents, they've been FREAKING OUT about how new trends they don't fully understand will lead their sweet little angels to DEVIANCE.

They said it about cars, they said it about rock music, they said it about video games. And now...a new study is saying it about texting.

According to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, teenagers who send at least 120 text messages a day are more likely to drink, smoke, fight, do drugs, and have sex.

The researchers studied more than 4,200 students at public high schools around Cleveland. They found kids who sent at least 120 texts each day were 350% more likely to have sex than kids who don't send as many texts.

They were also 40% more likely to smoke, 43% more likely to binge drink, 41% more likely to use drugs, and 55% more likely to be in a fight.

Now, the researchers say it's not quite time to panic about texting yet. Their best theory on why texting is connected to making bad choices comes back to the parents.

Dr. Scott Frank, who led the study, says, "If parents are monitoring their kids' texting and social networking, they're probably monitoring other activities as well."

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yes...yes it is! A GREAT show from the PLAIN WHITE T'S yesterday and vids at
Here's some shtuff...

SARAH PALIN worked overtime to get people to vote. And given Tuesday's election results, she was pretty successful. There's one person she couldn't get to the polls, though: Her own daughter BRISTOL.

Yesterday, Bristol told "Inside Edition", "I did not send in my absentee ballots to Alaska. I'm going to be in trouble. Sorry, mom!"

But Bristol says she WILL vote if her mom runs for president in 2012, "I know she is great, and she is great for our country."

Would KATY PERRY have gotten anywhere without her cleavage? That question can never be answered...but it was almost put to the test. Because when Katy was 13, she wanted a BREAST REDUCTION.

She tells "Harper's Bazaar", "I had really bad back problems and was a little bit thicker. Then I grew up and lost the baby fat and said, 'Hey, this isn't all that bad.'" Katy is 26 now.

NBC is developing a sitcom based on CHELSEA HANDLER'S autobiography, "Are You There Vodka? It's me, Chelsea". Chelsea would also star on the show, which would be loosely inspired by her life in her 20s. (She's 35 now.)

It'll still fictionalized though. For example, Chelsea won't be a comedienne. She'll have some other yet-to-be-determined profession. It's too early to say when the show might hit TV.

This is the SECOND sitcom about Chelsea in the works. E! is developing a sitcom called "After Lately", which will be set behind the scenes of her late-night show, "Chelsea Lately". There's no premiere date for that either.

Nikolina told you about it first yesterday. There was some speculation earlier this year that NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK were secretly hatching a plan to tour with the BACKSTREET BOYS.
Well, it's actually happening!

For now, all we know is that they'll be kicking off a joint U.S. tour sometime next summer.

For those who are only mildly curious, New Kids and the Backstreet Boys will perform together on November 21st at this year's "American Music Awards".

Thanks to Facebook, we can now predict when we're going to get our hearts ripped out and stomped on. Metaphorically, of course.

A British author named David McCandless ran a study on more than 10,000 Facebook status updates...searching for the words "break up" or "broken up" figure out the time of year you're most and least likely to get DUMPED.

Here's what he found.

The period in mid-March, right around SPRING BREAK, has the highest number of break ups...apparently people like to go into Spring Break single. The only dip in the mid-March break-up numbers is on St. Patrick's Day.

TWO WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS also has the highest break-up numbers.

McCandless thinks maybe that's because people don't want to sit through family gatherings and holiday parties with someone they're ready to dump, so they wait until the last minute and finally pull the trigger. Or...they don't want to have to buy a gift.

CHRISTMAS has the fewest break-ups of any day on the calendar. AUGUST and SEPTEMBER are the months that, overall, have the fewest break-ups.

MONDAYS have more break-ups than any other days. That could be because people finally end things after a bad weekend. You can check out the AMAZING full graph of the entire year here...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


LOTS of good stuff to get to...lets get to it!

I posted this on my Facebook yesterday.
Today is Election Day. I hope you are doing what you are privileged to do as an American citizen, and heading out to a polling place to cast your ballot.

There are 2 races that I won't be casting any vote for, however.I won't be voting for Ted Strickland. But I won't be voting for John Kasich either. And I won't cast a vote for Jim Renacci, OR John Boccerri.
I don't know what they stand for! I don't know their positions on the issues!
And why is that?

Because all these candidates have done for the last 2-3 months, is attack eachother. Endless radio commercials that you've likely heard on Q92 more times than you'd like. You've seen them endlessly on TV, or in the newspaper. None of them told me why THEY were the right guy for the job!

Look, I'm 24 years old. Like most 24 year olds, we're busy. We bust our asses at our jobs because we haven't yet 'made it' fully in life...maybe we're still in school, so in addition to working 40 hours, we have another 10 or 15 in classes, plus homework...the free time we have is commuting from point A to point B. And what do we hear? Not 'hey, its John, and here's what I'm going to do for you if you elect me'. No, we hear "holy hell, Ted Strickland is the worst ever, he did this wrong, and this wrong, and OHHH what about this!".

Every candidate is always concerned about getting the younger vote. And what are they doing to get it? NOTHING! Absolutely zero connecting. Not reaching out and telling us why you're the best, you tell us why they are the worst.

It's no wonder the complaints about negative campaign ads are higher than ever before this year. Because we're tired of it. And I'm letting my voice be heard today. By NOT voting for any of these 4 candidates.

KATY PERRY discusses her sexual prowess in the latest issue of "Now" magazine. She says, quote, "Like Ludacris rapped, 'I'm a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.'

"I can't rate myself, but if you ask Russell, I'm sure he'd give me a 10 out of 10."

Rihanna's new album, "Loud", will feature a sequel to her "Love the Way You Lie" duet with Eminem. The original was the second single off Eminem's last album, "Recovery".

The new song will be called "Love the Way You Lie (Part 2)"...and naturally, it'll also be a collaboration with Eminem. But it almost didn't make the cut, because Rihanna wasn't into doing it at first.

She tells MTV News, "When I first heard the idea about doing a Part Two, I was just completely against it. I just felt like you couldn't beat the original. There's no way you can outdo that, so why compete with it?"

But they recorded a few new versions anyway, and Rihanna changed her mind. She says, "I fell in love with it. [It] just felt really good."

In addition to the "Part Two" that will appear on the album, another "stripped-down" version will be released as an iTunes exclusive. ("Loud" comes out next Tuesday.)

DEMI LOVATO has dropped off the JONAS BROTHERS tour and checked into a treatment facility to deal with, "emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time."

No one is saying what those issues are, but Demi's rep says, "Demi has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help. She is doing just that.

"She regrets not being able to finish her tour, but is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future."

One source says Demi was worn down by a grueling work schedule...and another source claims Demi decided to seek help after getting into a PHYSICAL ALTERCATION with a female member of her tour.

At least one source has already said there is NOT a substance abuse issue here. Demi is 18 years old.

Basically, what it comes down to is that Demi was pushed into showbiz at an early age. And at 18, she's still too young to handle the workload Disney is putting on her.
Sources say that on the Jonas Brothers tour she couldn't hide the fact that she still wasn't over her breakup with JOE JONAS...and people started calling her DEMI DRAMA.

Things came to a head when she got into a physical altercation with a backup dancer at an airport in Peru this past Saturday. That was when the Jonas' dad decided she had to leave the tour.

She also supposedly threatened Joe's new girlfriend, "Twilight" actress ASHLEY GREENE...who was also at the airport.

Meanwhile, Disney is offering their support. They issued a statement saying, quote, "We support Demi's decision to put her health first and we send her our best wishes."

Which is interesting, since the DISNEY GRIND is probably going to end up taking most of the heat for Demi's problems.

DEMI LOVATO'S problems go back a lot further than her breakup with JOE JONAS.
A so-called "source" tells "People" magazine, "She was bullied in school. She fought through eating disorders and has struggled with cutting...Demi is taking control by getting help."

The source adds, "She definitely had body-image issues. She was always conscious of her weight."

Back in September, Demi told "People", "Feeling comfortable in your clothes is something I deal with to this day. I wish I had somebody I had to look up to when I was younger to stand up and say, 'Hey, I have fat days.'

"So I want to be able to start a foundation or something that's for girls feeling confident, to empower them."

Bullying caused Demi to leave school in the seventh grade. She was home-schooled from then on. She has also admitted that reading the mean things people write about her online sometimes gets to her.

A new survey says that American travelers are the least adventurous on vacation. An adventure tour operator called Intrepid Travel ran the study to find out which country's travelers like to do crazy stuff.

And of all the countries surveyed, people from the U.S. finished last. New Zealanders finished first.

The survey asked people if they were interested in different adventures like sleeping in a village hut on a hill...going on a safari...haggling at a local market...exploring ancient ruins...and eating deep fried tarantula.

Overall, Californians were the most adventurous people of any U.S. state...but still less adventurous than people from other countries.

People from New England were twice as likely as anyone else to say they'd be interested in eating the tarantula.

They were also much more likely than Southerners to be willing to haggle at local markets.

Look, the way I see it, that means Americans are SMART: We want to sleep at hotels and eat steak, rather than sleep with lions and eat fried spiders...and that's a bad thing?

Back in February, rumors started going around that MILEY CYRUS' mom Tish had an affair with BRET MICHAELS.

Supposedly it started last December, when Miley and Bret were recording some music together, including that new version of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn".

Well, now that Tish and BILLY RAY CYRUS are officially getting divorced, there's a lot of speculation that Bret was the reason.

"Us Weekly" is leading the charge, although they seem to be a little behind on the facts. They say, "When Billy Ray learned of well as at least one other fling...he filed for divorce October 27th."

So they're insinuating that Billy Ray JUST learned about the affair...when the allegations have been floating around for almost NINE MONTHS.

A so-called "source" tells the "Star" tabloid, "Billy Ray suspects there's been something going on between his wife and Bret for a long time. She fits the profile of women Bret usually goes for: skinny, big boobs and blonde hair."

Reps for both Tish and Bret are denying the affair. There's no word who that OTHER guy "Us Weekly" mentioned might be.

TISH CYRUS and BRET MICHAELS both deny that their relationship is anything but professional. They ARE still in contact, but only because Tish's production company is turning Bret's upcoming memoir into a movie.

"I think parents need to beat the crap outta their kids...I think the whole spanking thing and how it's gotten all PC is for the birds."
That would be PINK...who adds, "My dad put me through a wall; it's the only reason I'm still alive. I deserved it. I would have kicked me out when I was eight...I was not comfortable with authority or rules. I was bad."

The "Hollywood Reporter" recently conducted a poll that asked late-night viewers a bunch of random questions. Here are some of the results:

Only 35% knew that CONAN O'BRIEN'S new talk show will air on TBS. Really? So, 65% of the country wasn't watching the MLB playoffs, which were LOADED with Conan ads. What happened to our national pastime?

37% of LENO'S viewers support the conservative Tea Party movement.

Leno's viewers are most likely to be religious and drive a Chevy or Pontiac, while LETTERMAN'S viewers are most likely to be divorced and drive a Toyota.

So could you then argue that people who buy American cars are religious, have tight nuclear families and enjoy predictable humor...while people who buy foreign cars are leading derailed, miserable lives? Or is that logic flawed?

Conan's viewers "are largely independent voters, who enjoy vodka drinks, watch Comedy Central and are most likely to be single atheists who own Volkswagens."

If all late-night shows were on at the same time, 23% would watch Leno (which proves that Americans are stupid, right?)...15% would go with Letterman...and 11% would watch Conan. They were followed by JON STEWART and GEORGE LOPEZ, who each had 10%.

71% of Jon Stewart's viewers support legalizing marijuana.

When people were asked who came out as the "winner" after NBC's late-night fiasco earlier this year, 36% said Leno...compared to 21% for Conan. But 73% blamed the situation on NBC, while 18% and 9% blamed Leno and Conan, respectively.

Conan's viewers are more likely to listen to rap, while Jon Stewart's viewers listen to classical music. (So, pothead classical music fans?)

Nutrition types FREAKED OUT when KFC introduced the Double Down sandwich. That's the one that doesn't have any bread...just bacon, cheese, and sauce jammed between two pieces of fried chicken.

And then a bunch of stories came out showing that, at 540 calories and 32 grams of fat, it's really not any worse for you than the average fast food sandwich. Here's the latest "The Double Down Isn't That Bad" story.

Scientists at the University of Western Ontario have found that one egg yolk has MORE CHOLESTEROL than the entire Double Down sandwich...approximately 215 milligrams versus 150. Of course, it doesn't have the fat, calories and sodium.

That should do it...if you got Plain White T's tix from us, we'll see you this afternoon!