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Got a birthday coming up? Don't panic...but it just might KILL YOU.

According to a fascinating new study of more than two million people by the University of Zurich in Switzerland, you're more likely to die on your birthday...or within a few days of it...than any other day of the year.

And the chance goes up the older you get. By age 60, you're 14% more likely to die on your birthday or a few days around it than any other day.

The researchers believe that the stress that comes from your birthday is the big reason. A birthday makes you think about how old you are, that stresses you out...and it can actually increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

The study found that men are also more likely to die on their birthdays from accidental deaths...and suicides. The researchers think that could be tied to men being more likely to drink heavily on their birthdays than women.

Apparently women spend WAY more time thinking about clothes than you'd think.

According to a new survey by a British online retail site, the average woman thinks about fashion and accessories 91 TIMES a day.

That includes thinking about what they're going to wear, looking at fashion sites, going to stores, or checking out other women's clothes.

At 91 times a day, assuming they're spread out evenly over 16 hours of being awake, that's one fashion-related thought every 10 minutes and 33 seconds.

The survey also found that those 91 thoughts take a total of one hour and 19 minutes. That's a total of about 481 hours per year, or about 20 full days devoted just to thinking about fashion.

We owe used car dealers an apology. They have a bad reputation...but it turns out average people are WAY shadier than they are.

A new study by the Experian credit bureau looked at more than 100,000 used cars sold by private citizens in the first four months of the year, and found that 88%...or SEVEN out of every EIGHT...had some type of major problem.

One in three people didn't even OWN the used car they were trying to sell...either because they still owed money on a loan, or because it was STOLEN.

Another 13% of used cars up for sale had already been written off by an insurance company, either because it was reported stolen or had suffered serious damage. Other cars had their mileage tampered with or various hidden problems.

Cars that were more than five years old were the most likely to have been in an accident or stolen. Newer cars were more likely to have title problems because the owner hadn't finished paying it off.

You know I've said a few times that I wish I could just drop random lines like Usher does and just make women wet in the panties over them.
The new USHER album "Looking 4 Myself" came out this week...and while "Billboard" is calling it a, quote, "next-level soul album," the "Huffington Post" was less impressed, particularly with the lyrics.

One of their reviewers put together a list of 13 Laughable Lyrics from the album. Here they are:

1.) From "Can't Stop Won't Stop": "Girl, you are my sugar shop, love you like a lollipop / From the bottom to the top, Imma get you wet, raincoat / Let me be your body soap."

2.) From "Scream": "I have you like ooh, Baby baby ooh baby baby / Ah-ooh baby baby ooh baby baby."

3.) From "I Care for You": "I CARE! I CARE! For youuuuuu."

4.) From "Lemme See": "Hey girl, I'm debating, if I should take you home. Should I take you home?"

5.) Also from "Lemme See": "She say she wanna take her skirt off, be my guest!"

6.) Also from "Lemme See": RICK ROSS raps, quote, "Chanel hoodie on, lookin' like Trayvon Martin, George Zimmer[man] don't want it."

7.) From "Twisted": "You had me lookin' stupid, but I let it go that way / That booty substituted, guess that made it okay!"

8.) From "Dive": "I see the walls are looking like they might precipitate / Until I'm in so deep, it's up to my waist."

9.) Also from "Dive": "It's raining inside your bed / No parts are dry / Love makes you so wet, your legs, your thighs / And ever since we first met I knew that / I, I knew I was ready baby to take that dive."

10.) From "Numb": "I'm just saying that what don't kill only makes you strong."

11.) From "Lessons for the Lover": "[Eff] you out your brain, you'll be smiling when he's done."

12.) From "Sins of My Father": "Yeah, she took my breath away / On to some fancy ship into another place / Such an expensive trip / But she didn't make me pay for it with my money." (???)

13.) From "Euphoria": "'Cause if I don't fear the water, and the night don't fear the thief / Here we are, we are, we found euphoria! BASS DROP."

All of a sudden, it's totally badass to live in Oklahoma City. They've got a team in the NBA Finals that almost everyone in America is hoping will beat the Miami Heat...and now this.

There's a new list of America's MANLIEST cities, and Oklahoma City came in at number one. (Miami came in 36th out of 50.)

The list is based on factors like the number of hardware stores, steakhouses, and people in manly occupations. And cities LOSE points for having high numbers of nail salons and fancy boutiques.

The top 10 manliest cities are Oklahoma City . . . Columbia, South Carolina . . . Memphis . . . Nashville . . . Birmingham, Alabama . . . Houston . . . St. Louis . . . Toledo, Ohio . . . Cleveland . . . and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The 10 least manly U.S. cities are San Diego . . . San Francisco . . . Oakland . . . Boston . . . Los Angeles . . . Rochester, New York . . . Sacramento . . . Washington D.C. . . . Harrisburg, Pennsylvania . . . and Seattle.

When you start dating a guy, he knows you'll be telling your friends EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about what happens.

And according to a new Cosmo poll, guys basically don't care...except for a few subjects they think should be off-limits. Here are five times men DO want you to brag about them, and four times they DON'T.

#1.) Brag About His Bedroom Skills. As long as you're talking about it in a FLATTERING way, 73% of guys said it's fine if you tell your friends.

#2.) Brag About His Kissing Skills. If you want to talk about what a good kisser he is, go ahead. 87% of men said they're cool with it.

#3.) If He Gives You a Present, Tell Anyone You Want To. Almost 90% of guys want you to, and the same thing goes for compliments: 86% of men want you to brag if they give you a good one.

#4.) Brag About Your Dates. If he spends a bunch of money on you or plans something romantic, brag to your friends if you want to. 88% of the men polled said it's fine.

#5.) Brag About How Sweet He Can Be Sometimes. Almost 85% of the guys in the poll said you should brag about how he has a softer side, or about anything that makes him look like a, quote, "nice guy."

Okay, now here are four things he DOESN'T want you bragging about to your friends:

#1.) The Pet Names You Have for Each Other. You can CALL him whatever you want. He just doesn't want you to TELL anyone about it.

(So agree)

#2.) Anything He Says in Bed That's Especially Dirty. Basically, he just doesn't want your friends to look at him like he's a sleaze ball.

#3.) That He Likes to Cuddle. This one was actually close, but the majority of guys said they DON'T want you talking about their cuddling habits. On the other hand, the vast majority DO want you to talk up their BEDROOM skills, which isn't surprising.

#4.) That He Manscapes...Or, That He DOESN'T Manscape. The votes were basically split on this one too, but Cosmo says NOT to go into detail about his manscaping habits...because nobody wants to know anyway.

Plus, you wouldn't want him telling his buddies what YOU shave and don't shave.

CHEATING DUDES found the profile of the typical cheating dad. He's in his 40s and has two kids over 10 years old. The typical cheating mom is in her 30s with a daughter under age three.

Here are the five professions where men are most likely to cheat on their wives:

#1.) I.T. and Engineering: 10.6% of cheaters work in a computer-related field.

#2.) Financial: 8.2% are bankers.

#3.) Education: 6.5%

#4.) Doctor: 4.6%

#5.) Lawyer: 3.8%

Here's some critical advice for anyone doing online dating. If you want people to have sex with you...and that's WHY you're doing online dating...just post a few photos of yourself climbing mountains in other countries.

In a new survey, adventurous travelers were named the most attractive people AND had the most sex appeal.

People who have exciting, exotic photos were named the most attractive...people who looked like adrenaline junkies were second-most attractive...and people who participated in foreign cultural events were third-most attractive.

Even if you haven't done any traveling and don't have any photos, you can still use the travel thing to get yourself more dates.

96% of single people who listed travel as one of their interests said they'd be more likely to look for someone who also wanted to travel.

3 GUYS - 78 KIDS - 46 WOMEN
No, it's not the name of a new movie or some TV series. Tennessee is turning its attention to its three most absurd deadbeat dads. They are...

Terry T. Turnage of Memphis, who has 23 CHILDREN with 17 WOMEN. He pays some of those women a whopping $9 a month in child support.

Richard Colbert of Memphis, who has 25 CHILDREN with 18 WOMEN. He doesn't pay any child support...and another man with his name says he gets calls all the time from women and children asking for money.

And finally, Desmond Hatchett of Knoxville has 30 CHILDREN with 11 WOMEN. He's currently in jail for aggravated assault, and asked to have his support payments reduced. He currently pays $1.50 per child.

The state of Tennessee is trying to crack down on these guys, but it's difficult. The law only allows them to take HALF of their if they don't make that much money, when you split it 23 to 30 ways, the amounts get really low.

18-year-old Robert Salo is finishing up his senior year of high school in Brooklyn. In the fall, he plans to go to college to study electrical engineering.

And he just won a pretty sweet graduation present. On May 14th, he bought a two-dollar scratch-off lottery ticket at a convenience store in Coney Island...and won the '$1,000 A Week For Life' grand prize.

That works out to $52,000 a year, or $32,398 a year after taxes. And Robert got his first check this week, for a MILLION dollars, which covers the next 20 years.

That's the minimum payout that the game guarantees. After that, he'll get annual checks. If he lives until age 80, he'll end up getting more than THREE million dollars.

Robert plans to use the cash to pay for college, and also wants a new car. Right now, he's looking at a BMW.

"Glamour" magazine talked to a bunch of dads about the best dating tips they'd give their daughters. Here are the four best ones...I'd have to say these all meet the Rob endorsement too

#1.) Men Communicate Differently. Don't feel bad if a guy isn't eager to sit down and talk about your day for two straight hours. Women like to talk things out, while men want to come up with a solution to a problem and be done with it.

#2.) Ignore What a Man Says and Pay Attention to What He Does. A guy might say the nicest things in the world, but none of that matters if he doesn't DO nice things for you too.

#3.) You Won't Change Him, So Don't Try. If you're not cool with a guy's behavior, interests, attitude or values in the beginning, there's basically no chance he's going to change for you.

#4.) Never Settle. Above all, never settle for anyone. There's someone out there who will love and appreciate everything about you...and he's worth waiting for.

JUSTIN BIEBER talked about his first kiss with SELENA GOMEZ during an interview with some French magazine. It sounds like he dug it.

He said, "My first kiss with Selena was the best of my life. It was in the car. It was scary and spontaneous and it was just awesome."

Meanwhile...Justin and Selena were in Toronto over the weekend for Canada's MuchMusic Video Awards.

The show went down Sunday, but on Saturday, Justin rented a HELICOPTER to fly them around and see the sights.

A source says, "[It was] a relaxing and romantic break from work. They were very excited."

WHO ARE these sources?! I wanna be a source!!

Mo and I talked about this the other day. NICKELBACK has sold a ton of albums (like 22 million), but they haven't received a lot of love from music singer CHAD KROEGER wouldn't be surprised if they never make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

He says, "We may be dead by then but I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will probably show up [at] the same time as our first Grammy."

Nickelback won't be eligible to be nominated for the Rock Hall until 2021...but they've actually been close to winning a Grammy. They've been nominated six times.

I mean, don't get me wrong, Canton is cool and we're even a tourist spot with the HOF in town...but it mostly brings guys...and families. Here, listen to this: Apparently, women just can't stop having sex with random dudes on vacation. Which, of course, begs the come I am never one of those dudes? But anyway

According to a new survey, 40% of women under 30 say they've had a one-night stand on vacation.

And 10% say they've had at least FIVE one-night stands with five different guys on a one-week vacation.

About 33% of that random vacation sex happens on the beach. The place where women are most likely to meet a guy for a one-night stand is at a bar or nightclub. The beach is second.

If you've got a neighbor to your right and a neighbor to your left, statistically one of them is spying on you. At least that's what this survey found.

In the survey, over HALF of people say they figure out some way to spy on their neighbors...usually to see if their neighbors are living better than they are. Here are the most common ways people spy...

About 33% say that when one of their neighbors' houses goes on the market, they go on the real estate website to look at the photos. And probably to find the price.

10% of people look through their neighbors' windows when they walk by.

6% snoop around the entire house when their neighbors ask them to watch the place while they're on vacation.

And 3% try to get their neighbors to invite them over specifically so they can look around inside.

The survey also found that about one in 10 people have renovated or redecorated their house to keep up with their neighbors.

There's no place where American ingenuity is on display better than the deep fryers at our state and county fairs. Every year, the fried food geniuses figure out new ways to continue the chubbification of America.

And this year, the new fried innovation is...DEEP FRIED BREAKFAST CEREAL.

A vendor at the San Diego County Fair is selling deep fried Trix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

It's pretty simple actually...he mixes the cereal into a batter and deep fries it into a ball. Then it's covered with sugar and a few un-fried pieces of the cereal.

This same vendor introduced Deep Fried Kool Aid last year, as well as Deep Fried Girl Scout Cookies. Besides the Deep Fried Cereal, this year he's also introduced Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly.

If you wanna see what it looks like, hit this link:

BRITNEY SPEARS experienced a BLAST FROM THE PAST at the "X Factor" auditions in San Francisco on Sunday...and it was a little more WEIRD than FUN.

A guy named Don Philip auditioned for show. He sang "I Will Still Love You" with Britney on her debut album"...Baby One More Time". (Here's a YouTube link to the audio.)

Britney recognized him, and they chatted a little. But things got awkward when Don decided to come out of the closet to her.

According to reports, he said, "I'm the time I didn't think I was worthy. I didn't think you thought it was okay that I'm gay." Britney responded, "I think it's fine you are gay."

A "source" adds, "When he started crying and saying he thought he'd never see her again and that he'd had a lot to deal with, Britney was comforting him to calm him."

But it doesn't look like Don made it through. In fact, Britney leveled with him in her critique. She said, quote, "Through the years, maybe you've gone through a lot of hardships and battles...

"I think you've gone through that more than training on your voice, because your voice really isn't up to the bar of the standards of the 'X Factor' and what we want."

After the audition, Don posted a message on Facebook saying, "[This] cleared up a lot of past issues for me and gives me joy to know Britney 100% accepted me and does now." And on Twitter, he added, "Still Brit's biggest fan."

A new survey asked men and women to name the things they CAN'T STAND about each other. Overall, it seems men hate women's argument techniques...and women hate men's lack of cleanliness. Here are the top five lists for both.

What Men Hate About Women.

#1.) Saying "I'm fine" when they're clearly not.

#2.) Talking too much.

#3.) Constantly asking what men are thinking.

#4.) Winning fights by crying.

#5.) Never saying sorry, even when they're wrong.

What Women Hate About Men.

#1.) Not listening properly.

#2.) Not putting the toilet seat down. (Apparently the women surveyed have been listening to a lot of stand-up comedy from the '80s.)

#3.) Leaving nail clippings and beard shavings wherever they fall.

#4.) Having friends they don't like.

#5.) Hogging the TV remote.

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KELLY CLARKSON...who's lost 30 pounds in the last six months, says she has NO desire to be super-skinny. She adds, "I do cardio. I run. I strength-train using my own body weight. I don't like free weights, because I build muscle easily.

"Really, what I try to instill in my fans is to be healthy and happy."

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN...SHE CAN'T LET IT GO?Then again, we as a public can't either. CHRIS BROWN is obviously still a raw subject for RIHANNA...because she got pretty ticked off at a reporter for the British edition of "Esquire" who brought it up.

The interviewer asked Rihanna about recording two remixes with Chris earlier this year, saying it might send the wrong message that she had, "gone back to someone who put you in the hospital." Not surprisingly, that set her off.

She said, quote, "Oh really? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I?"

She added, "If I went back to him [as a girlfriend], then that’s a whole different discussion. I think a lot of people jumped to an assumption that was incorrect and they ended up looking stupid."

But the interviewer kept going, saying it might be hard for the public to separate a professional reconciliation from a personal one.

Rihanna said, "This is turning into a tacky interview. What do you really want to talk about? I'm not here to [talk] about messy [crap].

"It upsets me that you keep asking the same kind of questions about stuff that's trivial. What's there to talk about? Are all your questions like that?"

WRONG COLOR FOOD? YOU MIGHT EAT LESSScientists at Cornell University have found a new way to lose weight by eating less food: Just dye your food a different color every once in awhile?

The idea is this: People who are given visual cues have a better idea of how much they've eaten and will know when to stop.

The scientists had volunteers eat Lays Stackable potato chips...which are kind of like Pringles (but not nearly as good)...straight from the tube. Every five or 10 chips, they mixed in one that was dyed RED, to serve as an "edible stop sign" for the person eating.

Without the red chips, people ate about 45 chips on average, but only THOUGHT they'd eaten 30. When they were given a reminder every so often by the different-colored chip, they knew how many chips they'd had, and stopped at around 20.

The irony here is I started to read this as soon as I put my phone down from texting back two different people. It's tougher than ever for new college graduates to find a job...and the ones who do find jobs might not have them for long.

A survey of bosses and personnel managers by Pennsylvania's York University found that new grads are more unprofessional than ever. They have a bigger sense of entitlement...are less focused...and have a worse work ethic.

Even worse, they don't know when to put their phones away. 83% of new hires have been caught using social media excessively while on the job...and 82% have been busted for texting while they should be doing something else.

Three in four were cited for inappropriate Internet use, and two in three for inappropriate phone use.

SIGNS YOUR MARRIAGE MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE ON YOUR WEDDING NIGHTIf you need to go to THIS extreme to spice up your wedding night, we have a hunch your marriage MIGHT not go the distance.

On Saturday, a 38-year-old named Sandra got married in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. And a few days before the wedding, she and her fiancé posted on an erotic German auction site called

They offered strangers the chance to have SEX with Sandra on her wedding night, which would be intentionally interrupted by the groom. (WTF? lol)

The posting said, "When we start getting down to business I will ring my husband and tell him to come to the room."

To prove the stranger was actually getting Sandra on her wedding night, the couple told bidders she'd have her marriage certificate in hand.

The auction got 17 bids and the winning bidder paid $455. There's no word on how things went down on Saturday night.

REASONS TO NOT DATE:Prepare to cross your legs in sympathetic pain. Because this one is ROUGH.

Early Saturday morning, 35-year-old Joyce Maxine Gregory of Shelby, North Carolina was having an argument with a 59-year-old man in his apartment. The police say the two used to be in, "some sort of romantic relationship."

Things got physical, and Joyce, quote, "grabbed him by the scrotum" and started squeezing. She squeezed so hard that she actually SPLIT IT OPEN and POPPED OUT one of his testes.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oof.

He was rushed to the hospital. They were able to fix him up with several stitches, and it looks like he won't suffer any serious long-term damage.

Joyce was arrested for two felonies: malicious castration, and assault causing serious bodily injury. Oh, and on the way to jail, she pulled down her pants in the back of the cop car and peed.

X-FACTOR DRAMAFor whatever reason, the tabloids seem obsessed with claiming that BRITNEY SPEARS is causing all kinds of trouble on the set of "X Factor". The latest is that she's locking horns with DEMI LOVATO.

The headline on the new issue of "Star" is: "Demi vs. Britney: IT'S WAR!"...and the tabloid reports, "The two singers can't stand each other, and their fiery feud is making working on the 'X Factor' set unbearable!"

A "source" says, "Demi thinks Britney is a twit, and Britney thinks Demi is beneath her...they avoid each other as much as possible when the cameras aren't rolling. Once the cameras are rolling, things get really bad.

"It's only a matter of time before they come to blows."

As AWESOME as this would be, there's almost no chance it's true. Britney's rep says, "[It's] completely not true. [They] get along very well. This is a pathetic attempt at creating a story."

Demi's rep adds, "It's all fiction, they're both having fun on set."

My rep....well I don't have one. But I wish I did.

ROCK-STAR ECONOMIC STIMULUSWarren native DAVE GROHL of the FOO FIGHTERS is either an INSANE tipper...or he's personally deploying economic stimulus packages to our nation's bartenders and waitresses. And it actually seems like it's the latter. says Dave hit up a place in Philadelphia on back-to-back nights last weekend. He tipped $1,000 after having "one drink" the first night, and another $1,000 the next night when he had "a few drinks."

"I DON'T HAVE ANY MINUTES"Remember when people used to obsess over cell phone minutes and wouldn't talk to you until it was after 9:00 P.M. on weekdays? That feels like a distant memory.

According to the U.S. wireless industry's trade group CTIA, cell phone minute use peaked in 2007...and has been going down ever since. In 2007, the average person used 826 minutes a month. In 2011, that plummeted to 681.

What else happened in 2007? The debut of the iPhone.

A CareerBuilder study found that if you're overweight, it might be because of your JOB. Two in five people have gained weight at their current job...and one in four have gained more than 10 pounds. Here are the jobs most likely to cause weight gain:

#1.) Travel Agent: It's a sedentary job, which contributes to weight gain...although we're not sure there actually ARE travel agents anymore.

#2.) Attorney or Judge: It has high levels of stress, which also leads to weight gain.

#3.) Social Worker

#4.) Teacher

#5.) Artist/Designer/Architect

#6.) Administrative Assistant

#7.) Physician

#8.) Protective Services, like police officers or firefighters

#9.) Marketing and Public Relations

#10.) Information Technology Professional

When you're dating the wrong person, the signs are usually pretty obvious. But that doesn't mean you'll SEE them. Some people get so wrapped up in the relationship that they DON'T notice the red flags. Here are five of the most obvious ones to look out for.

#1.) You Don't Feel Like You Can Be Yourself. If you've been together for a few months and you still don't feel like you can relax around them, then they're probably not the one.

#2.) They Make You Feel Emotionally Exhausted. In general, the person you're with should RELIEVE stress, not stress you out. And being together shouldn't feel like "work."

#3.) You Don't Want Them to Meet Your Friends. It's usually because you either know your friends won't LIKE them, or you know your friends won't like the way YOU act when you're WITH them.

And everyone knows that if your friends don't like the person you're dating, you pretty much HAVE to break it off.

#4.) You Don't Have Much in Common. It's true that opposites sometimes attract. But that doesn't mean opposites make a good COUPLE. If you don't share any interests, you're pretty much doomed.

#5.) You're More Insecure Than You Used To Be. You'll always have certain insecurities. But if you're with the right person, you should start feeling MORE secure. If you don't, then they might be bringing down your confidence.

Obviously don't break up with them if it's not their fault though. If you're insecure because you gained a little weight, then breaking up with them won't do any good. (Unless they tell you you're getting fat. In that case, dump them.)

GUYS CRY OVER SPORTS MORE THAN THEIR FIRST BORNThis survey comes from England and focuses on soccer fans...but we're wondering if it applies over here too. Because DAMMIT, our sports fans are JUST as insane as their sports fans.

According to the survey, the average male sports fan says he cried or would cry more tears of joy over his team winning a championship than over the BIRTH OF HIS FIRST CHILD.

10% of sports fans say seeing their team win a championship is a more important day in their life than their wedding day.

And 15% say they were more moved by their team winning than their child's first steps, or sending him off to his first day of school.

The National Retail Federation just released the list of the most shoplifted items in the U.S. last year, and it's really a perfect representation of Americans. We like to party and have sex, we're materialistic, we're vain, and we're chubby.

Here are the most stolen items, broken down by their major categories...

Grocery. Cigarettes, energy drinks, expensive liquor...and baby formula.

Pharmacy. Allergy medicine, diabetic testing strips, pain relievers, and weight loss pills.

Health and Beauty. Electric toothbrushes, lotions and creams, and pregnancy tests.

Clothing. Designer jeans, designer clothing, handbags.

Electronics. Cell phones, digital cameras, GPS devices, laptops, TVs.

Home. Expensive vacuum cleaners, KitchenAid mixers.

Overall, 96% of the 125 companies surveyed by the NRF say they were a victim of major retail crime in the past year.

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Tuesday June 5 2012



Let's just put this out there right off the bat: MAROON 5 singer ADAM LEVINE has nailed his share of ladies. His alleged conquests include, but are not limited to, Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Sharapova and Paris Hilton.

So, is Adam a HE-WHORE? Not if you ask him.

He says, "There are two kinds of men. There are men who are [effing] misogynist pigs, and then there are men who really love women, who think they're the most amazing people in the world. And that's me.

I actually agree 100% with that statement...nice job Adam!
"Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much."

He adds that taking one of the judges' spots on "The Voice" was an opportunity for people to see him as more than just a "bimbo".

He says, "I've always felt a little misrepresented in the world...I was the dude that was naked all the time with girls, and that's fine, no problem with that.

"But I wanted to create a little balance. When ['The Voice'] came around, I thought, 'People now know that I have a brain.'"

So how did Adam become so sensitive and caring toward women? By growing up in a household with three females and a gay brother.

He says, "After my parents split, my mom moved in with her brother's aunt...who was also newly single.

"So I was living in a house with two jilted women, plus my cousin, who's more like my sister, and my brother, Michael, who we eventually find out is gay.

"Just the estrogen alone...You know when you're 14 and terrified to talk to a girl? I didn't suffer much from that. It seemed very natural to me to talk to girls."

ANCHORMAN 2The biggest unanswered question about "Anchorman: The Legend Continues" has been answered: CHRISTINA APPLEGATE is on board.

That's according to DAVID KOECHNER, who plays sportscaster Champ Kind. He adds, "It's set around the advent of the 24-hour news channel. They're writing a script right now so no specific details."

XTINA FREAKED OVER BRITNEY ON X-FACTORThe journalists at "Star" magazine claim CHRISTINA AGUILERA threw a tantrum when she heard that BRITNEY SPEARS got the "X Factor" gig.

During this alleged "freak out," "Star" says Christina was "throwing things and cursing." She also ranted about how Britney was, "going to be a disaster," because she'd "act like a zombie."  (I'm not sure if that means she'd be eating people's faces off, Miami style)

For what it's worth, an unnamed friend of Christina tells that the story is, "totally not true...she is very happy for Britney."

Meanwhile, "Us" magazine is also on the bandwagon. They have a source saying Britney is so "extremely nervous and anxious" that she's headed for "meltdown territory."

THE REASON BEHIND THE BREAK-UPThere's a website called WotWentWrong that offers relationship advice, and they came up with the most common reasons why men and women get DUMPED. They only have 500 users, so take this for what it's worth. Here's what they found:

When women get dumped, the top ten reasons are:

#1.) The guy isn't ready for a relationship.

#2.) She has bad hygiene.

#3.) The guy doesn't feel like he's a priority.

#4.) They fight too much.

#5.) He thinks her sex drive is too low.

#6.) She's always late.

#7.) He met someone else.

#8.) She's a bad kisser.

#9.) The guy doesn't see a future with her.

#10.) She's too hairy. (...WOAH look out haha)

And the top reasons guys get dumped are:

#1.) She found someone else.

#2.) She thinks their eating habits are too different.

#3.) He's too high-maintenance.

#4.) He's too short.

#5.) He doesn't make enough to support the lifestyle she wants.

#6.) He doesn't make her feel attractive.

#7.) He's always late.

#8.) She's not attracted to him.

#9.) They fight too much.

#10.) She doesn't feel like she's a priority.

It's June, which means the summer months are here. And you're going to spend them sitting at work. If that makes you feel down about your job, you're REALLY not alone.

According to a new study, 60% of American workers are unhappy at work. That's three out of five people who aren't happy to be there.

But 70% of them plan on staying.

A separate study found that one in three people say they're chronically OVERWORKED, and 54% have felt overwhelmed at work at some time in the past month by how much they had to do.

It also found that 29% of people think most of what they do at work is a WASTE OF TIME.

It's hard to be stylish when you have to wear 16 layers every day of the year.

So we're going to sympathize with the people of Anchorage, Alaska..."Travel and Leisure" magazine just named them the WORST-DRESSED people in the U.S. But it's not totally their fault.

At least they can blame it on the cold. What's the excuse for the rest of the cities on the worst dressed list? Check out the top 10...

#1.) Anchorage, Alaska

#2.) Salt Lake City, Utah

#3.) Baltimore, Maryland

#4.) Orlando, Florida

#5.) San Antonio, Texas

#6.) Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

#7.) Atlanta, Georgia

#8.) Portland, Maine

#9.) Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

#10.) Kansas City, Missouri

COLBIE CAILLAT freaked out during her show in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night, after some BUGS started swarming around her. It was at the end of the show, during her song "Bubbly".

After a few moments, she collected herself, and finished the song. (There's video of this on YouTube. The bugs start arriving at the 2:10 mark. It doesn't seem too bad...but maybe it was, because she screams and runs from them.)

26-year-old Julie Warning was a global studies teacher at the Manhattan Theater Lab High School in New York City. 18-year-old Eric Arty was one of her students. And earlier this week, they were photographed MAKING OUT in broad daylight in a park.

Julie was promptly reassigned to a different school by the district, and since she's not tenured, she could lose her job. As a teacher who kissed a student, even one who's not legally a minor, she's the bad guy here, right? Not quite.

Turns out Eric and four of his friends actually had a $500 BET on which one of them could kiss her first. They each put in $100, and Eric kissed her first, either to win the bet or because he liked her. Either way it destroyed her career.

The school district is investigating the case.

If there's one thing that ALL human beings can agree on, it's that we hate waiting in lines. Oh, and also that we're all above-average drivers. But for now, we're going to focus on the lines thing.

A professor at MIT has studied the psychology behind why we hate waiting in lines and found there are three things that make us crazy. And believe it or not, the length of the line isn't one of them. I'd like to disagree but, I suppose I won't.

#1.) We get bored when we wait. It's why doctor's offices have magazines and TVs, and why amusement parks put TVs in the line. So does Wal-Mart. And it plays the same loop 5x while you wait in the atrociously long line.

#2.) We hate when we expect a short wait and get a longer one. This is why at Disney World they tell you "30 minutes from this spot" in a line. It's really only about 20 minutes...the line won't bother you as much if you feel ahead of schedule.

#3.) We really, REALLY hate when someone shows up after us but gets taken care of first. It sets off everyone's sense of INJUSTICE to the point where fights can break out.

That's why more places like Best Buy, Wendy's, and Citibank are going with one main line that funnels people to the first available server or teller...rather than making people pick a line that might end up going slower.

NO DOUBT...IT'S BREAK-UP SEASON!Earlier, I told you about the top reasons men and women get dumped...including things like fighting too much, not being ready for a relationship, being too high maintenance, physical issues, and sexual issues.

The website that did the survey just released more data digging even deeper into breakups. Here are five of the interesting facts they found...

#1.) People are most likely to break up after one month because one person drinks too much. At six months, the top breakup reason is "I'm not ready for a relationship." After six months, the top breakup reason is too much fighting.

#2.) Of the people who broke up over sexual reasons, the other person's low sex drive was the reason 19.3% of the time...a high sex drive was the reason 10.3% of the time. "Finishing" too quickly was the reason 6.9% of the time.

#3.) People are more likely to get dumped for being TOO TALL than TOO SHORT. Of the people who ended things for a physical reason, 19.4% said the person was too tall, 8.3% said the person was too short.

#4.) The physical feature that drives the most breakups, sadly, is chubbiness. 22% of people who've ended things for a physical reason said it was the other person's weight.

#5.) Gambling is the most destructive of the four biggest bad habits. Of people who ended things over a bad habit, 27.3% blamed gambling, 15.2% blamed drugs, 15.2% blamed drinking, and 6.1% blamed smoking.

MAJOR: SEX EDA survey by a website called found out which majors sleep around the most...and least...during college. Here's what they found:

These majors have the MOST sexual partners:

#1.) Economics: They have an average of 4.88 partners in college.

#2.) Social Work, Community Care, and Counseling: 4.7 partners.

#3.) Marketing: 4.57 partners.

#4.) Leisure, Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism: 4.56 partners.

#5.) Agriculture: 4.44 partners.

And here are the majors that have the FEWEST sexual partners:

#1.) Environmental Science: They have an average of 1.71 partners in college.

#2.) Theology and Comparative Religion: 2.13 partners.

#3.) Earth Sciences: 2.68 partners.

#4.) Education: 2.74 partners.

#5.) Philosophy: 2.79 partners.


NO BED BUGSHere's ANOTHER good justification for drinking between one and 17 glasses of wine every night. According to a new study, you're FAR less likely to get bitten by bed bugs if you're drunk.

In the study, a Ph.D. candidate from University of Nebraska-Lincoln found that the higher someone's blood-alcohol level was, the less likely they were to be bitten by bed bugs.

Bed bugs prefer non-alcoholic blood because it feeds them better. The bugs who sucked on sober people increased their mass by an average of 100%...bugs who sucked on drunk people only went up by 12.5%.

And the heavier they are, the more eggs they can lay. So it's not worth their time to suck your blood if you're filled with alcohol.

WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?The AARP just released the results of a survey asking people of all ages what makes them the HAPPIEST. For what it's worth, things like "orgies" and "giant piles of cocaine" weren't options.

Anyway, these were the five things they found that make people of all ages the happiest...

#1.) Kissing or hugging someone you love.

#2.) Watching your children, grandchildren, or a close relative succeed.

#3.) Being told you're someone who can be trusted or relied on.

#4.) Spending time with your family or friends at a meal or social gathering.

#5.) Experiencing a special moment with a child.

And of the 38 activities in the survey, here are the five that do the WORST job at making us happy.

#1.) Playing board games, cards, or video games. They do the WORST job of making us happy.

#2.) Connecting with friends or family on Facebook.

#3.) Watching or participating in a sport.

#4.) Completing a puzzle.

#5.) Winning an award or a competition.

Overall, 68% of people reported being happy. The breakdown was 49% of people saying they're somewhat happy, and 19% saying they're very happy.

According to sleep experts, one of the main reasons married people have better health and live longer is because they share a bed.

A new study at the University of Pittsburgh has found people who share a bed actually have lower levels of a stress hormone called cortisol. They also have fewer cytokines, which are involved in inflammation.

SCARY CONDOM FACTSIf WOMEN aren't policing condom use anymore, we're ALL in trouble. Because we all know MEN can't be trusted.

Check out these four alarming stats from a new survey of 2,000 single women ages 18 to 40...

#1.) About 70% admit they regularly have unprotected relations.

#2.) 20% of women trust men not to infect them with STDs...18% say sometimes they're too drunk to use condoms...12% say if a condom isn't available they'll just have sex anyway...and 8%, "just don't like using condoms."

#3.) The average woman has had unprotected sex 11 times...with at least four different men.

#4.) And women between ages 30 and 40 are the least likely to use condoms.

CAR JACKED TO THE PROM20-year-old Lorenzo Bracey was arrested Friday night in Chicago, for allegedly stealing a Ford Expedition at gunpoint earlier in the day.

Police got a report that the stolen car was seen in a McDonald's parking lot that evening, and pulled him and his girlfriend over.

Lorenzo was wearing a white tuxedo and matching white sneakers. And when police asked why he was so dressed up, he said they were on the way to the PROM.

In addition to the carjacking charge, Lorenzo also had an unlicensed gun with the serial number scratched off...and some Ecstasy and marijuana.

He was also in possession of an angry girlfriend, who complained to police that "her prom was ruined."