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...for NOT knowing who Peabo Bryson is! COME ON!!


RIHANNA is one of those artists who sells sex just as much as she sells music. I'm not complaining about that.
At the Staples Center in Los Angeles the other night, she paraded her stuff onstage in a weird bikini outfit decorated with jewels...and even grabbed her own backside.

Pics? Gotta hit the FB!

When CHARLIE SHEEN gets into character, he goes all out. Charlie tells "Sports Illustrated" that he took STEROIDS while filming the 1989 comedy "Major League".

He says, "Let's just say that I was enhancing my performance a little bit. It was the only time I ever did steroids.

"I did them for like six or eight weeks. You can print this, I don't give a [eff]. My fastball went from 79 [miles-per-hour] to like 85."

He was also getting into a lot of fights at the time. But only part of that was due to 'roid rage. The other part was the teasing he took because of his character's lightning bolt haircut.

He says, "I didn't like the haircut because it generated so many comments in bars. I've got enough of that already. Add that to the mix, and it's a recipe for a fistfight."

After appearing in "The Social Network"...JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S latest project is to revitalize MySpace. In fact, he even bought a stake in it.

But it sounds like competing with Facebook is low on his list of priorities. He says, "There's a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favorite entertainers, listen to music, watch videos, share and discover cool stuff and just connect.

Facebook anyone? Youtube? Yeah.

"MySpace has the potential to be that place. Art is inspired by people and vice versa, so there's a natural social component to entertainment.

"I'm excited to help revitalize MySpace by using its social media platform to bring artists and fans together in one community."

More people now view social media sites than porno sites.

Except for MySpace. No one goes there anymore.

Yesterday, a company called Specific Media bought MySpace from News Corp., which is the company that owns FOX.

Specific Media paid $35 MILLION for MySpace. When News Corp. bought it back in 2005, they paid $580 MILLION. Meaning that in six years, it lost 94% of its value.

News Corp. was initially hoping to get $100 MILLION.

As part of the sale, MySpace will be laying off more than half of its 450 employees. We're not entirely sure what those 450 employees were doing there, but that's not the point.

Specific Media has said they plan to, "rebuild and reinvigorate" MySpace and try to make it a place where people can watch media and interact with entertainers. Specific Media's main business is...........selling online ads.

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As I scroll thru countless stories this morning, I find NOTHING of interest. But then I get to a ton of music-related stories that might grab your attention...

If COUNTING CROWS singer ADAM DURITZ has a crazy BRITNEY SPEARS-like mental breakdown sometime in the near future, here's why:

Adam was diagnosed with a mental disorder a few years back, and now he's cutting back on the mood stabilizing medications he's taking...and he admits that he's doing it more AGGRESSIVELY than he should.

In a borderline CRAZY rant on the Counting Crows Facebook page, Adam says, "I was [effing] crazy. I needed meds. I took meds. Now I'm less crazy. I need less meds. I'm stopping meds. That's it.

"These meds just happen to have some freaking vicious withdrawal symptoms when you stop so u can't do it all at once."

Adam said his doctors have cleared him to cut his Lithium dosage in half, but apparently, he's not handling that very well. He continues, quote, "[Eff] me...not so good now. Gotta keep pushing / get off this [crap].

"Going faster than I should but it still takes too long. All my friends say how clear & present I am. 'Clear & present.' Horror. Not mutually exclusive."

Adam is NOT doing this to lead a "sober life." He explains, "These are not drug addiction problems...I like drinking. A lot. Sober = not for me."

Instead, he's doing it so he can work. He explains, "I stopped dropping the meds dosages for recording. Couldn't shake uncontrollably & sing at the same time. Forgivable."

In 2008, Adam told "Men's Health" magazine, "I have a form of dissociative disorder that makes the world seem like it's not real, as if things aren't taking place. It's hard to explain, but you feel un-tethered."

CHESTER BENNINGTON and MIKE SHINODA from LINKIN PARK recently did an impromptu, unplugged version of ADELE'S "Rolling in the Deep".

Former FALL OUT BOY singer PATRICK STUMP has released a solo single called "This City", which features rapper LUPE FIASCO. The "city" it's about is Chicago...the hometown of both Patrick and Lupe.

It'll be on Patrick's upcoming album, "Soul Punk", which will be out later this year. There's no release date yet.

Occasionally I forget that I am a GOD OF HAPPINESS, making the world a better place every day with merely the power of my voice. So it's nice when a study like this reminds me.

According to a scientific study, listening to the radio makes people happier than watching TV or surfing the Internet. YOU'RE WELCOME!!

In the study, people felt a 100% boost in their happiness and a 300% boost in their energy levels when they were listening to the radio versus not consuming any type of media.


TV and the Internet also boosted people's happiness, but only about HALF as much as radio.

Mark Barber of Britain's Radio Advertising Bureau explained the results. "Radio plays an important emotional role in people's lives. People use radio as a lifestyle support system."

That's right. Take THAT, internet! Bitches.

Just checking and...yep. Men, in general, are still wallowing in their own filth as much as ever.

Clorox Bleach just released the results of a nationwide survey which found that about one out of eight men wear their underwear AT LEAST TWICE before they wash it. And that's just the number who ADMIT to doing that.

Here are some more of their findings...
About half of men use the "sniff test" to figure out if their clothes are fresh enough to wear again without washing.

An average man wears jeans at least four or five times before washing them.

About a quarter of men age 18 to 29 only wash their sheets once a month...the majority of women in that age range wash their sheets at least once a week.

Single women are more than twice as likely as married women to BUY CLOTHES to avoid laundry.

More than one-third of single women own more than 20 pairs of underwear.

Only 29% of married women say their husband helps out equally with the laundry.

Ladies, no matter how many bad things people say about you, there's NO WAY they're harsher on you than you are on yourself.

According to a study of more than 2,000 women, 97% of women say THIRTEEN negative things about their body every single day.

Only 3% of women say that a day sometimes goes by when they don't have a negative feeling about their body.

The survey also found that 90% of women 15 to 64 want to change at least one thing about their appearance. And their weight was number one.


Since clearly you woke up today saying, "Hey! I'm so curious about vanity license plates. I sure hope someone tells me all about them"...your dream has come true. Here are seven random facts about vanity plates.

#1.) About 9.3 million vehicles in the U.S. have customized vanity license plates.

#2.) The 46 states that offer vanity license plates only made $177 MILLION off the fees...or an average of about $19 per plate.

#3.) Texas is the first state to start auctioning off the best one-word vanity plates. The plate reading "FERRARI" recently sold for $15,000, "PORSCHE" went for $7,500, and "AMERICA" went for $3,000.

#4.) The most expensive vanity plate ever sold was in Abu Dhabi in 2008...someone paid $14.3 MILLION for a plate with the number "1" only.

#5.) Virginia has the most drivers with vanity plates, at 16%. It's followed by New Hampshire and Illinois.

#6.) Texas has the fewest vanity plates at 0.56%.

#7.) Studies have found that people with vanity plates and bumper stickers have more of a "territory marker" mentality...and are more likely to honk at other drivers, tailgate, and experience ROAD RAGE.

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.....because I haven't updated this thing in a week :)
Hangin' on the 3-7pm show on Q92 all week, give a listen on your way home.

"American Idol" has announced the audition dates for Season 11. Here they are:

--St. Louis, Missouri...Tuesday, June 28th at Scottrade Center
--Portland, Oregon...Saturday, July 2nd at Rose Garden
--San Diego, California...Friday, July 8th at Petco Park
--Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...Friday, July 15th at Heinz Field
--Charleston, South Carolina...Friday, July 22nd at North Charleston Coliseum
--Denver, Colorado...Friday, July 29th at INVESCO Field at Mile High
--Houston, Texas...Friday, Aug. 26th at Reliant Park

Here's more proof that Facebook has changed the definition of the word "friend." According to a new study, the average Facebook user has never even met 7% of their Facebook friends. That works out to about one out of every 14 "friends."

And there's another 3% who you've only met ONCE. That's one out of 10 friends who you've met zero or once.

Here's the full list of how the average Facebook numbers broke down...

The average person has 229 Facebook friends.
--22%, or about 50 of those friends are from high school.
--12%, or about 27, are extended family.
--10%, or about 23, are coworkers.
--9%, or about 21, are from college.
--8%, or about 18, are immediate family.
--7%, or about 16, are from extracurricular groups or clubs you belong to.
--2%, or about five, are neighbors.
--And of course, 7%, or about 16, are people you've never met.
--The rest come from miscellaneous other places.

Earlier this month, ADELE came down with laryngitis and was forced to cancel her tour. Well, she's in the process of recovering...and as part of that she's decided to quit smoking.

In an update on her site, she wrote, "I can't wait to be able to sing again, I'm bored stiff...I'm on the mend, I still need to take it easy and rest but things are looking up...I've given up smoking again!"

Every year, the website 24/7 Wall Street compiles a list of brands that are about to go extinct. Sometimes they're a little off...last year they predicted the end of BP, Kia Motors, Zales Jewelry, and the credit rating agency Moody's.

On the other hand, they accurately called the demise of T-Mobile, Blockbuster, and the car rental company Dollar Thrifty, which is barely hanging on. Here are their predictions for the ten brands that'll go extinct NEXT year, or within the next 18 months.

The list is based on a bunch of things, including: A fall-off in sales...steep losses...worrying disclosures from the parent company...rising costs...companies getting sold...and bankruptcy.

#1.) Sony Pictures . . . It used to be Columbia Tri-Star Pictures, and they'll probably sell it.

#2.) A&W . . . The root beer will survive, thank god, but the restaurants can't compete :(

#3.) Saab . . . Do you know anyone who still drives one? OR EVER DID?!

#4.) American Apparel . . . They expanded too fast, and their founder's a defendant in a bunch of sexual harassment lawsuits.

#5.) Sears . . . The failed merger of Sears and K-Mart means one brand has to go.

#6.) Sony Ericsson . . . It'll probably be folded into Sony.

#7.) Kellogg's Corn Pops . . . Breakfast got healthier. And Corn Pops ain't it.

#8.) MySpace . . . Who?

#9.) Soap Opera Digest . . . Well, there aren't any more soaps. So . . .

#10.) Nokia

If you're a single guy...or a single woman spending the night with a single guy...check out this article from "Men's Health" about the five most germ-filled spots in a bachelor pad.

#1.) The Towel. Every time you use a towel, skin cells rub off on it, and that's like food for bacteria. Plus, bacteria thrives on damp towels because the texture of the fabric offers lots of places to go unnoticed until it gets transferred back onto you.

In general, you shouldn't use the same towel for more than a week without washing it. But a lot of single guys go much longer than that.

#2.) The Bed Sheets. The same rule applies, and again, most single guys don't follow it. You're supposed to wash your sheets once a week with hot water, because cold water doesn't kill the bacteria.

According to a study at the University of Arizona, your sheets contain 0.1 grams of salmonella, E. coli, and FECES after just one night's sleep.

#3.) The Remote Control. In a University of Virginia study, 50% of remotes tested positive for rhinovirus...a.k.a., the common cold. Unfortunately, sanitizers don't work very well on remotes because they don't get in the cracks.

And the solution offered up by "Men's Health" pretty much sucks too. They say to buy a plastic-sleeve protector that you can wipe down.

And they suggest using zip-lock bags when you're staying at a hotel.

#4.) The Carpeting. You're supposed to have your carpet steam-cleaned at least once a year, which is something single guys don't do...along with pretty much everyone else.

But carpeting can be really disgusting: According to research from NYU, the carpet in a bachelor pad could have around 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making it 4,000 times dirtier than the toilet seat.

#5.) The Vacuum Cleaner. It's not surprising since you roll it around the disgusting carpeting all the time. According to one study, half of all vacuum brushes have fecal matter on them, 13% have E. coli, and virtually all of them have mold.

So they recommend spraying the brush with disinfectant after every use. And if you're buying a new vacuum, you might want to invest in a bag-less model. The disposable bag vacuums actually promote more bacterial growth. Now you know

A while back we heard that CHARLIE SHEEN'S "Two and a Half Men" character, Charlie Harper, would NOT be killed off. Mainly because it's a comedy, and there's really no reason to lay anything that heavy on the fans.

But also because it leaves the door open for Charlie to make appearances if he and creator CHUCK LORRE were to ever bury the hatchet.

But now, TMZ claims that Chuck IS going to kill Charlie off, just to ensure that he can NEVER return to the show.

Supposedly, the producers are kicking around several death scenarios, including having Charlie drive his car off a cliff. Which would be interesting, since two of Charlie's cars have been "mysteriously stolen" and driven off cliffs right near his home.

Then ASHTON KUTCHER'S character would join the show by purchasing the house...which belonged to Charlie.

CHARLIE SHEEN officially has NO GODDESSES. NATALIE KENLEY has left the building...two months after BREE OLSON also struck out on her own.

A so-called "source" says, "He's not in one of the best places right now, things are very tense. It has nothing to do with her, [the relationship] just ran its course."

Still, TMZ says Charlie demanded that Natalie return a Mercedes of his that she'd been using. Not out of spite, though...just because it's an expensive car, and he never meant to actually give it to her.

I guess we're a far cry from the days when Charlie just showered cash and expensive gifts on women.

They also claim that the night Natalie left, Charlie had sex with THREE different women: One from Mexico, one from Australia and one from Colombia.

Meanwhile, a source says Charlie was looking for some new ladies anyway..."Charlie won't be single for long. Let's just say there are a lot of irons in the fire if you know what I mean."

I would tell the people of Lexington, Kentucky to give themselves a big round of applause...but lifting their arms and moving their hands back and forth might qualify as aerobic exercise. And that might cost them this honor.

"Men's Health" just ranked the 100 largest cities in the U.S. by LAZINESS...and Lexington was named THE laziest city in the country.

The rankings are based on exercise rates, the percentage of households that watch more than 15 hours of TV a week and buy more than 11 video games a year, and the death rates from sitting-related diseases like deep-vein thrombosis.

Lexington finished in last place. It's just lazier than Indianapolis in 99th place...Jackson, Mississippi in 98th...Charleston, West Virginia in 97th...and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 96th.

On the other end of the list, Seattle was named the least lazy city in the U.S. It just beat out San Francisco...Oakland...Washington, D.C....and Salt Lake City.

OHIO cities on the list? COLUMBUS rolls in at 78. CINCINNATI is 76. CLEVELAND is at 58.

^Barenaked Ladies anyone? No? OK, anyway...

I wouldn't check the mail this summer looking for classy postcards from your know, the ones that show half-naked women on beaches with the slogan "Wish you were her."

Postcards are about to join the ever-growing list of old institutions that have been murdered by modern technology. According to a new survey, only about 15% of people still sometimes send postcards from vacations.

35% of people prefer to send photos immediately from their smartphones when they're on vacation.

And as you'd expect, people 18 to 24 are least likely to send a postcard, and most likely to send texts. People 35 to 54 are most likely to send postcards.

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...cause it's the weekend.

Candy-coated British minx ADELE is only 23 years old. So she's looking for an older guy. Not too old...but she definitely doesn't want to go YOUNGER.

She says, "I don't have a type. Never have. Older, but not as in 50. Not younger than me. I'm pretty young so it would be like [effing] Justin Bieber! Any color. Any shape. But they've got to be funny."

Adele isn't really high on the idea of dating a fellow GINGER...but she's willing to break that rule for one particular guy..."I'm after PRINCE HARRY. I know I said I wouldn't go out with a ginger, but it's Prince Harry!

"I'd be a real duchess then. I'd love a night out with him, he seems like a right laugh."

LUPE FIASCO is one of the more "socially conscious" mainstream rappers, and this week, he used his pedestal to say that he thinks PRESIDENT OBAMA is a "terrorist," and that he doesn't vote because it's "meaningless."

Now, Lupe backed up what he said with an explanation...and while his thoughts aren't exactly patriotic, you may be able to see where he's coming from.

Here's what Lupe said: "To me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America. For me, I'm trying to fight the terrorism that's actually causing the other forms of terrorism.

"The root cause of terrorism is the stuff that the U.S. government allows to happen, the foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists. And it's easy for us...

"Because it’s really just some oil that we can really get on our own."

TRANSLATION: Lupe feels that the terrorism that is targeted at the U.S. is brought upon by what we do and how we conduct ourselves overseas...not necessarily by who we are independent of those actions. Our "freedom", say.

He also suggests that oil is the sole reason that we're meddling in those areas, and questions our need to be involved in that particular oil trade.

And here's how he explained not voting: "I don't vote. I don't get involved in politics. Because it's meaningless, to be honest. First of all, I'm a real big believer if I'm going to vouch for someone, I'm going to stand behind everything they do.

"If I'm going to say I stand behind this person and write on a piece of paper that says I stand for this person, then I have to take responsibility for everything that he does.

"Because that’s just how I am as a human being. Politicians aren't going to do that, because I don't want you to bomb some village in the middle of nowhere."

But voting IS important.
Obviously, you're not going to find a candidate that shares your views on EVERYTHING. You're voting for someone to represent the entire country, and are supposed to choose the person you believe would best fill that position.

Even if it's for an independent, third-party It's our freedom and our right.

On Sunday, 78-year-old Salomon Gasca and his wife, 73-year-old Lorenza Gasca, were at brunch with their family in Houston, Texas. Then they got in the car to drive to another relative's house about a mile away.

But they never showed up.

Finally, after several hours, their family members called the police and reported them missing.

After THREE DAYS of being missing, police finally got a hit on their license plate...524 miles east, in Pensacola, Florida.

Apparently, Salomon and Lorenza made one wrong turn during their one-mile drive to their relative's house and just kept driving. And driving. And driving.

The police in Pensacola checked them into a motel. Both are on blood pressure medication but seemed to be alright. Their daughter got in her car and drove to Florida to get them. (Hopefully she doesn't end up in Arizona.)

What would you pick if you had to rate the top five experiences of your life?

A new survey asked men and women to rank the top five moments of their lives. Here's how it broke down.

For men, the top moments went: Getting married...having a child...moving out of their parents' home...getting their first job...and then buying a home.

So, I guess in theory, I still have 3 cool things to look forward to!

For women, the top moments went: Having a child...getting married...moving out of their parents' home...buying a home...and then getting their first job.

The first kiss ranked sixth on both lists.

The survey also found the average ages of different milestones.

People get their first pet at 11...have their first kiss at 14...get their first job at 17...fall in love at 18...not coincidentally lose their virginity at 18...experience heartbreak at 20...leave home at 20...

Establish a career at 23...get married at a home at 27...have a child at 27...divorce at 34 (is it kind of sad that this is even on the list?)...have a midlife crisis at 41...have their first grandchild at 54...and retire at 59.

CHARACTERISTICS OF A CHEATER... is that horrible (horribly wonderful? kidding) website designed for people who want to discreetly have affairs. Meaning pro-athletes and congressmen clearly aren't on it, because apparently none of them care about discretion.

Anyway, they ran a study of 300,000 of their members in Australia...yeah, 300,000 people want to figure out the most common characteristics of a cheater.

Here's what they found...
They're more likely to be Christian than any other religion.
They're more likely to be politically liberal.
They've probably had more than one affair. And about one out of 10 people have had at least six affairs.
There's a four out of five chance they use a PC and not a Mac.
About 84% choose Coke over Pepsi.
Less than 5% are vegetarians.
And Gender doesn't and women are about equally likely to cheat.

According to, "wedding season" is June through October. So here's a list from for single men who want to take full advantage of it.

These are four tips for hooking up with a bridesmaid...or basically ANY single woman at a wedding.

#1.) Bring a Nice Digital Camera. Borrow one from a friend if you need to. The more expensive it looks, the better. Just don't go overboard and bring a camera with a gigundous zoom lens. You'll look like an idiot.

Women spend a lot of time getting ready for weddings, so they love having their photo taken. And if some guy with a good camera is taking pictures, they'll eventually want to be in one.

Then just tell her how good she looks in it, and take it from there.

#2.) Attend the Actual Ceremony. Single guys don't have girlfriends dragging them along. So sometimes they just skip the ceremony, and show up at the reception. Do not do this.

Going to the ceremony is important because it gives you a head start on finding a girl you're interested in. Plus, if the girl you end up talking to eventually finds out that you didn't go to the wedding, she'll think you're a scumbag.

#3.) Dance With an Older Woman. Owen Wilson dances with one of the little flower girls in "Wedding Crashers"...this is the same idea. And you should do it for two reasons.

One, it makes you look sweet. And two, it also lets every woman in the room know that you're probably available...because otherwise you'd be dancing with your date.

#4.) Know When She's About to Head to the Bar. When you hear the DJ say something like, "This one's for all the couples," or "We're gonna slow things down for a minute," that's your cue.

That's when every single girl on the dance floor will either head for the bar or the bathroom. Since you can't talk to them in the bathroom, the bar is a slightly better choice.

COSMO THINKS... need help with your sex life. Thanks, Cosmo, for this little piece.

Everyone needs a little variety in their sex life. So to help you out, the people at "Cosmo" compiled a list of six types of sex all couples should be having. If you've been a little bored in the bedroom lately, you should call me...I mean, listen up...

#1.) Take-Your-Sweet-Time Sex. Because when you slow things down, you'll be more focused on enjoying each other. After all, sex is about the journey, not sprinting to the finish line . . . Right?

#2.) Quickie Sex. Quickies are great because they give you the most bang for your buck.

#3.) Take-Charge Sex. This is where one of you backs off and lets the other person run the show.

#4.) Show-off Sex. This just means having your way with yourself in FRONT of your partner. Not only is it insanely intimate, it gives you both a chance to see how you handle yourselves when the other person's not around. You might learn something.

#5.) Animalistic Sex. This is the raw, primal, grunting kind of relations that wakes neighbors, scares pets, and breaks furniture. We'll let you guess which position works best for this. (--Hint: Woof.)

#6.) Comfort Sex. Sure, hot and wild sex is great, but every once in a while you just want the tried-and-true moves you KNOW will work. It may not be as exciting, but it makes you feel good, and that's usually the point.

According to a new survey, 13% of people admit that at some point, their cooking has given someone FOOD POISONING.

And this might be why: The survey also found that 15% of people have served food that fell on the floor, and 10% cooked and served something that had some ingredients that were past their sell-by date.

5% of people say that they've defrosted food using an "alternative" heating device, like an iron, hairdryer, or tanning bed.

On That 70's Show, Fez is the guy who's ALWAYS the single one...still the virgin...
You may not have known this, because it was very much under-the-radar, but DEMI LOVATO had been dating Fez, aka WILMER VALDERRAMA. He was with her before and during her recent treatment for "emotional and physical issues."

But he's not with her anymore. They broke up recently. A source says, "The age difference meant they were in completely different places in their lives."

That's not surprising. He's 31...she's 18.

Just in time for Father's Day, the people at Harris Interactive surveyed more than 2,000 American adults and asked them which TV dads they would have wanted as THEIR dad growing up.

And the winner in a landslide was...BILL COSBY as Cliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show". It's gotta be the sweaters. He was number one for both men and women, and across all age groups, all races, and all political affiliations.

This is the second time that Harris has run this survey. The first time was in 2009 and the result was the exact same: Two years ago we still envied Theo and Rudy.

Here's the full top 15:

#1.) Cliff Huxtable, "The Cosby Show"
#2.) Ward Cleaver from "Leave it to Beaver"
#3.) Jim Anderson from "Father Knows Best"
#4.) Howard Cunningham from "Happy Days"
#5.) Andy Taylor from "The Andy Griffith Show"
#6.) Mike Brady from "The Brady Bunch"
#7.) Ozzie Nelson from "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet"
#8.) Charles Ingalls from "Little House on the Prairie"
#9.) Tim Taylor from "Home Improvement"
#10.) Ben Cartwright from "Bonanza"
#11.) Danny Tanner from "Full House"
#12.) Peter Griffin from "Family Guy"
#13.) Steve Douglas from "My Three Sons"
#14.) Dan Conner from "Roseanne"
#15.) Archie Bunker from "All in the Family"

Peter Griffin and Dan Conner are new additions this year.

They bumped out Homer Simpson from "The Simpsons" and Al Bundy from "Married with Children", who tied for 14th place in 2009.

"Travel + Leisure" magazine just put out a list of the top 20 dirtiest cities in America. And by "dirty," they mean actual dirt, air pollution, and litter...not "dirty" like skanky and morally questionable. (Although, where is THAT list? Anyway...)

Although either way, the number one city was obviously going to be New Orleans.

And in fact, New Orleans IS number one on this list because of the sheer volume of litter on the street...some of which is people's fault, some of which was caused by Katrina.

The rest of the top 10 is: Philadelphia . . . Los Angeles . . . Memphis . . . New York City . . . Baltimore . . . Las Vegas . . . Miami . . . Atlanta . . . and Houston.

Numbers 11 through 20 are: San Juan, Puerto Rico . . . San Francisco . . . Dallas/Fort Worth . . . Boston . . . Washington, D.C. . . . San Antonio . . . Orlando . . . Chicago . . . Kansas City, Missouri . . . and Anchorage, Alaska.

STEVEN TYLER and RANDY JACKSON have deals in place to return to "American Idol" next season...but JENNIFER LOPEZ doesn't. Last fall, she signed a one-year contract...reportedly worth $12 million.

The show wants her back, so the ball is in J-Lo's court...but she hasn't made up her mind yet.

J-Lo told the BBC, "I don't know. I haven't been forced to make a decision and I'm glad about that because honestly I'm very on the fence about it.

"I had an amazing time doing it and I loved it...but I have a lot of other things happening, and it's going to come down to me making a choice of what I want to do for the next year...I'm just really enjoying the time of just waiting and seeing."

A blogger put together this list about men cheating on their wives and ranked them in order from least to most EVIL. Check 'em out, and see if you agree.

#1.) He leaves you for a man. It's the least evil because he finally admits he's gay, so your marriage was a sham anyway.

#2.) He leaves you for another woman because he says he doesn't love you anymore. If he's being honest, this will still hurt, but you'll recover and move on.

#3.) He cheats with a woman you've never met. In this case, he doesn't have an excuse like he's gay or doesn't love you...he just kinda cheats without any deeper reason.

#4.) He cheats on you with a prostitute. Even though there's no emotional element, he does open you up to the risk of an STD.

#5.) He cheats on you with an employee. Like, say, an intern.

#6.) He cheats on you with an employee who's a member of the household. Like, say, your kids' nanny.

#7.) He cheats on you with your best friend. This sucks because you lose your husband AND your best friend.

#8.) He cheats on you with your best friend who's married to his best friend. That ruins TWO marriages and several friendships in one move.

#9.) He cheats on you with your sister. Now that's screwing with your marriage AND your family.

#10.) He cheats on you with your daughter (who is not his daughter). That's this list, WOODY ALLEN is a bigger villain than Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and everyone else.

Apparently, there are some AMISH people out there who love to get DRUNK...even if they have to stomp their own grapes for the wine and drink it by candlelight.

Go with me now to the town of Volant, PA. It's just over the border in Lawrence County...very near the Grove City Outlets, if you've ever hit those.

21-year-old Andy Byler is an Amish guy from Volant. On Sunday night, he and a 17-year-old Amish female, whose name wasn't released, were driving a HORSE-AND-BUGGY...and they were drunk.

At one point, they SWERVED in front of an actual car...and that car hit their HORSE.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. The horse was injured but is going to survive.

When the police got there, they detected alcohol on the breath of both Andy and the female.

Since both of them hold the reins when they drive the buggy, both were arrested for DUI.

A couple of BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY fans claim BIZZY BONE assaulted them...for NO REASON. Here's their story: The two male fans each paid $80 for a meet-and-greet on Bizzy's tour bus in Chicago last Thursday night.

But they say when they got on the bus, Bizzy flipped out, screamed at them, and began throwing punches at both guys. Apparently, this came totally out of the blue.

Someone eventually got between them...but not before both fans got bruised-up. One of the guys claims Bizzy broke his nose. A police report was filed...and an investigation is underway. Bizzy has not commented.

Because we couldn't get our FRIDAY fix yesterday!

Thursday, REBECCA BLACK yanked her tragically brilliant "Friday" video from YouTube. Apparently, there's some bad blood between Rebecca's people and Ark Music Factory, the company that created the video and wrote the song.

Yes, Rebecca has "people"...and one of them told TMZ, "We can confirm that we submitted a 'Take Down Notice' to YouTube as a result of the dispute we have with Ark Music regarding the 'Friday' video."

There aren't any other details, but it sounds like they're battling over who has the rights to control and make money off of "Friday". Although from what we've heard, the rights are Rebecca's.

Btw, there were signs of trouble last weekend, when the official "Friday" video disappeared from YouTube, then came back as a $2.99 rental...(?!?)...and then went back to being free, but with an ad airing before it.

Ark Music Factory's YouTube account was hosting the video...and before it was taken down, 167,370,534 watched that official version of it. Fun, fun, fun fun!

There's a new study out that's officially about the rising cost of food worldwide, and how it's changing what people eat. Which is moderately interesting...

But what I latched onto is how they went country-by-country, and surveyed tens of thousands of people on their favorite foods. So we have the top 15 for the U.S.

Our most popular food? PIZZA. No shocker there. 15.2% of Americans say that pizza is their number one favorite food. umber two is STEAK, third is CHICKEN, fourth is MEXICAN, and fifth is PASTA.


Numbers six through 15 are: Italian . . . seafood . . . burgers . . . ice cream . . . sushi . . . chocolate . . . Chinese . . . tacos . . . salad . . . and finally, spaghetti.

In case you missed it, last Thursday and Friday, Google changed the logo on its homepage to look like a LES PAUL guitar, in honor of Les Paul's birthday. And you could actually use your mouse to strum the guitar and record songs.

Well...people LOVED it. And according to a technology consulting company, it cost the world $268 MILLION in lost productivity.

That's a rough estimate based on Google's finding that the average person spent an extra 26 seconds on their homepage when the guitar was up...and there were 740 million visits to the page over the two days.

Still wanna play? Head here:

According to a new poll, 80% of people agree that Mother's Day gets more attention than Father's Day. But the amount of money people are spending on Dads this year has actually gone up.

Last year the average dad got $94 worth of ties, gadgets, and other stuff he won't use. This year it's expected to be $106. But people spent an average of over $140 dollars on their moms this year. Here are three more interesting facts about Father's Day...

#1.) It Was First Celebrated Over 100 Years Ago. After Mother's Day in 1909, a woman in Spokane, Washington named Sonora Smart-Dodd...who was raised by a single father...decided she wanted to pay tribute to him.

The idea caught on, but it wasn't recognized as an official U.S. holiday until 1972.

#2.) Father's Day Is More Satisfying for Dads Than Mother's Day Is for Moms. That's according to the University of Massachusetts. One reason is that moms expect to be relieved of chores like cooking and cleaning...and that doesn't always happen.

#3.) Father's Day Is the Fourth Largest Greeting Card Holiday in the U.S. According to Hallmark, about 90 million cards are exchanged on Father's day...about $749 million worth.

50% of them are bought by children, 15% percent come from wives, and the other 35% come from stepchildren, grandchildren, parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews.

The only holidays when people buy more cards are Mother's Day, with 141 million...Valentine's Day, with 152 million...and Christmas, which blows the rest of them away with an estimated 1.8 BILLION cards sent each year.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well here it is. The hottest day of the year. So far anyway. While you're cooking, I'll be hanging out in the box...Q92 3-7pm this afternoon, let's do it.

SNOOP DOGG is developing a TV show. And out of ALL the limitless possibilities...including reality shows...he's doing the one thing that we really don't need any more of at this point: A SINGING COMPETITION SHOW.

It's being described as a "hip-hop version of 'American Idol'."

The "New York Post" says Snoop is currently pitching the show to networks, and has received interest from MTV and E!. Supposedly, he's been turned down by NBC, Bravo and the female-oriented Oxygen network.

Snoop plans on being a judge...alongside JAY-Z and, "an old-school legend." (But who's going to be the snarky, tell-it-like-is British judge?)

For the record, Jay-Z's people say he isn't involved. Rapper WIZ KHALIFA is interested though. (Of course he is. At 23, he's still a relative newcomer. The difference between Wiz and Jay-Z is over 50 MILLION in album sales.)

That's comparable to wanting MADONNA, but getting interest from KESHA.

I realize the rap competition angle hasn't really been done on its least not as a large-scale production. And it's a little fresher than just another show with young wannabes murdering MARIAH CAREY songs.

But at some point, these talent competitions need to be consolidated...or America's tolerance for these shows is going to reach a level somewhere in the neighborhood of car alarms and nails on a chalkboard. I'm already there.

Here's a deep question for you: Is it MORE or LESS understandable to be a fan of LADY GAGA if you can't hear her music?

Apparently, Lady Gaga also has a rabid following of deaf "little monsters"...and she's currently learning SIGN LANGUAGE so she can communicate with them.

A "source" tells Britain's "Sun" tabloid, "Lady Gaga has already campaigned for gay rights...and has spoken out about political issues like immigration. Now she wants to make sure her deaf fans feel included too.

"Once she's mastered sign language she'll be able to respond to the videos [from deaf fans] that are online, and include signing in future live tours."

The British press says government officials in Lebanon have banned LADY GAGA'S "Born This Way" album because they feel its religious undertones are in "bad taste."

The country previously blocked her "Judas" single from playing on local radio. Malaysia previously banned the single "Born This Way" from radio. Reasons why AMERICA is better. #1...

Still, rebellious "little monsters" in Lebanon are able to download "Born This Way" digitally on, through its new "cloud" service.

I can see people occasionally losing sleep over their financial situation. That's always going to happen. But when people start losing their desire to GET-IT-ON because they're so worried about money, then things have gone too far.

According to a new poll by "Newsweek", Americans are angry about EVERYTHING. Especially money. And we're losing sleep AND our sex drives over it.

56% of Americans say they've lost sleep over their personal finance situation.

13% say that their finances have affected their sex lives. About two-thirds of those say they're having a LOWER SEX DRIVE at least some of the time.

Overall, 52% are nervous about their personal finances...48% are anxious...44% are upset...and 30% are legitimately ANGRY.

70% of Americans think the government is not solving our economic problems, versus 18% who think they are.

81% think the economy is not delivering the jobs we need.

65% are angry at large corporations that are posting record profits right now. (*COUGH* BIG OIL *COUGH*)

89% are upset about gas prices.

No one has faith in PRESIDENT OBAMA and the Democrats, OR in the Republicans. The majority say Obama has no plan to balance the budget and the Republicans are just putting blame on him rather than creating their own proposals.

This seems REALLY high but...I won't argue with it!

According to a new British survey...but one we hope applies over here too...about 20% of women, or one in five, will lay out in the sun TOPLESS this summer in an effort to get rid of tan lines.

The age group most likely to do it? Women 35 to 44 years old.

Here's another reason sitting in traffic sucks: According to a new study in Sweden, if your commute takes longer than 45 minutes, you're 40% more likely to get divorced.

Researchers looked at data from over 2 million people between 1995 and 2005. And during that time, the average trip to the office increased 17% from 23 minutes to 27 minutes.

According to the newest U.S. census, the average commute HERE is about the same: 25 minutes. Here are three more job-related factors that predict how likely you are to get divorced:

#1.) The Guy Makes Less Money Than His Wife. According to a study at Western Washington University, couples are 38% more likely to get divorced if the wife makes more than 60% of the total income.

#2.) The Woman Doesn't Work at All. Couples stay together longer if both people work, and it's because of two main reasons:

First, they have more money, which makes paying the bills less stressful. But they also tend to feel more fulfilled because they both have careers instead of just their personal lives.

#3.) You're a Bartender, a Massage Therapist, or a Choreographer. According to a study at Radford University in Virginia, those three jobs have the highest divorce rates due to long hours and erratic schedules.

Careers with the LOWEST divorce rates include optometrists, nuclear engineers, and financial planners.

KATY PERRY has created a geeky teen alter ego named Kathy Beth Terry to promote the video for her song "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)".

She already has her own Facebook and Twitter accounts. (

According to her profile, Kathy says she's, quote, "13 and in the 8th grade. I like Sudoku puzzles, the solar system, high-school science fairs, Skip-It, Weenie Babies and LOVE JTT!"

That would be of course Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He's 29 now but he used to be quite the teen heart throb with the girls when I was a kid and when he was on "Home Improvement".

The video drops Tuesday.

VH1's "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" has always put more of an emphasis on "celebrity" than "rehab"...and that ratio should reach a new level on the fifth season, which starts June 26th.

That's because the cast was announced yesterday...and it's arguably the most famous group overall that's ever been featured on the show. The list:

Lindsay Lohan's fame-whore dad Michael Lohan.

'80s actress Sean Young...who starred in "Blade Runner" and "No Way Out".

Actress Bai Ling...who starred in "The Crow" and "Anna and the King".

Amy Fisher...the "Long Island Lolita" who shot her lover Joey Buttafuoco's wife.

Former "Baywatch" star Jeremy Jackson...he played Hobie, the son of David Hasselhoff's character.

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Dwight Gooden...he spent most of his career with the New York Mets, but was in Cleveland for a minute.

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper...she came in third place on "Survivor: Gabon", which aired three years ago. She returned for the "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains" season, but was the first to be eliminated.

Original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler. He's a returning star. Steven was on the second season of "Celebrity Rehab", and the first season of its spin-off, "Sober House".

The second season of "Celebrity Rehab" also featured the late JEFF CONAWAY, who died last month after allegedly overdosing on pain pills.

There's no word yet on what specific addictions they're struggling with...including Michael Lohan, who recently said he plans on opening his own "faith-based" rehab clinic in L.A.

He said, "After seeing what my daughter, myself and [others] have been through, it has led me to realize this is my calling and purpose in life. The basis of the rehab will be that there is a God...that good conquers evil."

It must take a LOT of patience to work for AAA. Because I bet the team there gets calls for STUPID stuff like this WAY more than we realize.

According to a new survey, 56% of people say that, at some point, they've completely forgotten where they parked their car. And 3% actually called roadside assistance to come and help them search.

25% of people have locked their keys in the car, and 10% have called roadside assistance for help with that.

10% have filled their car with the wrong kind of gas, usually diesel...and 5% have called for help. (Isn't that why the nozzles are different sizes?)

3.5% have called when they got lost.

2% have called when their GPS stopped working.

9% of men and 5% of women have called when they ran out of gas.

And finally...21% of people have called roadside assistance to get help changing a tire.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Hang out on the FB, hit the like button. Give me the thumb.

Even though JT and Mila Kunis are fondeling privates on-stage at MTV, and they're no longer together, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE still has mad love for JESSICA BIEL.

In the new issue of "Vanity Fair", he says, "She is the single-handedly most significant person in my life.

"In my 30 years, she is the most special person, okay?...I don't want to say much more, because I have to protect things that are dear to me...for instance, her."

Justin doesn't say why he and Jessica broke up, but maybe this is a hint... "I think the mistake is that people commit to who that person is right then and not the person they are going to become.

"That's the art of staying together, is changing together. When you say it like that, it seems damn near impossible, right?"

Justin also talks about BRITNEY SPEARS... "I wish her the best...that goes without saying. We haven't spoken in 9 or 10 years.

"We were two birds of the same feather, small-town kids, doing the same thing. But then you become adults, and the way you were as kids doesn't make any sense...We spent way too much time being the biggest thing for teenyboppers."

It sounds like those were pretty AWESOME years, though. Justin says, "It was exciting that we were having so much success and we could do whatever we wanted.

"And I mean that about everybody: Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, Britney, Christina.

"At that time, we could literally go, 'Oh, man, let's go to Bali,' and we'd be on a plane to Bali. We were little kids with big toys. You do the math...that's not going to last."

Justin also discussed getting NAKED with MILA KUNIS for their upcoming movie, "Friends with Benefits". He said, "It was fun, but I can't say I'm going to be butt-naked in a movie again.

"I only did it because I'm young now, and everything's where it's supposed to be. I figured this is the time, before gravity gets the best of me."

When it comes to the ladies, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has perhaps a bit wider selection than the rest of us. Which is why it's kind of surprising that he might be fornicating (I love that word) with ASHLEY OLSEN.

A so-called "source" tells "Us Weekly", "They are hooking up. They're really trying to keep it on the down-low."

Of course Justin's rep is denying it..."They are friends. They are not romantically involved."

In honor of their 30th anniversary, the British music magazine "Kerrang!" has conducted a poll to find The Most Influential Rock Bands of the Last 30 that's dating back to 1981. Here's the Top 10, as voted by "Kerrang's" readers.

1.) Metallica
2.) Green Day
3.) Iron Maiden
4.) Slipknot
5.) My Chemical Romance
6.) Linkin Park
7.) Bullet for My Valentine
8.) Blink-182
9.) Ozzy Osbourne
10.) Foo Fighters

Uh...where is NIRVANA? Or PEARL JAM? Or think about all the 80's rock bands not on this list...

If you bought LADY GAGA'S new album, here's her quality control guarantee:

Gaga personally handcrafted...and MOLESTED...every detail of "Born This Way". She says that she, "licked and touched and kissed and made love to every single note and melody and lyric on that album."

OK then.

A friend of mine is a server at a restaurant. She and I were out over the weekend, and when she ordered her drink, the girl who took the order (just for a drink at a bar, not for food) pulled out a pen and jotted it down. My friend was kind of making fun of that after the girl walked away. I didn't really understand, wouldn't you rather have your order RIGHT then have her forget and it be screwed up?

Anyway, we all may have to get used to this. Apparently, more and more restaurants are encouraging their servers to get rid of the pen and paper and take orders by memory. Why?

#1.) It helps the server keep eye contact, which creates a better bond and leads to a better tip.

#2.) It makes the servers concentrate harder, which leads to better service.

#3.) And, most important to the restaurant, it makes the server look like more of a pro...which makes people more receptive to 'upselling.' You know...when the waiter suggests appetizers, drinks, or desserts that you and your chubbiness probably don't really need or want.

All that being said...people really don't like it. The "New York Post" mentioned the trend, with a poll asking people if they trust servers who don't write down their orders. 81% say no.

The unofficial start of summer was last week. And summer OFFICIALLY starts June 21st. So here's some advice on how to slim down while you enjoy the warmer weather. posted a list of popular summer activities, and how many calories they burn. Here are the top four.

#1.) Water Skiing. In 30 minutes, a 150-pound person burns around 200 calories. And it works your upper and lower body.

#2.) Swimming. Depending on your body weight, just swimming around casually burns between 250 and 400 calories an hour. And if you swim laps, you can burn a lot more.

#3.) Hiking. If you're 150 pounds, you'll burn about 400 calories on a one-hour hike, depending on how steep it is. If you weigh MORE than that, obviously you'll burn more calories, because each step requires more energy.

#4.) Playing Nine Holes of Golf. If you walk AND carry your clubs, you'll burn around 700 calories, or 1,400 if you do 18 holes. Just be careful about how many calories you CONSUME on the golf course.

If you golf 18 holes, but have four or five beers on the course and a cheeseburger for lunch, they cancel each other out.

There's a nurse named Bronnie Ware who worked for years with people who'd left the hospital and gone home to die. And in those last few weeks of their life, she found people drop all the pretense and start being totally honest.

She's heard tons of people on their deathbeds share their biggest regrets. Here are the five she heard most often. It's a really interesting list...and a lot to think about for those of us NOT on our deathbeds.

#1.) I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life that others expected of me. This is the most common regret, and generally comes from people whose dreams went unfulfilled.

#2.) I wish I didn't work so hard. This was the most common regret from male patients.

#3.) I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings. Bronnie found people would suppress their feelings to try to keep peace...but ultimately, it would make them miserable.

#4.) I wish I'd stayed in touch with my friends. As people got older, they let more and more friendships slip away. In their last few weeks, many people would try frantically to track down their long lost friends.

#5.) I wish I'd let myself be happier. It takes a lot of people almost their whole lives to realize that they can break their old patterns and habits and CHOOSE to be happy.

This comes from

#1.) Trying To "Fix" Things Instead of Listening. It's one of the classic gender differences...women want to vent, men want to fix. But when you don't let a woman vent and you go right into "fixing" mode, she's going to think you don't care.

(I almost wanna yell WHAT? That doesn't make any SENSE that she would think we don't care! But...I'm a guy...)

So, there's no easy way around this one. You're just going to have to suck it up and LISTEN to her when she needs to vent about her horrific day at work, or how she's jealous her friend bought the same shoes SHE wanted first.

#2.) Being Lazy or Forgetful. Women HATE it when men are lazy, don't maintain their appearance, or are forgetful about plans. If you can't handle this basic stuff, you probably can't handle having a girlfriend anyway.

#3.) Paying Too Much Attention to Gadgets. I love your iPad, your Xbox, and your smartphone. But if you're spending more time looking at a screen than the person you're with...that's a problem.

#4.) Taking Her For Granted. Everyone needs time to socialize outside their relationship. But if you spend most of your free time with your buddies at the bar, playing video games, or watching sports, your girl is going to feel neglected. Besides, if that's how you want to spend all your time, why even bother having a girlfriend?

Remember a decade ago when every single person in the country ate cereal for breakfast? Or dinner. Yeah, that's a distant memory now.

Americans just aren't that into cereal anymore. And it's not a low-carb thing...come on. We love carbs more than ever. It's just that for breakfast, we now prefer things like bagels, Egg McMuffins, pastries...stuff we can grab and eat on the run.

Cereal sales keep dropping like crazy...even in just the past 12 months cereal sales are down 2.55%. Here are the six brands that have taken it the hardest.

#6.) Corn Flakes. Sales are down 3.8% since 2007.
#5.) Cheerios. Sales are down 6.9% since 2007.
#4.) Raisin Bran. Sales are down 7.9% since 2007.
#3.) Rice Krispies. Sales are down 10.3% since 2007.
#2.) Corn Pops. Sales are down 12.8% since 2007.
#1.) Special K. Sales are down 15.9% since 2007.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Ever sit at a red light and watch the couple in the car in front of you bicker? Then not a surprise.

According to a new survey, women are more than TWICE as likely to argue with a man in a car than have relations with him in that car.

The survey found that 30% of women say they've had sex with their current boyfriend or husband in the car...versus 63% who have argued and fought with him in the car.

The numbers for men are much closer. 47.5% of men surveyed say they've had sex in the car, and 60% have argued in the car.

The survey also found that...
10% of men and 8% of women have DUMPED someone in a car.m (Guilty)
24% of men and 18% of women have FLIRTED with another driver while in the car. (Probably guilty)
73% of men and 76% of women regularly EAT in their cars. (guilty)
And 42% of men and 29% of women have napped in their cars. (guilty again)

Here's an argument for jumping RIGHT into marriage. It could save you a FORTUNE. According to a new study out of England, a man spends an average of over $40,000 on a woman from the time he meets her until they get married.

The study found that it takes about three years and 10 months from a first meeting until a wedding. And during that time, the guy is just spending and spending and spending.

Every month, the average man in a relationship spends $338 on dinners and nights out, and $155 on other meals. Every year, he also spends $861 on flowers, chocolates, and other gifts, and $1,250 on vacations.

The study also found that more than 50% of married men say they spend less on their women now that they're married. And 18% wish they'd proposed earlier to start saving money.

It's not exactly groundbreaking to say that women over-pack for vacations and men under-pack. But at least there are a few statistics to back it up.

According to a new survey by the British travel agency Sunshine, the average man packs three pairs of underwear for a seven-day trip. The average woman packs TEN pairs.

The survey also found that the average man says he wears 98% of the stuff he packs...and based on some simple math with his underwear supply, he must re-wear a few things too. The average woman wears 61% of what she packs.

And 7% of men say they usually buy clothes on vacation, versus 47% of women.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE recently broke up with her boxer-boyfriend WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO...but there might be a new athlete giving her the business.

Hayden was seen getting flirty with New York Jets quarterback MARK SANCHEZ at In-N-Out Burger in Laguna Hills, California on Monday. Although a source says they're, quote, "just friends."

Does LADY GAGA survive on a diet of BABY FOOD?

A so-called "source" tells "Heat" magazine, "She's not eating healthily at all. She's substituting meals for jars of baby food."

Apparently, this is called the, "goo diet."

PBS will no longer be free of commercial breaks. Yesterday, network executives announced that they're going to start running ads during at least some of their shows beginning this fall.

The ads will be the usual corporate and foundation sponsor ads that currently air in between shows. Except now, they'll air every 15 they'll actually interrupt the shows, just like on regular TV.

They're doing it because, A.) Everybody needs money these days...and, B.) There's a HUGE viewer drop-off when the promotional spots come on after shows.

The stereotypes say we're lazy, but Americans are NOT good at taking vacation days. But according to a new study, even if you don't take a lot of actual really do need to take a day off every few months.

The study found that it's actually bad to go more than 62 days without a vacation day. That's the average tipping point when people go from being, "fresh and focused [to] anxious, aggressive, and ill."

There was absolutely no reason for 27-year-old Jesse Allen Hottinger of Akron to be forever branded as a stupid criminal. He just made one completely ILLOGICAL, unnecessary decision.

Over the weekend, Jesse locked himself out of his apartment and decided to break in. It happens, right? You accidentally lock your keys inside. I can remember an instance when I was a kid of crawling in the bathroom window!

But for some reason, he was afraid of being caught on the building security camera breaking into his own apartment. Even though, ya know, that's legal.

So Jesse did the most-rational thing he could have done. He DESTROYED the camera before he broke in. Unfortunately for him, the camera DID catch footage of him destroying he's been charged with vandalism.