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Now, some shtuff...

This past weekend was Comic-Con. That's that convention where more than 100,000 proud, costumed nerds . . . and people who sell and market things to proud, costumed nerds . . . descend upon San Diego.

And even though everyone at the convention seems to be armed . . . with a light saber, a hammer of Thor, or Wolverine hand claws . . . there's never really any ACTUAL violence. UNTIL NOW.

Last Saturday, Comic-Con had a STABBING. But not with any of those science fiction fantasy weapons . . . with something WAY down the weapon food chain.

It happened in the main hall, where tons of people were waiting to get sneak previews of the movies "Paul" and "Cowboys Vs. Aliens". Two guys, whose names weren't released, got into an argument about sitting too close to each other.

Things escalated, and one guy STABBED the other guy IN THE EYE . . . with a BALLPOINT PEN. Fortunately, the pen missed the guy's eyeball and just ended up causing a fairly minor gash right next to his eye.

The stabbing victim was taken to the hospital as a precaution, and the stabber was escorted out of the convention by the police. He's been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Officer David Stafford of the San Diego police told reporters that Comic-Con fights are rare because, "They don't drink."

GLOBAL WARMING IS SHRINKING OUR FRENCH FRIES. This is already happening in Germany because of a heat wave, and it COULD happen to us: Hot temperatures may mean SMALLER FRENCH FRIES.

Not as many extra large potatoes can grow in really hot weather . . . and that means shorter fries. In Germany, they're telling people to expect fries that are only 1.8-inches long, instead of the usual 2.2-inches that they're used to.

WAL-MART IS SPYING ON YOU THROUGH YOUR PANTS. Wal-Mart is about to start using special Radio Frequency Identification chips on their pants and underwear . . . which will make it MUCH easier to track inventory and shortages.

But there are privacy concerns. In theory, Wal-Mart could track you down, or marketers could scan you to figure out whether you bought your pants at Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart CLAIMS that's not going to happen . . . the chips are just on the tags, not embedded in the clothes themselves, so once they're removed, your pants are untraceable.

That's the way it's looking, and Ellen and Kara are OUT!
It's also a Back In The Day weekend, which probably means some Jennifer Lopez will get played. A little (big?) J.Lo butt in celebration? Yes!


SELENA GOMEZ is working on her second album . . . tentatively titled "A Year Without Rain"'ll feature her new single "Round & Round" and a contribution from KATY PERRY.

She says, "Katy Perry gave me a song, and she did background vocals on it. The whole experience was really fun."

There's no release date yet, but it's expected to be out in September.

Selena's also been forced to cancel performances at state fairs in Delaware and here in Ohio . . . because she's suffering from strained vocal chords.

CHOW DOWN ON THAT HOT DOG... just released a list of health inspection reports and health code violations from food vendors at sports stadiums around the country. There are violations at almost every stadium, and here are some of the FILTHY highlights . . .

Coors Field (Colorado Rockies): Employees were storing cheese and sour cream at 52 degrees . . . which is WAY too warm to be safe.

Sun Life Stadium (Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins): Frozen alcoholic drinks were blended without cleaning insects and dirt out of the blender first.

Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis Colts): Mouse droppings, live mice, and dead mice were found all over different parts of the stadium.

TD Garden (Boston Celtics and Bruins): Potentially toxic dishwashing chemicals were stored above an ice machine . . . which is a MAJOR violation when you think about it.

Madison Square Garden (New York Knicks and Rangers): One food stand had 53 mouse droppings, including 15 on top of the pop machine.

Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati Reds): An inspector watched an employee scrape food off of a spatula using the edge of a garbage can . . . then continue using the spatula without cleaning it.

Cowboys Stadium (Dallas Cowboys): During its first year, three out of four food stands had at least one critical health violation.

Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers): Inspectors saw an employee who blew his nose, then ate some food . . . and didn't wash his hands before he started touching customers' food and ice.

LINKIN PARK will debut a new song, called "The Catalyst", in the trailer for the upcoming video game, "Medal of Honor". It isn't out yet, but there is a TEASER out, which will give you a feel for both the new track and the game. Here it is . . .

The full trailer will hit the Internet this Sunday . . . Linkin Park's new album, "A Thousand Suns" will be out September 14th . . . and the game will be out October 12th.

It's QUITE an accomplishment to be named America's Laziest State, because that is some TOUGH competition. Seriously. It's like trying to win the award for greasiest food at the Texas State Fair...or trashiest reality show. So congratulations, won a hell of a battle.

According to new rankings by, Louisiana is the laziest state in the country. The rankings are based on stats measuring how people spend their leisure time, how much time people sleep, how much TV people watch, and more.

In Louisiana, people sleep an average of eight hours and 44 minutes per day, watch three hours and five minutes of TV, socialize for 54 minutes, and relax for 29.

When you take out eight hours for work, that only leaves two hours and 41 minutes when people might be active or personally productive. In North Dakota, which is the least lazy state, people are active or productive five hours every day.

BusinessWeek didn't release the rankings for all 50 states, just the 20 laziest and the two that are LEAST lazy: North Dakota and Hawaii (ya know, where there are NO PEOPLE!!!!!!!)

After Louisiana, the rest of the top 10 laziest states are: Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama and Delaware. How bout that, ALL in the south!

And rounding out the top 20 laziest states: New York, Missouri, Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, Maine, Florida, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, New Hampshire.

CONGRATS, OHIO! We are NOT lazy!

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has signed on to star with AMANDA SEYFRIED in a movie called "I'm.mortal". It's a science fiction flick that takes place in a future where people can live as long as they want . . . if they can pay for the extra time. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, Justin directed a commercial for his new brand of tequila. Check that out here...

When Diddy thinks of Diddy . . . Money, Power, and Respect are what comes to mind. And now, in an interview with "Vibe" magazine, Diddy is providing us normal people with a list of his Top 10 Ways to Attain Money, Power and Respect. Here they are:

#1.) Work hard. Then work harder. (Bonus: That counts as one thing, not two!)
#2.) Believe. Never lose your faith!!!
#3.) Count your pennies.
#4.) Be humble.
#5.) Listen.
#6.) Love.
#7.) Don't make the same mistake twice.
#8.) Never settle.
#9.) Be confident.
#10.) Don't get comfortable.

And with that, we wrap it up.
BUT, lets hang every day this week? 3-7pm I'll be here, fresh blogs daily, let's do it...

Saturday, July 24, 2010


It's DISGUSTINGLY hot out! Here's some cool stories for ya...

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS promised to water ski NAKED off the Miami coast if his Spanish amigos won the World Cup. Well, they did...and now, police in Miami are on the lookout for a naked Enrique.

A spokesman for the local PD says, "We enforce all laws here, regardless of what your status is in the Miami community."
For the record, Enrique says he's gonna do it, "late at night."

Underneath all of EMINEM'S anger and aggressiveness, there might just be a scared little boy who's embarrassed at the SMELLS his body can produce.

According to a source who worked at Scotland's "T in the Park" festival last weekend, before Eminem performed, he had his security force clear EVERYONE out of the backstage area while Em performed his dirty business in the bathroom.
And, the source says, after Em was done, the bathroom was "pretty rank."

Hope you weren't eating lunch when you read that.

That we have EMINEM & JAY-Z TICKETS!!!!!!! H-U-G-E! Sold out concert at Comerica Park in "Tha D", Em's hometown on September 3rd. We have 5 pairs, PLUS hotel rooms for all winners!! Qualifying starts Monday morning!

Introducing America's latest STUPID product! It's called the 'VizKID.' It's a dummy you put in your front passenger seat, to remind you that your KIDS are in the that you don't accidentally leave them alone in a hot car. (!!!)

The VizKID is basically a two-foot-tall plastic cone painted with a blue Hawaiian print. On the top is a yellow plastic head with a happy face on it that sort of looks like a tennis ball.

The whole thing weighs a couple pounds, and when you're driving around with a child in the back, you're supposed to place the VizKID on the seat next to you. That way, when you get out at your destination you won't forget the kids in the scorching hot car.



HOW in the HELL could you possibly forget your own kids in the car?!

Well that's my take anyway. Could NEVER do a low-carb diet!
The bread at some restaurants is so good, it's easy to fill up on it before your meal gets there. are the five chain restaurants with bread that's the most delicious...and the most UNHEALTHY.

#1.) RED LOBSTER. They offer what they call "Cheddar Bay Biscuits." They're made from scratch and they're actually baked fresh every 15 minutes. And you get free refills. But each biscuit is about 150 calories . . . about the same as a can of soda.

#2.) THE OLIVE GARDEN. They have their "signature breadsticks," which are brushed with garlic butter and come with optional sauces. And are DEE-LISH! They're also about 150 calories each.

#3.) OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE. They give you the entire LOAF of bread and make you cut it yourself. And it comes with a side of whipped butter. It depends on how big of a slice you cut, but it's around 200 calories per slice.

#4.) CRACKER BARREL. You get to choose between biscuits and corn muffins, or you can get a mix of both. The only problem is, the biscuits are small and they have 135 calories and 5.5 grams of fat. And the corn muffins have around 270 calories.

#5.) BOB EVANS. They've got dinner rolls, biscuits, AND different types of bread to choose from. The rolls have 200 calories each and the biscuits have 260. GOD I *LOVE* those biscuits!

But the bread has even more: The banana nut bread has 215 calories per slice, the pumpkin has 222, the cherry has 279, and the blueberry has a whopping 315 calories per slice.

So see...MORE BISCUITS please!

DEMI LOVATO is featured prominently on WE THE KINGS' hit "We'll Be A Dream", which you've heard lots on Q92. WELL, it sounds like Demi might be dreaming in WTK lead singer TRAVIS CLARK's arms! Witnesses have spotted them making out recently!

They'll play Blossom Music Center Monday night...only if there are no birds! Check this out, just heard from a buddy of mine out in Illinois:
Dude KOL canceled their show in STL 3 songs in last night because a bird literally pooped in the Bass players mouth! Tour manager called the show due to "Unsanitary Conditions" Classic.
GOOD LORD.... more deets at our Q92 facebook page!

Check out some pics of ROLLING STONE's nude or nearly-nude covers from over the years...

RIHANNA is struggling to sell tickets to her tour this summer, so here's a thought to increase ticket sales: FULL-FRONTAL NUDITY. I'd totally go and the show's not even coming to Ohio! KESHA is Rihanna's opening act for most dates, and she says they spend PLENTY of time naked BACK stage.

"We have slumber parties and pillow fights, and we braid each other's hair a lot. We talk about boys, naked." Yes, I know she was kidding. Probably. But I'm going to pretend she was serious.

TAYLOR SWIFT drops some new music on yo ace, October 25th. Her new disc is called "Speak Now". That is all.

According to a new survey by an online market research company called think that they're better drivers than their wives and girlfriends

Of the 3,000 men surveyed, one in three felt, "frightened" when their wife or girlfriend was driving. OK, I'll be honest, single at the moment, but in past relationships...I can count on 2 hands the times I'd let the girlfriends drive. So I totally fall into this category.

And one in five men said they were NEVER able to relax when their wife or girlfriend was driving. I slept once. Sort of.

And overall, one in ten men said that they had actually been "forced" to grab the steering wheel because their wife or girlfriend had taken her eyes off the road, and was drifting towards the opposite lane.

And the same in ten...have felt it was necessary to ask their wife or girlfriend to pull over, so that they could take over.

A spokesman for said, quote, "[Men] believe they concentrate a lot better, read road situations more quickly and clearly, and have better reactions."

Not surprisingly, the study also found that one in five couples have argued about the other one's driving.

So it's simple: Men are better drivers than women. Right guys? At least, we THINK we are. That's according to the results of a survey by . . . which surveyed 3,000 MEN about the subject.

Here are the Top Ten Complaints Men Have About Women's Driving.

#1.) Lack of concentration. This was the biggest complaint men had: They think that women are distracted too easily by children, scenery, or other drivers.

#2.) Braking too late. Ladies, you know when your guy is worried about this one. It's when he's pushing his foot down into the floormat and pressing against an imaginary brake.

#3.) Tapping the accelerator. In other words, hitting the accelerator inconsistently, which gives the ride a stop-and-start feel.

#4.) Drifting toward the shoulder. Guys don't like it when you let the car drift from side to side in a lane, instead of keeping it in a straight line. Especially if you drift all the way over to the side of the road, and hit those annoying ridges on the shoulder.

#5.) Getting too close to other cars before passing them.

#6.) Braking too hard.

#7.) Fiddling with the stereo.

#8.) Failure to indicate.

#9.) Going too fast.

#10.) Staying in the middle lane / Not trying to pass.

Does CHRISTINA AGUILERA having a child of her own make it harder for her to show some skin? Heck no.

Christina says, "It's like telling a painter, 'don't paint nude women now that you've become a parent.' You still have to express yourself as a human being.

"Especially, I think as a woman, we're so shamed of our sexuality...I have to keep in touch with myself as an artist and be able to express all sides of myself."

She adds, "When you shame a subject like sexuality, that's when you raise the perverts."


...for KATY PERRY'S new hit "Teenage Dream"...and look at the cover art here.


LADIES...TIME TO LEARN ABOUT MEN... does a monster poll of 100,000 men in the U.S., the UK, Canada, and Australia, and they call it 'The Great Male Survey.' Here are some of the new 2010 results when it comes to dating . . .

#1.) 31% of men said the most important trait when it comes to deciding whether a woman is relationship material is . . . a sense of loyalty. 25% said a sense of humor . . . 24% said a sense of caring or nurturing . . . and only 20% said intelligence.

#2.) On whether it was important for a girlfriend to have wife potential, 48% said somewhat, but they wouldn't break up with her if they realized she didn't. 30% said they wouldn't pursue a woman who WASN'T a potential wife. And 22% said not at all.

#3.) 67% of men believe in the institution of marriage, and they're all about it. But 18% said that while they believed in it, it wasn't for them. And 15% said they DIDN'T believe in it.

#4.) When asked how likely they'd be to cheat if there was NO chance of their girl finding out, 38% said "not at all," and that while they might be TEMPTED, it violates their morals. Another 38% said "not very likely," because they respected their partner.

Another 17% said "somewhat likely," but that they'd feel guilty. 5% said "very likely," because, "she can't be hurt if she doesn't know about it." And 2% said they ALREADY cheat on their partner.

#5.) And when asked if they'd dump a girlfriend if she became, quote, "fat" . . . 46% said yes. But 54% said NO. (That's right! Delicious candy-coated chubbies forever!)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose. Here's some shtuff....

America loves its $5 foot-longs from Subway. I know I do! Shoutout to the one I eat at every Saturday and Sunday in Alliance (behind the Wendy's) The problem is, those Subway sandwiches have the potential to be so damn healthy.

Fortunately, the good people at Hardee's (and their California sister-chain Carl's Jr.) have a solution for that.

In selected restaurants nationwide, they've started testing out a FOOT-LONG CHEESEBURGER. And they're selling it for *FOUR* dollars.

It's not QUITE what it sounds like comes on a 12-inch hoagie roll, but instead of having a 12-inch hamburger patty, it's just three four-inch circular patties laid in a row (probably easier to cook).

They haven't released the nutritional info or made any announcement on whether it's going to go nationwide. Check it...


Christina Milian and producer Terius Nash better known as married in September of 2009.

HIS rep claims that he and Christina decided to separate late last year, but continued to ACT like a couple in an effort to, "protect their baby daughter Violet"...who was born just five months ago.

But it would appear that the decision to go public with this split that allegedly happened last year wasn't made until pictures surfaced of The-Dream frolicking in the Caribbean with another woman.


And, just a few weeks ago, on June 29th, Christina was on Twitter asking her followers to buy The-Dream's new album, saying, quote, "Support my boo!"

Meanwhile, Christina had this to say on Twitter earlier this week, "WHATEVER YOU THINK . . . BELIEVE IT."

On Sunday night, SEAN KINGSTON had sex with a fan at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Seattle, Washington. That much we know for sure. Big guys get love too! YEAH! How CONSENSUAL the sex THAT'S up for debate.

According to TMZ, the woman who had sex with Sean is claiming he sexually assaulted her. But...TMZ also says that the police don't think she's CREDIBLE. Here's the description from an anonymous source about what went down...

That night, the woman and her friend showed up for a party in one of Kingston's hotel rooms...they were already drunk and came with vodka and beer in hand.

The woman was apparently, "very aggressive" with Kingston and they left to have sex. After she was done with him, she had sex with TWO OTHER GUYS right there at the party. Her friend also had sex with someone at the party.

The women both went to a hospital afterward where rape tests were conducted and they were tested for roofies. The test results are not in.

The Seattle police have not called Kingston in for an interview because they don't believe the case is credible.

Sean Kingston is in the middle of a summer-long tour of U.S. and Canada with JUSTIN BIEBER.

A few weeks ago, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS made a pledge: If Spain won the World Cup, he would get drunk and go water skiing NAKED in Biscayne Bay in Florida.

Well...Spain actually DID win the damn thing, and now it's time for Enrique to show whether or not he's a man of his word. And...he is! His rep told "Access Hollywood" he's going to ski naked because, "a bet is a bet."

Enrique hasn't said when this is going to go down.

NE-YO is putting the finishing touches on his next album, "Libra Scale" ...and it sounds pretty bizarre.

For starters, it'll be a CONCEPT ALBUM about "evil villainess" named Diamond Eye. The R&B superhero team will also include Ne-Yo's alter ego, The Gentleman.

Ne-Yo explains,"I am a bit of a comic book / Japanimation / sci-fi geek. I've been in love with this stuff for years, since before I was double digits.

"The whole idea to do this came from not doing an album in '09 because I was doing two movies, learning how to write for the screen.

"And then, the inspiration was furthered by Michael Jackson's passing . . . looking at 'Thriller', 'Moonwalker', [and] 'Bad'. Those were more than just videos . . . those were movies."

Ne-Yo initially planned on making a full-on movie to go with the album . . . but has since cooled on the idea. So instead, he'll just do a few elaborate music videos. He's also considering doing a graphic novel to go with it.

There aren't a lot of details on the sound yet, except for the fact that at least one track...called "She Is"...has a COUNTRY MUSIC vibe.

Ne-Yo says, "I listen to country music . . . I like country music. I feel that's one of the last genres of music where storytelling is a staple. 'She Is' definitely lives in that world. Literally, I'm trying to please all of the people all of the time.

"I know people have said it's impossible, but damnit, I feel like I can do it."

Get it, Ne-Yo!

There was a survey in England recently where women rated men's biggest fashion mistakes. And coming in at Number One was...the Hawaiian shirt.

That was followed by high-waisted pants, wearing socks with sandals, wearing white socks with dress shoes, and men who try to dress too young for their age.

But what about here in the States? Well, Yahoo has a site for women called Shine, and they polled 6,000 users to ask that very same question. Here are the Top Ten Fashion Mistakes That Men Make, ranked from worst to least-worst:

#1.) Ed Hardy Shirts: I can't tell you how happy I am to hear this, ladies: 21% of you said that those ubiquitous Ed Hardy shirts are the worst thing that guys wear. And I couldn't agree more. They've become a signature part of the d-bag uniform.

And it's not just because of Jon Gosselin. They're ugly, they're over-priced, and they're EVERYWHERE. They're basically a way for guys who are past-their-best...or who were never cool to begin try and look 'fashionable.'

#2.) Socks With Sandals: Apparently, women on both sides of the ocean think this look sucks: 19% of women think it's the worst fashion mistake guys make.

#3.) Saggy Jeans: Jeans that sag off your butt came in a close third, with 18% of women saying it's the worst fashion mistake guys can make.

#4.) Speedos: Overall, 17% of women hate this one the most. The sad part is, it's not because of the item itself . . . it's that most guys can't pull it off. Women wouldn't MIND if guys rocked the Speedo. But it better come with abs and a package.

Here's the rest of the list, but there aren't any percentages, so let's assume these are basically equal offenders . . .

#5.) Fanny Packs

#6.) Skinny Jeans, or Guys Who Wear Women's Jeans

#7.) Wifebeaters

#8.) Bling

#9.) Baseball Hats (???)

#10.) Clothing That's Too Big, or That Doesn't Fit Properly.

Singer JEWEL got all disguised and went to a kareoke bar with some friends...then got on stage to sing, well...HER songs! Good stuff:

LADY GAGA performed at The Q on Wednesday. She told the crowd that she'd planned on visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame beforehand . . . but she scrapped that plan, because she found herself writing her next, "#1 record."

She also posted a message on Twitter saying, quote, "Emerging from studio coma. Voted no visit to rocknroll hall of fame, rather write a hit that puts me in it." (She did not perform the song during the show.)


There ya go...more stuff below in the Wednesday update...enjoy yer weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Doin' 7-Midnight tonight...Q92 Stripped Down Summer tickets for HOT CHELLE RAE and THE READY SET on July 27! You *did* hear we're also bringing FLO-RIDA to town, right?! More details on that to come soon....

Here's some shtuff...

Socks or no socks?? I'll be honest, I'm totally cool with keeping the socks on...but women have told me that is very strange. Is it?

A new survey by a British website called My Celebrity Fashion finds that 48% of women, or just under half, say they like to wear at least one piece of clothing during relations...whether it's a shirt, a bra, a dress or a negligee.

The main reason is that keeping on an article of clothing improves body confidence.

Only 36% of men like to keep some clothing on during sex.

61% of women also say they prefer to have sex with the LIGHTS OFF, versus 37% of men.

Andy Barr is the marketing director for the website that ran the survey. He says, "This has really unveiled how large a part clothes play when it comes to female body confidence."

"The fact that such a large proportion of women claim to feel sexier with an item kept on suggests that, while body confidence might be low, clothes can really improve a woman's self-image."


We heard that LINDSAY LOHAN was hoping to get $1 million for her first post-prison interview. Well, she might.

The bidding is on among various news organizations, and according to the "New York Post", the offers coming in are now topping $500,000.

I may wanna go to jail...and at least get a few grand for an interview? Think The Rep would pony up that kind of cash? Eh maybe 19 Action News...

After BRET MICHAELS almost died, like, 12 times this year, he talked about FINALLY making an honest woman of Kristi Lynn Gibson, his on-and-off girlfriend of the past 16 years.

Well, a so-called "source" says that Bret popped the question over the 4th of July weekend at his ranch near Scottsdale, Arizona...and she accepted.

The source says, quote, "Bret felt like now was the time because Kristi has been through so much with Bret and has been by his side every step of the way. He's woken up. He now knows he wants to be a husband."

Really? So clearly he wasn't ready on all those seasons of Rock Of Love? Got it.

Bret and Kristi have two daughters together...10-year-old Raine and 5-year-old Jorja.

VINCE VAUGHN and his wife, Kyla Weber, are expecting their first child. There's no word on a due date. Vince and Kyla, who's a real estate agent from Canada, got married in January. Vince Vaughn would be a COOL dad and you know it!

As far as we know, RIHANNA is still nailing MATT KEMP of the Los Angeles Dodgers. But that hasn't stopped her from getting back in touch with her ex, CHRIS BROWN.

"Heat" magazine says Rihanna called Chris recently..."It's been almost a year since they last spoke, but Rihanna felt like she could try to be friends with Chris again.

"Seeing how emotional he was on set [at the BET Awards] really touched her. She'd never seen him like that before.

"Chris told her that he felt like he's grown up in the past year. He's said he's so happy to be back in touch with her.

"They were each other's first love and he's missed her so much. Rihanna knows that if she wanted him back, he'd be there in a second."

Innnnnnteresting!! Technically, Chris and Rihanna can't meet face-to-face. After he assaulted her last year before the Grammys, he was ordered to stay at least 100 yards from her for the next five years.

BEN ROETHLISBERGER'S "little Ben" almost got him into trouble again last Friday.

Ben was golfing at the Muirfield Village Country Club in Dublin, Ohio, when someone reported that a man fitting his description was seen urinating on the course.

Police were called, but nothing came of it. Ben was long gone, and there wasn't really any evidence that a crime had been committed.

A rep for the golf course says, "We had a full slate of golfers that may have been anyone."

Still amusing so I thought I'd share with ya. I'm sure whomever reported it was a BROWNS or Bengals fan...

"Saved By the Bell" legend MARIO LOPEZ will star on an upcoming reality show. But don't get too excited. the show will follow Mario and his girlfriend, Courtney Mazza, as they, quote, "prepare for the birth of their first child."

If you're still not off this yet, here's the kicker: The drama will be racheted-up by the challenges Mario faces as he bravely balances his "Extra" and "America's Best Dance Crew"...and fatherhood. Sounds like he leads QUITE the busy life, doesn't it?

It'll premiere sometime this fall. VH1 is scraping with this one...

JOHN LENNON'S son SEAN LENNON recently let LADY GAGA play John's infamous white Steinway piano, and then posted a picture of it on Twitter. And in the picture Lady Gaga was wearing a skimpy outfit...naturally. Sean's caption read: "With Gaga at mom's house, she's belting on the white piano."

Welllllll, that didn't go over well AT ALL with Beatles fans, who immediately began screaming bloody murder to Sean on Twitter. It got so intense that Sean eventually took the picture down...but he also wants everyone to CHILL OUT.

Sean said, "Pianos are meant to be played. Why is everyone so uptight? What should we do, lock it away in a dusty room? So judgmental.

"Firstly, [John] gave that piano to my mother for her birthday, it is hers, secondly, he was not uptight the way you seem to be. Come on, lighten's too short, there're enough real problems in the world."

Here's that pic:

I mean it's not like it was MILEY sitting at the piano! At least it's someone who has some creative ability!
Speaking of Gaga, she's in town tonight at The Q! Apparently the tour buses have been in town since early yesterday getting ready! Enjoy the show if you're going...

MUSE have appeared on all three "Twilight" soundtracks...and the band admits that in doing it, they sold out a little, but they needed it to become bigger in America.

Bassist Chris Wolstenholme explains, quote, "I'm not sure how cool it is to be on those kind of things...

"But sometimes you've just got to get your music out there in different ways. You have to take every opportunity you get...and sometimes you have to sell your soul."


...has a new hubby...and we have a pic of her in bikini for honeymoon!

Guys, you're welcome. Btw, here's her new hubby. Really?! Ladies, not hot, right??

I'd totally eat this!! It's not in the states though...yet!


Thursday, July 8, 2010


A mini-Thursday update on a big day...did you hear LeBron's having a press conference tonight? Perhaps you heard that mentioned somewhere...

On-air 3-7pm today, you should be listening!

You've surely heard about LOHAN headed to the slammer for 90 days...and also about the little F-U message on her fingernails that was supposedly meant for the judge. LINDSAY LOHAN says that was NOT aimed at the judge who eventually sentenced her to 90 days behind bars.

Yesterday, she Tweeted the following to a friend . . ."Didn't we do our nails as a joke with our friend? It had nothing to do w/court. It's an airbrush design from a stencil."

A friend of Lindsay's adds, "The words have been on her nail for a few days and it was a mistake that she did not remove them before heading into court. She was nervous and worried yesterday, but she took the judge seriously."

This friend also says that if Lindsay meant to send a message to anyone, it was her dad, MICHAEL LOHAN.

The friend said,"He sees the photos. It's the only form of communication they share at this point . . . Their relationship has broken down completely in the last six months.

"Lindsay is lacking in support from friends and family, and those words show her frustration and unhappiness."

A picture showed up online yesterday featuring someone who LOOKS like KE$HA lying on her back, topless, with what might be . . . what she we call it, guy-juice?. . . on her torso.

Technically, she's not topless, but she has her top pulled all the way up to her neck. And she's holding her breasts, so you can't see her nipples.


"American Idol" has cut EIGHT shows from this year's Idols Live! Tour, INCLUDING the Cleveland show slated for September 11!

The tour . . . which kicked off last week in Auburn Hills, Michigan . . . was supposed to make 49 stops, before concluding in Portland, Maine, on September 16th.

But now . . . after the cancellations and some rescheduling . . . the tour will be wrapping on August 31st in Indianapolis. No reason was given for the changes, but you have to think it has to do with poor ticket sales.

There's an updated tour itinerary . . . complete with a list of the shows that were canceled and rescheduled . . .

Big Brother is STILL ON! Season 12 starts at 8pm on CBS.
Oh, and LeBron might have a little announcement, mhmm.

Eminem is blowing the closest competitors right outta the water!! Check out this week's top-selling discs:
1.) "Recovery", Eminem (313,000 copies)

2.) "Thank Me Later", Drake (105,000 copies)

3.) The soundtrack to "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" (65,000 copies)

When the nominations for this past year's Grammys were announced, a minor controversy ignited when the Recording Academy announced that LADY GAGA would NOT be eligible for Best New Artist, despite her EXPLOSION in 2009.

That was because she had been nominated for a Grammy the previous year, for her song "Just Dance". There was a rule that you could not be up for Best New Artist if you were nominated in a previous year.

Well, no more. Now...thanks to that Lady Gaga situation...the Recording Academy has altered the rule.

The new rule allows artists to qualify for Best New Artist...even if they were nominated in a previous year . . . as long as they didn't WIN, and as long as they didn't have a full album out when they were first nominated.

Which is probably good. Otherwise the old men on the Grammy panel might be trying to suggest Eminem for Best New Artist...

In a statement, the Academy said that this would also clear the way for artists featured on other artists' tracks to be nominated as a Best New Artist when they put their own stuff out. (Assuming, again, that they don't win the first time.)

The Academy also said, "With this change, each artist will have at least one opportunity to enter in this important and highly visible category."

A new survey of women ages 18 to 34 found they're still as OBSESSED with Facebook as ever. Check this out . . .

34% of women say the first thing they do in the morning is check Facebook, even before they go to the bathroom or brush their teeth. 21% wake up to check it in the middle of the night.

63% of women use Facebook as a networking tool. 50% use it as a dating tool, and a SEXY 6% use it as a way to find guys to hook up with. (!!!)

89% agree with the statement "you should never put anything on Facebook that you don't want your parents to see."

BUT . . . 42% think it's FINE to post photos of themselves visibly intoxicated, and 79% think it's fine to post kissing photos.

58% use Facebook to keep tabs on other women who they secretly don't like. 50% are fine with being Facebook friends with strangers.

9% have broken up with someone via Facebook. And finally, 57% of women say they talk to more people on Facebook than they do in real life.

Of course, LIKE US!

In a study at Rutgers University, researchers found that it's as hard to get over a break-up as it is to get over a drug or nicotine addiction. Love and drugs both seem to affect the same areas of the brain, and make people do equally irrational things.

There is one big difference in the addictions though: After a break-up, as time passes, your brain starts to heal. With other drug, nicotine, or alcohol addictions it's much easier to backslide.

#1.) WOMEN'S MARRYING AGE. If you're a woman who got married before you were 18, there's a 48% chance you'll be divorced by age 28.

That drops to 40% if you got married between 18 and 19 . . . to 29% if you got married between 20 and 24 . . . and to 24% if you got married after the age of 25.

#2.) DISAGREEMENTS ABOUT KIDS. If you want a different number of children than your spouse, your marriage is TWICE as likely to end in divorce.

#3.) GENDER OF CHILDREN. If you have two boys, you have a 36.9% chance of divorce. If you have two girls, it jumps to 43.1%.

#4.) PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIPS. If you "lived in sin" with someone else for a while before you met your spouse, you're more than TWICE as likely to get divorced as someone who never did the cohabitation thing.

#5.) YOUR SMILE. If you rarely smiled for photographs as a kid, you're 500% more likely to get divorced as an adult. Smiling when you're a kid is a sign of an optimistic personality . . . which makes it easier for you to get along with people.

#6.) CHILDBIRTH TRAGEDIES. If your child died after the 20th week of pregnancy, during labor, or right after labor, you're 40% more likely to get divorced.

#7.) MAJOR ILLNESS. If a woman is diagnosed with cancer or multiple sclerosis, she's 600% more likely to get divorced than she would be if her husband had been diagnosed.

In other words, men are six times more likely to divorce a sick woman than women are to divorce a sick man.

#8.) RACE AND SEPARATION. If you're a white woman who's separated, there's only a 2% chance you'll work through your problems and get back together. But if you're a Hispanic woman, that jumps to 20%. And if you're a black woman, it jumps to 28%.

#9.) RACE AND DIVORCE. African-American woman have the highest chance of their first marriage ending within 10 years, at 47%. They're followed by Hispanic women at 34%, white women at 32%, and Asian women at 20%

#10.) CAREER. Dancers and choreographers have the highest divorce rates of any profession, at 43.05%. Agricultural engineers have the lowest, at 1.78%.

Other careers with HIGH divorce rates are massage therapists at 38.22%, bellhops at 28.43%, animal trainers at 22.5%, and mathematicians at 19.15%.

Other careers with LOW divorce rates are dentists at 7.75%, farmers at 7.63%, nuclear engineers at 7.29% and optometrists at 4.01%.

#11.) THE MILITARY. A woman serving actively in the military is 250% more likely to end up divorced than a man serving actively in the military.

You know how, if it turned out JUSTIN BIEBER was actually a middle-aged lesbian woman in disguise, you'd be surprised but not totally shocked? A situation like that JUST happened in Ohio.

A 16-year-old girl from Springboro, Ohio . . . whose name hasn't been released . . . had been dating a 14-year-old boy named Matt Abrams. Matt was 4-foot-11, making him much shorter than the girl, who's 5-foot-5.

Well, after a week of dating, they decided to spend some time together in a hotel. But, three days into their stay, the 16-year-old girl ran off.

Because she discovered that 14-year-old Matt was actually a 31-YEAR-OLD WOMAN named Patricia.

Patricia Dye, of Franklin, Ohio, had been POSING as the 14-year-old boy to get close to the girl. They did have some sexual contact when they were together, before the victim realized Matt was a woman.

Dye was charged with corruption of a minor and unlawful sex with a minor. She's being held in jail on $100,000 bond.

The police are investigating whether there are other victims.


Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy 4th!
I have nothing to say other's some shtuff...

Not talking about the, he's not dating LADY GAGA...NE-YO has announced that he's expecting his first child. His girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, is pregnant and due sometime in late December or early January.

Ne-Yo says, "I'm 30 . . . and I am very, very, very excited about this. It's a New Year's baby. I'm just in a really good place right now."

This seems like one of those things that should have happened a long time ago, but the organization that coordinates how websites are named has finally decided to give the porno peddlers their own domain name. Not surprisingly, it's ".xxx."

It's not 100% official yet, and the domain wouldn't be available until early next year, but basically it means that adult sites would have .xxx at the end of their website name, instead of .com. The thing is, it's optional.

So, if you have .xxx at the end of your website, you HAVE to be a site with adult content. But if you're a site with adult content, you don't HAVE to have .xxx in your name . . . you can keep the .com. Got it?

I guess you could say there's some controversy over it, since some people think it gives the porno people online legitimacy by letting them have their own domain name. (???)

But the adult industry isn't necessarily in love with the idea across the board either. Because it could lead to ALL porno sites being forced to adopt the triple-x domain . . . and then it would be a LOT easier for organizations to block ALL adult content.

Ya know, it's truly a WONDERFUL tool that I use quite a bit. Plug your address in and you can see exactly where you're going, pan the camera around...even 'drive' the route right from your PC!

Anyway, people like to mess with the Google car when it's driving around and filming the street view shots, and some of the photos make it onto the site.

And sometimes the Google car just captures people doing weird stuff that they were already doing. It's hard to tell which is which. But they all end up online, and you can check them out and decide for yourself.



The 2 guys having the sword fight? That's in PITTSBURGH!

OH MY...
So it's finally come to this. Someone's making a sequel to "Titanic".
Now . . . before we all get too fired up about it . . . it's not JAMES CAMERON, LEONARDO DICAPRIO . . . or even BILLY ZANE who's behind this.

It's some obscure company called Asylum Productions that likes taking famous movies and making unauthorized sequels and knock-offs that go straight to DVD.

Some of their previous films include "Transmorphers", "The Terminators", "The Da Vinci Treasure" and, yes, "Snakes on a Train".

Yes really.

In "Titanic 2", a group of people set sail on a modern luxury cruise ship on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's shipwreck. Everything seems fine until a tsunami tosses an iceberg in front of the new ship and it starts sinking.

Good Lord.

BROOKE BURNS from "Baywatch" is the big star of this thing.

"Titanic 2" is set to be released on DVD on August 24th.

PINK'S tour bus had a tire blowout while on the highway Tuesday morning . . . and Pink, who was on the bus, wasn't scared. She was THRILLED.

She Tweeted, "Our bus had a tire blow out on the highway! Thank you Ian for the driving skills! My first tour blow out. Rock n roll highway!"

I know that top-of-the-line hair extensions are expensive...but I didn't realize they cost as much as an Acura. According to "In Touch", MILEY CYRUS just spent $24,000 on hair extensions.

She managed to hit that price by importing the hair from Italy...and flying her New York stylist out to California to handle their styling and installation.

PETE WENTZ is apparently in a new band called THE BLACK CARDS.

In a cryptic message posted on his website, Pete says, "This is not a test. There will be no treasure hunt. [No] viral campaign. Just the opposite . . . next week things will appear on this site in a very controlled distribution.

"If you enjoy it, keep coming back. If it's not for you, then we understand."

He then linked to The site links to new Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts set up for The Black Cards . . . but for now, the only thing on the actual website is part of a dance track, with a female singer.

Last we heard, Fall Out Boy were on an indefinite hiatus.

You may not realize it, but your choice of swimsuit says a lot about you. At least that's according to AOL. Here are their picks for EIGHT swimsuits, and what they reveal...or not. about your personality.

#1.) BOARD SHORTS: Guys in board shorts...meaning, most guys.. are generally considered COOL, or at least they think of themselves that way. And they would never be caught dead in a speedo. Which brings us to...

#2.) THE SPEEDO! According to AOL, the speedo is making a comeback this summer. And while it's a punchline, if you're daring enough to wear one, at least it means you're confident...either in bed, or because you like to clown around.

#3.) SKIRTED BOTTOM: On to the ladies. This thing looks like a sun-dress, and it means you're a, quote, "girly-girl"...and that you're hiding your thighs.

#4.) SHAPEWEAR SWIMSUIT: This is your basic one-piece swimsuit. It's for ladies with a little bit more to love, or it just means that they're strong and in control.

#5.) ONE-PIECE WITH CUTOUTS: A one-piece bathing suit with cutouts on the sides is for women who don't actually have that many curves, since it gives the illusion of an hourglass figure. And it's for the types who want to flirt on the beach.

#6.) RACERBACK ONE-PIECE: This is for serious, practical, athletic types. It's got that center-piece down the back, like a pro swimmer.

#7.) TANKINI: This is basically a bikini bottom combined with a separate tank top. It's kind of a compromise between the one-piece look and the bikini. So it helps the ladies who are trying deal with the problems created by those OTHER two looks.

#8.) BIKINI: If you're rocking the bikini, you don't have to be young, but according to AOL, it does mean you're "youthful and spry." And there you have it.

That's it. Just a short little mini-update. WARPED TOUR tix and SHINEDOWN tix on Q92 this weekend, tune in to win!