Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Alright, on 3-7pm this week, so it's mini updates all week long!


A public service for Michael Jackson will be held this Friday (July 3) at his Neverland Ranch, north of Santa Barbara, Calif.
A private service for family and close friends will be held on Sunday (July 5).
Michael’s hometown of Gary, Indiana, is hoping to be burial site. Gary will host a memorial service July 10.
Michael’s body will return to his Neverland on Thursday via a 30-car motorcade.

Vibe magazine, the urban-music magazine founded by producer Quincy Jones in 1993, will be closing, reports Daily Fiance.
No word on when the last issue will be published. Eminem last covered it’s June/July 2009 issue.
Chief financial officer Angela Zucconi said, “We will be making a statement by the end of the day. That’s all I can say at this point.”



Lady Gaga sports a buttonhead hat as she attends an AIDS charity event held by Body Positive North West in Manchester on Monday (June 29).
The 23-year-old singer visited and supported the charity event for young people affected by HIV because, “I have a lot of gay and lesbian friends who are confronted by the fears of that sort of lifestyle. I am a very supportive, proactive woman and I really just wanted to paint with them today,” she said.
“They are so vibrant and its art and love and togetherness. It is everything that should be around the very serious thing that is HIV.”


If you're reading this, you are probably in Northeast Ohio. And chances are also probably good that you've been to a concert or two in the Cleveland area. Think about some of the concerts you've seen here. Think about the crowd, think about the bands reaction to the crowd.

I'm betting you've heard "you guys are f**king amazing!" "we always love playing in Cleveland" "Cleveland fans are always great"...etc etc etc.

And I'll bet you thought to yourself "Yeah, OK, they say that at all the shows".

I used to think so too.

I had the chance to take a friend of mine up to Michigan (yes, I know...) to see the All-American Rejects a few years ago. Fall of 2006, to be specific. Boys Like Girls opened the show.
Big crowd, it was a basketball arena on a college campus.
AAR was practically BEGGING the crowd to get excited, to get hyped up!
And my friend says to me "ya know how at all of the shows in Cleveland, the artist always says how great the fans are? It must actually be true!"

And I really think it is. Northeast Ohio, BE PROUD of that intense, insane energy you bring to each and every show you see!
We're good people around here. We spend our hard-earned dough on tickets to our favorite acts, and we want them to deliver. And we let them know it!! And they can tell, and they DO deliver!

I went to the No Doubt/Paramore show at Blossom Music Center last night. Blossom is a HUGE venue, as anyone who's ever been there knows.
They sold it out. 22,000 FANS! Lawn, pavillion, PACKED!
I was in the lawn, and let me tell you, just as a fan of live music, it was SO incredible to look down towards the stage when No Doubt came out with "Spiderwebs"...to look out at the ENTIRE place jumping up and down, arms in the air!

Gwen said it. "You guys are amazing. This is incredible, this will always be a show we remember from this tour"

Cleveland concert-goer...keep on bringing it!!!

....now if only we could get an 'exit solution' for getting OUT of Blossom....

Paramore waaaay down there on stage. More pics coming soon to my FB and myspace

Crowd shots!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

JUNE 27 & 28

Last weekend of June! WHERE IS SUMMER GOING?!?!

Good stuff for ya this weekend, we have FRAY concert tickets! They're at TWC on Wednesday night with a group called Jack's Mannequin. We'll slide you some tickets and also put you in the running to go backstage and meet the band!! Good stuff!

I gotta be honest, I'm excited. Sunday, going up to The Grog Shop to see a band called HEY MONDAY. They have a cool tune called "How You Love Me Now", which you MIGHT hear on the station soon! Never know...

Then MONDAY is NO DOUBT AND PARAMORE!!!! Blossom! And I just saw they've adjusted the forecast, no more rain scheduled! WOO!
Can't wait!

It's a Q92 BACK IN THE DAY weekend, so we'll mix in some No Doubt tunes to get ya pumped up! I know alot of you won tickets from us, so if ya see me, say yo!

And of course we'll be playing some Michael Jackson over the weekend. It's hard to believe. I was in the production room with Mo on Thursday evening around 6. He said "Oh wow, Michael Jackson is in the hospital, they say it doesn't look good". I went into another studio a few minutes later and hoped on Facebook. I see tons of status' saying Michael had passed. I ran out and said "Oh my God dude, he died!". Mo said "what?" and I said "yeah, its on TMZ. I can't find any credible news source saying that yet though"...and from that point it was basically a waiting game to see what was going on, and just before 6:30, NBC and ABC updated that he had indeed, passed away.

Mo and I went on the air and broke the news, and played 90 minutes of non-stop MJ tunes/took calls about it. Meanwhile, I went to work in the next room on a special promo, which you may have heard over the last 2 days on the station.
The first MJ song we played was "Black Or White"...I cranked it up in the studio and really just got chills. To think THE King Of Pop was no longer with us. The man who made SO MUCH good music...had passed on.

There are a select handful that have chosen to only remember him for the alleged 'scandal' in which some greedy parents tried to take some money from a guy just trying to help kids have a childhood that he didn't get to have...
I, for one, will remember him for his music. And the ever-lasting impression he left on the world of pop music.

These come from Yahoo! Personals...
#1.) "I'll call you": What he means is he MIGHT call you, but it's just as likely that he won't...so you shouldn't get your hopes up too high.

#2.) "I like your shirt / necklace / hair / etc.": What he means is you look HOT...and he wants you to get naked.

#3.) "I've been busy lately": If you've been dating for more than six months, chances are he likes you...but he's trying to focus on other things right now. But if you've been dating for less than six months...he's lost interest in you.

#4.) "I need some space": What he means is the relationship is moving too fast and if it doesn't slow down...he's out the door.

****Rob interjection***** NO GUY says "I need space". Chicks say that!

#5.) "I love spending time with you": What he means is he THINKS he loves you...but he's not ready to say it just yet.

#6.) "I don't believe in marriage": What he means is he's NOT going to marry you. Now it's up to you to make the next move.

#7.) "I want this to last forever": What he means is he's having a great time right now...but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll feel the same way in a week or two.

She performed on the MuchMusic Awards last weekend, with some kind of Pyrotechnic action from her chest...bizzarre...

And by the way, apparently THIS is what a DISCO STICK IS!!!!

Looks like rock candy?
Hmmm...not what I pictured!

Look, I'm not gonna talk about this. Perez is an idiot, you know what went down already. No one seems to care...check out Kelly Clarkson LAUGHING it off...LOVE ya, Kels!

SPEAKING of Kelly Clarkson...
I took some grief on the air last weekend for my comments regarding Kelly's weight. I basically said she's put too much weight on. A woman called and challenged me to put her pictures from then and now up, and MY pictures from then and now up. This is 2005, to 2009. I told her "I'm not saying I didn't age, or gain a couple since then, its about looking in the mirror and being able to say to yourself 'yeah...this ain't getting it done!"
With that said...me and Kelly, 2005:

Kelly, 2 weekends ago in Chicago for a radio station event there:

And myself, last weekend w/ Nikolina and Scott Adams (and Kleon)

Receding of the hairline...eh a bit. Can't help that! A few pounds added? Sure. But LOOK at Kelly!!
Point made.


...eats pizza that is! And she takes pics of it and posts them on her Twitter. There's something oddly hot about this, isn't there?

BLINK-182 and WEEZER will be headlining this year's Virgin Mobile Festival. Actually, this year it's being called the Virgin Mobile FreeFest. Why?

Because they're GIVING AWAY around 35,000 tickets. Yes, they're FREE. If you're interested, here are the details:

The concert is being held at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, on August 30th. Tickets will be available this Saturday, ONLY at Ticketmaster.com. SO ROADTRIP IT UP AND BUY TIX TODAY!!!

These days, there are literally dozens of ways for people to stay in touch with one another . . . which is why THIS seems so out of whack...

According to a recent survey, FOUR in FIVE Americans think it's easier to stay in touch with friends and family members than it was five years ago...yet THREE in FIVE say they have FEWER meaningful relationships now than they did back then. (???)

And while the average person has 136 Facebook friends . . . they only have SIX friends who they consider "committed confidants".

But I suppose that makes sense considering only 29% of people agree that conversations over email, text message or social networking websites actually make them feel closer to the other person. And get this . . .

Overall, TWO in THREE Americans say there's more LONELINESS in today's society . . . than there used to be.

SUNSHINE and 80 degrees today! Go forth and enjoy it, make sure ya take Q92 with ya though! THANK YOU for reading, and listening!

Friday, June 19, 2009


SO MUCH stuff going on at the station this weekend! Crazy busy, but always lots of fun!

Here's some stuff going on this week

...eventually, they'll be LOVE IN THIS CLUB. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah I know, I'm not funny.
Last Thursday, there was a rumor going around that USHER had filed for divorce from his wife. It wasn't true. But last Friday, he DID file for divorce.

Usher and his soon-to-be ex, TAMEKA FOSTER, have been married just under two years. Sources say they've been living separate lives for several months. They have two kids, ages 18 months and 6 months.

Back in February, Usher rushed to Brazil to be with Tameka after she suffered a heart attack while undergoing liposuction. But apparently, they were already separated at the time.

Usher's mother, Jonetta Patton, was against this relationship from the start. In July of 2007, Usher and Tameka canceled their wedding the day it was supposed to take place...supposedly because of all the drama that Mama was causing.

They ended up getting hitched a week later in Usher's lawyer's office. Then, in September of that year, they threw a reception for 200 guests. Mama was NOT there.

Just a little over a week away from seeing NO DOUBT and PARAMORE, and I'm totally pumped up! Made a little 'pre-game' CD last night with some great ND and Paramore tracks on it!

Paramore is tremendously underrated band, by the way. Their song crushcrushcrush is fantastic!
Anyway, GWEN STEFANI says she used to compare being in a band with being in a marriage...but now that she has a real marriage, her relationship with her band is different.

She explains, quote, "I always referred to No Doubt as a marriage because that's what it's like to be together for so long and to go through what we've been through.

"I can't really have that relationship with them anymore. My priorities are always going to be my husband and my family now." (Gwen, of course, married Gavin Rossdale in 2002. They have two sons...three-year-old Kingston and 10-month-old Zuma.)

...had to face alot of criticism for it? When FERGIE joined the BLACK EYED PEAS in 2002, they went from having a small, loyal following...to being a breakout mainstream band. And not all the early fans were happy about the change.

Fergie tells "Elle" magazine, quote, "When I first joined, there were a lot of people who didn't know what to make of me, and they'd been a fan of Black Eyed Peas being an underground hip-hop band. Then I come in...

"...and we released 'Where Is the Love?' with Justin Timberlake. So when that hit...a lot of people said it was my fault that they were taken out of the underground. I had to read a lot of criticism. But it only made me hungrier."

Recently, the Pima County Sheriff's Department in Arizona started a new program...called Operation WULF . . . which stands for...get this...Would U Like Fries. (!!)

It involves using undercover officers to stake out fast food drive-thru windows...in order to bust DRUNK DRIVERS with the late-night MUNCHIES. (!!!)

If the undercover officer notices anyone with the classic symptoms of being drunk...like slurred speech, red or watery eyes or beer breath...they'll radio a uniformed deputy stationed down the road and have them pull the driver over.

According to the officer in charge of Operation WULF, quote, "The idea is to get the [drunks] before they get back on the road."

I'm sorry, but this is BRILLIANT. I don't know why more police departments don't do this. Really, this is police work at its finest.

Recently, a website called OnePoll.com conducted a survey to find out which words in the English language...are most commonly misspelled. Here's a look at the top ten...

10.) Unnecessary
09.) Consensus
08.) Prejudice
07.) Phlegm
06.) Broccoli
05.) Bureaucracy
04.) Maneuver
03.) Indict
02.) Sacrilegious
01.) Definitely

Unless they're just big talkers, WILL SMITH and his wife, JADA PINKETT, have one of the best sex lives in the history of marriage.

And Jada recently told "Redbook" how other married couples can keep it hot, too. Pretty much, it's all about jumping each other's bones in random locations.

She said, quote, "Be sneaky...your girlfriend's house at a party. The bathroom. A bedroom. Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex. Does he have access to his office? Have a fantasy date. Be his secretary!

"Pull over on the side of the road...Just switch it up. Anything like that can keep it going. Anything it takes to keep the flame alive."

Jada would also like to put a few lingering rumors about her marriage to rest. She says, quote, "I've heard all the things...their marriage is not real, he's gay, she's gay, they swing. But at the end of the day, people have to believe what they have to believe. One thing Will and I are not here to do, is like, what's real for us is what's real for us, so you can either get on that bandwagon or not. I'll tell you what, it's too hard to be in a pretend marriage. Life's too short for that one."

It's a shame that while we all get to celebrate the Fourth of July from home, the people who actually risk their lives defending our interests...meaning the MILITARY TROOPS...are stuck in foreign countries. Which is what makes THIS so cool...
This weekend, MillerCoors will ship 8,000 cases of beer...(4,000 cases of Miller Lite and 4,000 cases of Coors Light)...to troops serving in the Middle East, in order to help them celebrate the Fourth of July.

And, as if that's not enough, MillerCoors has also purchased 25,000 pizzas from Uno Chicago Grill...which they're donating as well.

JEFF ARCHULETA...the father of sweet, innocent, teen "American Idol" runner-up DAVID ARCHULETA...was busted for soliciting a prostitute back in January. (It's not clear why we're just finding out about this now.)

RadarOnline.com says that Jeff was busted receiving a SENSUAL MASSAGE at the Reiki Massage Parlor in Midvale, Utah. He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor solicitation charge, and paid a $582 fine.

A spokesman for the Midvale Police Department gave Radar Online the details. He said that they were originally alerted to the Reiki Massage Parlor by the man who was renting out office space to them.

This guy started to notice that the "massage therapists" were showing up to work in rather WHORISH outfits, so he called the cops.

They staked the place out, then raided it. There was only one client there at the time...obviously, it was Archuleta. He was on his stomach, getting a rubdown from a woman in LINGERIE.

He told police that he'd found the place on Craigslist, and admitted that he did indeed receive sexual favors.

For some reason, no mugshot was ever taken.

Jeff's attorney...who was NOT his attorney at the time of his arrest...tells a slightly different story. He says Jeff only went to the place once, and it was for a back problem. And he claims there was NO SEXUAL CONTACT.

Yeah, because the cops showed up before they got to the part where he rolls over.

CHRIS BROWN tried to have his preliminary hearing postponed. He failed. It goes down on Monday, as scheduled, and RIHANNA is expected to be there AND testify.

Three of the original members of EVANESCENCE are putting together a new band and they've chosen "American Idol" finalist CARLY SMITHSON to be their lead singer.

Carly finished in the sixth-place on the seventh season of "American Idol" last year. She'd been planning a solo career ever since finishing the "American Idols Live!" tour last summer. (Where she used to sing the Evanescence song "Bring Me to Life".)

She'll be joining the three former Evanescence guys...guitarist BEN MOODY, drummer ROCKY GRAY, guitarist JOHN LECOMPT...and a new bassist named Marty O'Brian...to become a hard-rock band called THE FALLEN.

"Fallen" was actually the name of the first Evanescence album. Carly also kind of looks and sounds the same as AMY LEE, the lead singer of Evanescence.

Carly says, quote, "I kept getting told that 'You don't have the rock voice, you can't do rock music.' But it's everything I am. It's everything I listen to. I'm not the regular girl next door.

"The first time we rehearsed, everybody started in on this jam of IRON MAIDEN. I was like, 'I'm in a band! I love this!'"

According to Ben Moody, he and the other Evanescence guys had been planning a new band when they found Carly, and saw that her ideas were pretty much identical.

He said, quote, "And I don't mean, like, 'Oh, they were kind of the same.' I mean, an uncanny amount of detail being identical. And it was just clear to me that we had found our better half. Carly is a rock star. She was one of us."

You can download the first Fallen track..."Bury Me Alive"...on Monday at their website. The group plans to tour in September for a year and a half, and will release a couple songs at a time online.

I think that's all. No pictures?? Nothing too exciting this week picture wise!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hola, thanks for clicking over! This is where we're going to do ROB'S RANDOMS from now on because...well, it's easier this way! :)

This is HUGE, people...JOHN STAMOS is working on some ideas for a "Full House" movie!!!
Now, this isn't an update or continuation of the series, starring the original cast. It's a new version, with an all-new, younger cast...kind of like the "Brady Bunch" or "Starsky & Hutch" movies.

Stamos says, quote, "It would probably take place in the first few years [of the sitcom]."
Stamos even has a wish list when it comes to casting. He thinks JAMES FRANCO would be awesome in his role...Uncle Jesse.
He'd also love to get STEVE CARELL to play the BOB SAGET part, and TRACY MORGAN to replace DAVE COULIER.

There's no word who he'd get to replace MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN, or the other Tanner girls. (Given that they'd just be kids, though, they'd probably end up going with unknowns.)

This is in VERY EARLY planning stages, but of course we'll keep you posted on any developments.

Do you realize just how much the brats on "The Hills" are getting paid? According to "Life & Style" magazine, MTV has agreed to pay KRISTIN CAVALLARI $63,000...per episode (!!!)...to join the show next season.

A so-called "production insider" says, quote, "They needed her. 'The Hills' ratings were on a decline. They needed someone new and fresh, who also came with buzz and a name that was recognizable. Kristin was the obvious choice."

Kristin is essentially replacing LAUREN CONRAD, who was reportedly pulling down $65,000 per episode. There's no word how much SPENCER and HEIDI PRATT are making...but it has to be even MORE than that.

The BLINK-182 reunion tour kicks off next month...and while no one knows what the future of the band will be, they're saying they didn't get back together just to make some quick cash before splitting up again.

Bassist MARK HOPPUS tells the "San Diego Union-Tribune", quote, "I hate when bands get back together and do one tour, and it feels like they're going to make a bunch of money, and then they go away for a while and then come back again.

"We did this [reunion] to continue being creative and having fun. I see us continuing to tour and put out albums as long as it's fun. There's no end game and no plan at all. We enjoy playing music together, that's all."

Singer TOM DELONGE agrees...quote, "There's no end game, no plan and no practice. We're just going to see where that takes us."

However, Tom admits that things have been so chaotic since they announced the reunion earlier this year...that they haven't had a chance to think about much.
He says, quote, "It's definitely [interesting] how rapidly things can change from day to day. I have a lot of anxiety right now about the tour and how big it is."

But not everyone is stressing about the tour. Drummer TRAVIS BARKER says, quote, "Oh, it's so fun. This is a breath of fresh air."

When I'm getting lots of SEX...everything in my life gets just a little bit easier. And there's a good chance you're the same way.
At least that's according to a new study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden which found that people with the BEST sex lives...are the MOST productive at work. But there's a catch...

Even though women with the WORST sex lives are completely miserable at work, men with the worst sex lives are...get this...just as productive as men with the best sex lives. (Does that make sense, really???)

A woman named Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén led the study. She says, quote:
"When we talked to the men, they said that when [their sex life] is in between, they have to put more effort into it. You keep doing that until the relationship either becomes better or hopeless. When you get to that point, it doesn't really affect your health anymore."

In other words, guys are the most productive at work when their sex life is either GREAT...or TERRIBLE. But women are only productive at work when they're getting lots of action.

I'll be honest, I'm usually up on the technology. But I don't have a Twitter account. Don't want one. Had one for about 2 minutes, but dropped it. Not a fan, too boring. But listen to these stats:
According to a web security firm called Purewire, there are more than 7 MILLION Twitter accounts...and 32 MILLION people visited Twitter during the month of April.

But FOUR in FIVE Twitter accounts have less than TEN followers.

Nearly ONE in THREE...or 30%...have ZERO followers.

And the top 10% of Twitter users...produce 90% of the tweets.

TWO in FIVE Twitter users haven't posted a single tweet since the day they signed up for their account...and ONE in THREE Twitter users have NEVER posted a single tweet.

Overall, THREE in FIVE Twitter users abandon their account within the first month.

Remember those nude pictures of RIHANNA that hit the Web a while back??? Well, "Now" magazine says that Rihanna is convinced that CHRIS BROWN is the one who leaked them...and she's plotting her REVENGE.
A so-called "source" says, quote, "She has less-than-flattering nude pictures of him that she plans on leaking. Rihanna says he'd be really embarrassed by them."

But that might not be the end of Rihanna's CAMPAIGN OF VENGEANCE. The source adds, quote, "Another thing she's been talking about is spreading rumors about Chris.

"She wants to ruin his sexy image by letting it be known that he was a bit of a novice in the bedroom when they met, and that she taught him everything he knows."

Are LINDSAY LOHAN and SAMANTHA RONSON scissoring again??? The two were spotted together yesterday at Heathrow Airport, leaving London bound for Los Angeles. And Lindsay was flashing something that looked like an engagement ring.

Lindsay also dropped an interesting note via Twitter...saying, quote, "Leaving London but with my favorite favorite!!! Travel buddy & great news to share!! Maybe."

Samantha had a series of DJ gigs in London over the past week, and Lindsay showed up there trying to hook back up with her. Apparently, it worked.

Yesterday, the "Zagat" restaurant guide released the results of its latest Fast-Food Survey. Here's a look at some of the winners...

Best Burger: In-N-Out Burger (it's a California thing)
Best French Fries: McDonald's
Best Salads: Panera Bread (I'd have to agree. Had lunch there the other day, the grilled chicken caesar is AHH-MAY-ZING, I think I'm still dreaming of it)
Best Fried Chicken: KFC
Best Grilled Chicken: Chick-fil-A (WOOO! Chick-fil-A in da hauuuus!)
Best Value Menu: McDonald's
Best Coffee: Starbucks
Best Milkshake: Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops
Best "Quick-Refreshment" Chain: Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops
Best "Large" Fast Food Chain: In-N-Out Burger
Best "Mega" Fast Food Chain: Wendy's

Complete results here: http://www.zagat.com/fastfood

TAYLOR SWIFT has been threatening to record a rap song for a while now. Well, it may finally be happening. Here's what she wrote on her Twitter page on Monday, quote, "If I said I was in the studio with (rapper) T-PAIN, would you believe me?"
Taylor is kinda hot when she's thuggin!! OK, Taylor is ALWAYS hot! Yes, you're right.

"The Late Show with David Letterman" beat "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" for the first time on Tuesday night...according to early ratings estimates. It was Conan's 7th night hosting the show. (The official audience numbers won't be available until next week.)

It's hard to say how significant this is. When JAY LENO first took over "The Tonight Show", "Letterman" had the early lead on him...but then Leno's audience grew, and his "Tonight Show" consistently outperformed "Letterman" for the next 17 years.

On "The View" Wednesday, KANYE WEST announced that he's going on tour with LADY GAGA. He didn't reveal any specifics...but he did emphasize that Lady Gaga would NOT be opening for him.

He told the yentas, quote, "She's talented and so incredible that she's not an opening act. We're doing it together, with no opening act." (It sounds like the tour will happen later this year...but we'll let you know when we have more details.)

Meanwhile, Kanye is no longer dating that weird model chick AMBER ROSE. A rep for Kanye tells the "New York Post", quote, "They are no longer a couple."

RIHANNA went to a BLACK EYED PEAS album release party on Wednesday night in New York City. And she was spotted with her alleged new boyfriend, Canadian rapper (slash) actor AUBREY "DRAKE" GRAHAM.

Nobody's reporting that anything romantic went down between them. They left at the same time, but in separate cars.
(By the way...Rihanna and CHRIS BROWN were both at Game 4 of the NBA Finals last night. But they were NOT there together. They sat in separate sections. There was a rumor going around earlier yesterday that they had, quote, "requested to sit together." That rumor was likely untrue.

MARK MORRISON...the dude who sang the 1996 GEM, and my theme song, "Return of the Mack"...was arrested in London on Monday. He was hit with a battery charge for allegedly beating another man. He posted bail and was released. That is all.

Different foods do different things to your body. There are foods that boost energy, sharpen memory, and help you lose weight. But THESE snacks serve a sexier purpose. Here are ten foods that feed your SEX DRIVE...

#1.) HOT CHILIES. Capsaicin (Pronounced cap-SAY-a-sin) is a chemical found in peppers that increases circulation and stimulates nerve endings, which makes you feel more turned on.

#2.) ASPARAGUS AND AVOCADOS. They're loaded with vitamin E, which helps your body produce hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. And when more hormones are circulating in your bloodstream, you'll be more IN THE MOOD.

#3.) OYSTERS. You might have heard somewhere that oysters are an aphrodisiac. The reason is, they're loaded with zinc...a mineral that cranks up the production of testosterone...which, in turn, cranks up your sex drive.

#4.) POMEGRANATES. They have a ton of antioxidants, which protect the lining of blood vessels and allow more blood to course through them. Better blood flow is always good, but the best part is, pomegranates actually increase sensitivity below the belt.

#5.) BANANAS. Yeah, they're erotic LOOKING, but bananas are also filled with potassium, which increases muscle strength and makes sex more intense.

#6.) RED WINE. Alcohol has OBVIOUS effects on your level of inhibition, but red wine contains resveratol (Pronounced rez-VARE-a-tall), an antioxidant that helps boost blood flow and improve circulation before and during intercourse.

#7.) SALMON AND WALNUTS. No, you don't have to eat them together. BOTH salmon and walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which keep sex-hormone production at its peak. Pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds do the same thing.

#8.) CHOCOLATE AND VANILLA. After a romantic dinner, have some ice cream for dessert. Chocolate contains a chemical called phenylethylamine (Pronounced fen-ill-ETHYL-a-mean), which makes you feel happy and puts you in the mood.

VANILLA stimulates your nerves and makes sex even better.

#9.) WATERMELON. It increases the amount of nitric oxide in your body. That spike causes blood vessels to relax and speeds up circulation. As a result, you'll get more aroused in less time.

AND with that, we shall wrap it up! Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, as always!