Thursday, November 24, 2011


...for delicious chocolate chip cookies that I just ate. For without them, Amos wouldn't be very famous.

...for chapstick. I tend to be a lip-biter. ....uh. Anyway, it keeps my lips juicy. Or something.

...for a remote control. What the HELL is on Channel 3 right now? ::clicks off::

...that I have the best friends money can buy. Really. They cost $20 but you can't beat them!

...that my hearts a stereo.

...that I don't work for a guy named "Wade". How could anyone take a Wade seriously?

...for shampoo that leaves my hair full of body. Wait, I don't have hair.

...that *I'M* not cooking today. Wait, I rarely do that anyway.

...for brain farts so I can sit here and stare at the screen. ::Stares::

...for women!! hey, we wouldn't be here without them. And who doesn't love a beautiful woman with a cute ass?

...for cute asses on women.

...for breasts.'s Thanksgiving, right? TURKEY you perv!

...for the fact that I WILL NOT be Black Friday shopping tomorrow.

...for social media. Seriously, how would we all be able to stay in touch with eachother like we do without it?

...for dentists. I may need one soon :/

...for my mattress. It feels nice.

...for Sheetz. Stan and Steve, you are visionaries. You should win the nobel prize.

...for soap that makes me smell purdee.

...that gas is $3.07 - hey, it beats $3.49

...for the TURKEY BOWL on Fox 8! OMG how could I forget about this! They go to a Giant Eagle, set up a ton of canned good and contestants 'bowl' with frozen turkeys. Lol!

...that I DON'T work in retail. And the only time I ever did was a grocery store (Fishers) in high school.

...for pizza. Pizza is awesome. Who invented that? I think his last name was Hut. Or maybe John?

...for pizza places that don't end in "John" cause his pizza really sucks.

...that it will be in the 60's for highs tomorrow and Saturday! Enjoy!

...that I can like your status when I'm too lazy to say anything on it.

...that someone decided to put RASPBERRY in ICED TEA! What a GENIUS move!

...for coffee.

...for biscuits.

...maybe I should eat something. Wait, that's not thankful for anything... work for Q92 and have a cool boss that makes sure we always win!

...for this chair I'm sitting in. It's comfy.

...that you sat and read all this junk. HAPPY TURKEY! Gobble?

Saturday, November 19, 2011


...a new blog!

Remember this the next time you confide in someone. Odds are you only have about a half an hour before your secret starts spreading.

According to a new survey by a British skin care brand called Simple, the average woman can only keep a secret for 32 MINUTES before she tells someone else.

The survey was only conducted for women, so we don't know if men are as willing to immediately leak information.

The survey also found that about 10% of women say they can't keep ANY secret, no matter how personal it is. 13% say they tell secrets specifically because they want gossip to spread.

Almost half said that they share secrets because they can't handle being the only person who knows.

10% say they've had a friendship end because either they leaked a secret or their friend leaked a secret...and a fight over that tore them apart.

And finally, 85% say they LOVE hearing gossip from other people.

Just five months after giving birth to her daughter Willow, PINK wants husband CAREY HART to fill her uterus again. And again. And again.

She says, "We want a basketball team. We want lots and lots and lots."

Not that she's not enjoying Willow. She says, "She stops crying when I sing. My dogs leave the room and she stops crying. I sing 'You Are My Sunshine' and I make up songs for her because I'm goofy."

JAY-Z says he WILL change diapers when his wife BEYONCÉ gives birth.

In the new issue of "GQ"...which happens to be its annual Men of the Year issue...Jay says, "Providing...that's not love. Being there...that's more important.

"I mean, we see that. We see that with all these rich socialites. They're crying out for attention; they're hurting for love. I'm not being judgmental...I'm just making an observation.

"They're crying out for the love that maybe they didn't get at home, and they got everything, all the material things that they need and want. So we know that's not the key."

Also Making "GQ's" Men of the Year List Are:

Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, Michael Fassbender and...MILA KUNIS. (???) Yes, they named her Knockout of the Year.

The issue comes out November 22nd.

Last week, the American Farm Bureau Federation released their annual study on the cost of serving Thanksgiving dinner. And they found the average cost of a 10-person dinner, including turkey, lots of sides, and dessert, is $49.20.

We aren't sure what grocery store they're shopping at...because NO ONE here in the real world thinks they can host Thanksgiving that cheap.

In a new nationwide survey by Harris Interactive, only 31% of Americans who are hosting Thanksgiving think they'll spend under $100. Spending $50 is such a ridiculous notion that Harris didn't even ask about that small of an amount.

52% of people believe it will cost them between $100 and $250. 17% of people will spend over $250. That means, total, seven out of 10 Americans will spend at LEAST $100 to host Thanksgiving.

The main way people plan to save money is using coupons, at 60%.

37% will shop at a warehouse store like Costco...and 34% will ask their guests to bring a dish.

10% are planning to play a VERY dangerous game...they're planning to wait until the last possible second to go shopping, hoping that stores will slash prices to empty out their inventory.

I guess Americans really are afraid to go on this economy, you feel like the second you leave your desk, someone else is going to scurry in there and replace you.

According to a new survey by JetBlue, more than HALF of Americans will end this year with unused vacation days.

A LOT of vacation days. The average worker who isn't taking all of their time off will end the year with 11 leftover vacation days.

39% say the reason they aren't taking their vacation days is they're reluctant to ask their bosses for time it makes them seem less committed to their jobs.

Look, we've ALL had that moment where we ALMOST freaked out at McDonald's, over their evil policy of switching from breakfast to lunch and REFUSING to serve certain things on the menu. Or the Saturday morning DASH to get there by 10:59! (Reminder: Sheetz serves breakfast 24/7)

This woman actually did it.

JUST after 3:00 A.M. on Sunday, 22-year-old Shanaya Edgell of Janesville, Wisconsin and her 40-year-old boyfriend went through a McDonald's drive thru...because Shanaya REALLY wanted a cheeseburger. Look at the time. This is clearly a drunk meal.

But there was a problem. Since it was after 3:00 A.M., the McDonald's had already switched over to their breakfast menu. Which means they would NOT give her a cheeseburger.

Now this would make me HAPPY. I love some drunk breakfast food! But Shanaya FLIPPED OUT.

She started by punching her boyfriend a bunch of times, then got out of the car and climbed onto the hood so he couldn't drive away. She caused such a scene that the police were called in to calm her down.

When they got there, she told them she was, quote, "freaking out over" McDonald's switching their menu. She was arrested for disorderly conduct.

If you are on my facebook (and you SHOULD be!), you probably saw me post the link to JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's story of the MARINE CORPS ball that he attended.

CORPORAL KELSEY DE SANTIS...who was JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S date to the Marine Corps Ball in Richmond, Virginia over the weekend, says he was a "complete gentleman."

Speaking on the "Today" show, Kelsey said, "I didn't know what to expect really. I was super, super excited."

She added, "It was a great time. He had a smile on his face the whole time."

As for her favorite moment of the evening, Kelsey said, "The sweetest moment was definitely right after the ceremony ended and being able to see his face. You could see he genuinely cared about what he saw."

She added, "We were on the dance floor, having a good time at the table, joking and laughing. So, it was, altogether, really great."

I don't know if this is because of the economy...or because we're just lazier than ever. But either way, we aren't buying boxes, packing up our crap, and moving anymore.

According to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau, only 11.6% of Americans moved to a different county or state in 2010. That's the lowest percentage EVER RECORDED.

The Census Bureau started tracking movement in 1948, meaning last year had the fewest people moving in at least 62 years.

The moving rate peaked in 1985, when 20.2% of Americans changed counties or states. It's been gradually decreasing ever since.

The data also found that 59% of Americans currently live in the state where they were born.

Louisiana has the highest number of people living there who were born there, at 78.8%. It's followed by Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Yep, don't believe the hype that people are fleeing here. Apparently they aren't!

Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Washington, D.C. have the lowest rates...less than 40% of their residents were born there. And Nevada has the lowest rate of all, less than 25% of the people who live there were born there.

Where are you moving TO?

The Census Bureau just released data on moving in 2010, and it included the ten most common state-to-state moves for the year.

And number one is...moving from the highest-profile liberal state to the highest-profile conservative state. That's California-to-Texas. Here's the full top ten:

#1.) California-to-Texas, 68,959 movers.

#2.) New York-to-Florida, 55,011 movers...many of whom are probably grandmas.

#3.) Florida-to-Georgia, 49,901 movers.

#4.) California-to-Arizona, 47,164 movers.

#5.) New Jersey-to-Pennsylvania, 42,456 movers. (New Jersian's want to get out of Jersey!)

#6.) New York-to-New Jersey, 41,374 movers. (New Yorkers want out of New Yawk!)

#7.) California-to-Washington, 39,468 movers.

#8.) Texas-to-California, 36,582 movers.

#9.) Georgia-to-Florida, 35,615 movers.

#10.) California-to-Nevada, 35,472 movers.

perhaps more blog tomorrow!