Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS came to Northeast Ohio last night for a show at HOB. The show didn't pass without controversy. AAR guitarist Mike Kennerty hit a local photographer, Jimmy Davis.

Davis told a reporter, “I had no problems all the way throughout the show until about the sixth or seventh song…next thing I know I’m getting hit by the guitarist Mike in the face while shooting a picture of him. I’ve never been touched by an artist before so I was kind of really in shock at that point.”

The photographer contacted the record label after the incident. “I called the Universal Music Group contact I had and then I also called the tour manager who immediately came and got me and whisked me backstage. That’s where Mike came out…he apologized a bunch of times.”

There was a second incident at the show last night in which a concert-goer had her iPad smashed by lead singer TYSON RITTER. Davis was a witness to that, explaining, “A girl in the front row had a brand new iPad,” he said. “Tyson, the lead singer, took it and smashed it right in half.”

The singer reportedly gave the girl $1000 in cash backstage.

There are stories circulating from other photographers who also had to deal with hassles, and close-calls with damage to their valuable equipment at the show last night.

I've gone on record, many times, on the air saying that I was a fan of their live performances and of the band in general...but I may be changing my tune if this is the way they treat their fans. Not cool at all.

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