Wednesday, August 29, 2012

There was a rumor going around that CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA were planning some kind of "major reunion" at the "MTV Video Music Awards" next Thursday.

But it isn't happening.  Chris' rep tells, "He will not be at the 'VMAs' in any capacity."

For what it's worth, claims Chris IS...or at least WAS..."scheduled" to attend the ceremony.  The site also quoted some so-called FRIENDS of Rihanna and Chris who seemed to think they'd be down for a reunion.

Rihanna WILL be at the "VMAs".  She'll will One Direction, Taylor Swift, Pink, Green Day and Frank Ocean. Demi Lovato will perform during the pre-show.

We've got the results of a new poll about things we hate spending money on, and one thing is clear. We hate spending money on weddings, we hate spending money on bills...but we REALLY hate spending money on our SIGNIFICANT OTHERS.

The NUMBER ONE thing people hate spending on is...buying things for their husbands, wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends.  Here's the full top 10:

#1.)  Buying things for our significant others.

#2.)  Your own wedding costs.

#3.)  Buying wedding presents for other people.

#4.)  BIRTH CONTROL.  Although it's a lot cheaper than the alternative.

#5.)  Retirement contributions.

#6.)  Bachelor or bachelorette parties.

#7.)  Utility bills.

#8.)  Work clothes.

#9.)  Car insurance.

#10.)  The dentist.

Things that finished just outside the top 10 are throwing in for a coworker's birthday present or card, grocery bags, gas, and tolls.

Each year, Allstate Insurance ranks the drivers in almost 200 American cities. Here are the ten cities with the most dangerous drivers...and the safest.      

The cities with the most dangerous drivers are:

#1.)  Washington, D.C.:  Drivers in D.C. get in an accident every 4.7 years.  The national average is one accident every 10 years.

#2.)  Baltimore:  Every 5.3 years. 

#3.)  Providence, Rhode Island:  5.5 years.

#4.)  Hialeah, Florida:  5.6 years.

#5.)  Glendale, California:  5.6 years.

#6.)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  6.1 years.

#7.)  Alexandria, Virginia:  6.2 years.

#8.)  Newark, New Jersey:  6.3 years. 

#9.)  Miami, Florida:  6.3 years.

#10.)  San Francisco, California:  6.5 years.

And here are the ten cities with the SAFEST drivers:

#1.)  Sioux Falls, South Dakota:  Drivers there get in an accident every 13.8 years.  The U.S. average is one accident every 10 years.

#2.)  Boise, Idaho:  13.8 years. 

#3.)  Fort Collins, Colorado:  13.6 years.

#4.)  Madison, Wisconsin:  13.0 years.

#5.)  Lincoln, Nebraska:  12.4 years.

#6.)  Huntsville, Alabama:  12.4 years.

#7.)  Chandler, Arizona:  12.3 years.

#8.)  Reno, Nevada:  12.3 years.

#9.)  Knoxville, Tennessee:  12.2 years.

#10.)  Springfield, Missouri:  12.1 years. 

Akron and Cleveland BOTH finish BELOW average. Cleveland is #64, Akron is #58

Here's a quick technology lesson to make sure you're smarter than HALF the country.  When you hear about "the cloud" in technology, it just refers to you storing or backing up your data online, not just on your computer.

It has nothing to do with clouds in the sky.  In a new survey, 51% of Americans said they believe that stormy weather will interfere with "the cloud."

This sounds pretty stupid, but you're totally going to do it. Dr. Stefanie Schwartz is a vet in Tustin, California.  And she says she's come up with a test you can use to figure out whether your dog or cat is LEFT-HANDED or RIGHT-HANDED.

Not that there's any real benefit in finding out.  Whether a dog or cat is left-handed or right-handed doesn't have any impact on their life.  But don't you kinda want to know anyway?  Here's the test.

#1.)  Fill a toy with treats, then put it in the center of your pet's field of vision.  Which paw does he use to touch it first?

#2.)  Put something sticky on their nose and see which paw they use to remove it.

#3.)  Put a treat under the sofa just out of their reach, and see which paw they use to try to get it out.

Schwartz says you have to perform those tests 100 TIMES to get a definitive answer, especially with cats who sometimes mess around and use both paws.  But if one paw is dominating your results before 100, that's your pet's dominant paw.

In Taiwan, the environmental protection minister says we could help heal the environment by . . . having MEN SIT DOWN TO PEE.  He says all the splatter from standing has bad environmental effects because it creates a toxic environment that requires chemicals to clean it up.  Taiwan can't FORCE men to sit, of course...but they are putting signs in public bathrooms encouraging it.

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