Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A while back, a JUSTIN BIEBER fan named Marlene McHammel asked Justin...on video...if he was a BREAST MAN or a BUTT MAN. 

She actually whispered it in Justin's ear, but she was loud enough to be heard on the video. And she didn't say "breasts" and "butt".  She used the "T&A" words, if you know what I mean and I'm sure you do.

Justin seemed stunned by the question, and didn't answer.

Well, Marlene got to meet Justin AGAIN a little while later and asked him if he was mad at her.  He said, "I'm not upset about that question, I swear."

She also revealed that she's been getting DEATH THREATS because of the video, and Justin asked fans to leave her alone.

Oh, and he also finally answered the question.  He said, "I like both."

Here's the video

ERIC JOHNSON is seeing the benefits of JESSICA SIMPSON'S weight loss effort...in the form of COITUS.

After gaining 70 pounds during her pregnancy and then giving birth, there was a pretty bad drought.  But now that Jessica is dropping the pounds, she's reclaiming her status as SEXUAL NAPALM.

A source says, "[She's] thanking him with a string of X-rated romps...and telling everyone!  [Jessica] talks about it nonstop.  They haven't had sex in a while, and she's definitely making up for lost time."

What ANYONE sees in this guy, I do not know.
RUSSELL BRAND is reportedly nailing GERI HALLIWELL...a.k.a. GINGER SPICE.

A source says, "Things are getting very serious between them...they're a proper couple now.  They had met several times in the past, but really got to know each other during the Olympics.

"They just clicked...they have so much in common."  (Russell is 37...Geri is 40.)

20-year-old DEMI LOVATO only has ONE qualification to be a judge on "X Factor": She can help other young kids who are trying to find success as teenagers.

Perhaps the show has realized this, because they're tweaking the judges' responsibilities this season, so that the categories are based more on AGE than gender.

Sources say that Demi will mentor the youngest contestants...boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 16.  BRITNEY SPEARS will work with the 17- to 24-year-olds...and L.A. REID is taking all contestants 25 and older.

That means, SIMON COWELL is handling the GROUPS this year.

Last season, Simon had the young girls...L.A. took the young boys...NICOLE SCHERZINGER took the singers 25 and older...and PAULA ABDUL handled the groups, although she didn't do too well at that.

As for Demi, if you're going to have younger contestants on the show, then putting a lot more attention on how you handle them is a smart move. 

Don't be too surprised to see Demi Lovato on stage holding the hand of her kids to support them through the heartache of their eliminations too.

Forbes.com has released its list of the Highest-Paid Celebrities...and for the fourth straight year, OPRAH WINFREY tops it. She banked $165 million between May of 2011 and May of this year.

Here are the Top 21, along with their earnings over the past year . . .

#1.)  Oprah Winfrey,  $165 million

#2.)  "Transformers" director Michael Bay,  $160 million

#3.)  Steven Spielberg,  $130 million

#4.)  "Pirates of the Caribbean" producer Jerry Bruckheimer,  $115 million

#5.)  Dr. Dre,  $110 million

#6.)  Tyler Perry,  $105 million

#7.)  Howard Stern,  $95 million

#8.)  Author James Patterson,  $94 million

#9.)  (tie)  George Lucas and Simon Cowell,  $90 million

#11.)  (tie)  Glenn Beck and Elton John,  $80 million

#13.)  Tom Cruise,  $75 million

#14.)  "Law & Order" creator Dick Wolf,  $70 million

#15.)  Rush Limbaugh,  $69 million

#16.)  Boxer Manny Pacquiao,  $67 million

#17.)  Dr. Phil,  $64 million

#18.)  Donald Trump,  $63 million

#19.)  Ryan Seacrest,  $59 million

#20.)  (tie)  Britney Spears and Tiger Woods,  $58 million

This is definitely NOT a ringing endorsement of trust in relationships today.  But it IS a ringing endorsement of always taking your phone with you to the bathroom.

According to a new survey, ONE THIRD of people say it's totally fine to read your partner's texts or emails if they're acting suspiciously.

37% of women say they'd have no issues with digging through their significant other's texts and emails if they thought he might be cheating.  Men were less likely to be okay with prying...only 29% say it's fine.

The survey also found that only 41% of people 18 to 34 say it's fine to date more than one person at the same time.  People over 55 were most likely to have no problem with the idea of dating multiple people.

According to a new survey by a technology company called Asurion, your kids don't know how to take care of their cell phone.      

The average parent said they have to replace their kid's cell phone more than once a year . . . for EACH of their kids.  They estimate that a replacement phone will cost $200...but it's closer to $600.

In the same survey, the kids didn't think they broke their phones quite as often as their parents said they did...but 48% of high school and college students admit that they've lost or broken their phone within the last two years.

27% of the phone accidents took place at school...24% at home...15% were outside...and 14% were at a friend's house.

35% of the phones were broken while running or doing physical activity...18% of the kids were near water when the accident occurred...18% were cleaning...and 17% were playing a sport.

No surprise here: PRINCE HARRY appears to be single again. Sources say Harry's girlfriend Cressida Bonas was HUMILIATED by the pictures of his nude carousing with other women in Vegas, so she DUMPED him.

Sources also say Harry got cussed out both by his dad, PRINCE CHARLES, and his grandmother QUEEN ELIZABETH.

Meanwhile, the porno company Vivid Entertainment played their usual game of grabbing publicity from scandals like this by offering Harry a gig in one of their movies.  The offer?  $10 million.

According to a survey by the St. Ives makeup company, the average woman spends more than three hours getting her hair and makeup ready before going out.      

That adds up to about 43 weeks over the course of her life...or almost full 11 months.

One in three women say that they wish they could spend less time doing makeup. Of course that ALSO means that TWO in three women are fine with burning a couple hours on it whenever they want to go out.

One in eight women say they would NEVER go out with no makeup on...and 1% of women say they even do their makeup before going to the gym.

Women don't just spend time working on their appearance in front of a mirror. 8% of women say they spend at least 30 minutes a week changing pictures of themselves on Facebook. 

Make yourself as HAIRLESS as you want.  Your hair DOESN'T actually grow back thicker, darker, or coarser.

The hair seems coarser when you shave because stubble is shorter...obviously...and hair gets softer as it gets longer.  The hair seems darker because you're seeing it against your skin instead of other hair.

And the hair seems thicker because...well, that's just your imagination.  Shaving doesn't stimulate the hair follicles or anything like that.

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