Tuesday, September 4, 2012

JUSTIN BIEBER caused a lot of silly outrage this weekend by Tweeting a picture of himself pointing a gun at a guy.

What happened was that Justin was visiting the set of SELENA GOMEZ'S new movie "Feed the Dog"...and he and Selena had their pictures taken with the father of one of the other actors.

Justin was holding a prop gun from the movie, and for some reason, he decided to point it at the guy for the picture.

People on Twitter freaked, because he's setting a bad example, especially in the wake of the Colorado movie theater shootings.

Maybe all those stories about JOHN MAYER breaking KATY PERRY'S heart by dumping her in an e-mail were BOGUS. Because the two of them were together Saturday night at a music festival in Los Angeles.

Witnesses say they were dancing and, "stealing kisses" while they watched various bands. They even posed with some fans for a picture that ended up online.

Want to have more sex? Just paint your bedroom so it looks like you're a Persian sheik. Or Grimace from McDonald's.

According to a new survey, people who have PURPLE BEDROOMS have the most sex. People with purple walls and bedding average sex 3.49 times per week, or every other day.

Red bedrooms are second, at 3.18 times per week. Sky blue is third, pink is fourth, black is fifth, navy is sixth, yellow is seventh, and orange is eighth.

On the other end, people with gray bedrooms have the least sex, at 1.8 times per week. Green bedrooms lead to the second-least sex, beige bedrooms lead to the third-least, white bedrooms are fourth-least, and brown walls are fifth-least.

The survey also found that silk sheets are the most conducive to more sex. Cotton sheets are second, nylon are third, and polyester are fourth.

Well this is disappointing. Researchers at Cornell University in New York just finished a study that found the longer you DENY YOURSELF sweet sexual pleasure during the early part of a relationship, the better off you'll be if you guys end up getting married.

About 33% of the couples in the survey had sex within the first month, about 28% waited six months, and the rest were somewhere in between.

The women who waited at least six months were happier in every category of the survey than the women who had sex within the first month. They had fewer arguments, stronger relationships, and even better sex lives.

The connection wasn't as strong for men, but men who didn't have sex for the first six months of a relationship DID report fewer arguments than men who had sex sooner.

The researchers say this effect happens because having sex early can make sex overwhelm the other aspects of a developing relationship. And that can lead to a weaker foundation.

According to a survey by a British website called Siteopia, only one in five people call their partner by their actual name all the time. The rest have 'pet names' for each other.

One in six men refer to their wife as "the boss"...and one in 14 call her "the ball and chain." One in 10 guys say their friends found out their wife's pet name for THEM...either by her accidentally using it in public, or by friends reading their texts.

Anyway, here are the 10 pet names that women hate most:

#1.) Babe.

#2.) Sweet cheeks.

#3.) Snookums.

#4.) Baby doll.

#5.) Baby girl.

#6.) Muffin.

#7.) Ducky.

#8.) Baby cakes.

#9.) Sexy pants.

#10.) Pudding.

A new study figured out a psychological trick you can use to get people to do what you want. Instead of asking for it right away, start by making an OUTRAGEOUS request. Like, "Can I borrow $10,000?"

The researchers found that if you follow that up by making your real request...like, "Fine, can I borrow $20?"...the person is MUCH more likely to do it, because they're off balance and their perspective is still skewed.

Every man SHOULD know that if SOMEHOW you can talk your wife into a threesome, THE single worst thing you can do is focus more on the other woman than her.

29-year-old David Rice of Zephyrhills, Florida didn't know that. And now he AND his 29-year-old wife Mindi are in jail.

Last week, David and Mindi got high and invited a 24-year-old woman to come over and have a threesome. They did. Then all three of them fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Mindi woke up and found David was trying to have sex with the other woman again, WITHOUT HER. And Mindi's response was...grabbing a gun, threatening to kill the woman, and firing a WARNING SHOT into the ceiling.

David grabbed the gun away, grabbed Mindi by the THROAT, and pointed the gun at her. Then HE fired his own warning shot into the wall. It was JUST about then that the other woman realized she should get the HELL OUT and call the cops.

A SWAT team was called in and it took two hours for them to convince Mindi and David to come outside. Both were charged with aggravated assault. Both have prior convictions for other crimes as well.

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