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Wednesday July 11

Yep its true...check this out:

LINDSAY LOHAN is in talks to appear in "Scary Movie 5" alongside "High School Musical" star ASHLEY TISDALE. Nothing is definite yet, though.

The franchise was launched by the WAYANS BROTHERS in 2000, but they left after two installments, and it's been handled by DAVID ZUCKER of "Airplane" and "The Naked Gun" fame ever since.

Obviously, Zucker can't bring his ace-in-the-hole LESLIE NIELSEN back, because Leslie died in 2010. He played the president in the last two installments.

Also not coming least as far as we ANNA FARIS, who's been the star of every "Scary Movie" so far.

DirecTV customers lost all Viacom channels last night at midnight.

That's because DirecTV and Viacom failed to come to terms on a new contract...and the impasse extended beyond a midnight deadline.

DirecTV subscribers lost a chunk of channels, including: Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, VH1, CMT, Logo, Spike, TV Land, MTV2, VH1 Classic, Palladia, Nick Jr., NickToons and TeenNick.

DirecTV has about 20 million subscribers throughout the country.

Including the HD, it carries a total of 26 Viacom-owned channels.

It's unclear how long the blackout might last. DirecTV says Viacom wants to add a "carriage fee of more than 30%"...but Viacom says they proposed a fair deal where each subscriber would only have to pay, "a couple [more] pennies per day."

Around 145 million Americans use at least one social networking site...which means if they formed their own country, it would be the eighth-largest in the world.

A new study broke down how men and women in the U.S. use social media differently. Here's the TALE OF THE TAPE.

#1.) Women are more likely to join social media sites than men. 56% of social media users in the U.S. are female.

#2.) Women are more likely to have un-friended someone, 67% to 58%.

#3.) Men are TWICE as likely as women to be EMBARRASSED by something they posted on a social media site.

#4.) 64% of Twitter users in the U.S. and 58% of Facebook users in the U.S. are female. So are 82% of Pinterest users.

#5.) 84% of Reddit users are male, as are 71% of Google Plus users and 63% of LinkedIn users.

#6.) Women are more likely to update their Facebook status daily, 18% to 11%. Women are also more likely to comment on photos and other people's status updates.

#7.) Women are more ACTIVE social media users. Women in the U.S. make 99 MILLION more visits per month to social media sites than men.

If EVERYONE overpacks for vacation, can it really be called overpacking anymore?

According to a new survey, the AVERAGE woman packs 28 different outfits for a one-week vacation.

But...most of them say they try to change clothes four times a day on vacation, so they really do need that many options.

80% say they don't end up wearing EVERYTHING they pack.

20% say they end up paying extra luggage fees, either because their suitcase is too heavy or they have to bring a whole extra suitcase for clothes.

The average woman also says she's had at least one argument with her male travel companion over packing.

Last September, 47-year-old Pauline Potter of Sacramento, California was named the World's Heaviest Living Woman by the "Guinness Book of World Records". She achieved that by weighing in at 643 pounds.

But in less than a year, she's dropped 100 pounds...and she gives ALL the credit to ONE SPECIAL CHUBBY CHASER.

Three years ago, her husband Alex...who weighs about 155 pounds...divorced her. After she got the world record, he came CRAWLING BACK. And now, Pauline is burning calories with him through MARATHON SEX SESSIONS.

She says they have sex up to seven times a day, and she burns about 500 calories each time. She also says they've figured out how to use MULTIPLE POSITIONS...even though ONE OF HER LEGS outweighs her ex-husband.

She's close to her temporary goal weight of 530 that weight, she thinks she'll be able to become more mobile. To get there, she wants to keep having sex and, "still eat Big Macs, but choose between fries or McNuggets."

What a dream come true. LOL

We've said this before and we'll say it again. For every couple that's SAVED by "Fifty Shades of Grey" putting a spark of BONDAGE into their sex life...another couple is RUINED. Here's one that was ruined.

Back on June 25th, 31-year-old Raymond Hodgson of Carlisle, England got into a fight with his girlfriend of five years, Emma McCormick.

Emma wouldn't stop reading "Fifty Shades of Grey"...and Raymond thought it was pornographic and unrealistic. He went home...came back the next day...and angrily SQUIRTED HER IN THE FACE with steak sauce.

He was arrested and charged with assault. Earlier this week, he pleaded guilty. His lawyer says, "He regrets having done this, realizing how stupid it sounds. He didn't realize [it] would be classified as an assault."

Raymond and Emma hadn't really spoken since the incident, but have started talking to each other again.

Not sure if this is the worst kind of "squirting in the face" that can come out of a couple reading "Fifty Shades of Grey", btw........nevermind

FOSTER THE PEOPLE singer MIKE FOSTER tells "Q" magazine that he has only been star-struck once: When he met SNOOP DOGG.

He says he hugged Snoop and told him that he'd love to smoke with him...even though he'd just quit marijuana three days before. But instead of taking him up on the offer, Snoop gave him some advice.

Mike says, "He said 'You know what, brother? Sometimes you gotta slow down and focus on your [stuff].' From the godfather of marijuana smoking, that was good enough for me."

This was a bold move by Snoop. Nothing would've jacked up his cred with white folks like being able to boast that he smoked with the guy who brought us "Pumped Up Kicks"!

This is one of the big questions of the BOOTY CALL ERA we're living in now...can you transition from a purely sexual, no-strings-attached relationship into an actual relationship?

According to a new study out of Concordia University in Montreal, the answer is...YES.

Jim Pfaus is a psychology professor at Concordia. He studied the brain and how it's triggered by both a sexual relationship and actual love.

And...he found that there are several regions of the brain that overlap and control both sex and love. So he says yes, sex can transform into love.

Just like when you fall in love with someone, you want to have sex with them, it can work the opposite way too...when you have sex with someone, it can lead to you falling in love with them.

It's not necessarily going to happen every time...but, at least biologically, it's a realistic possibility.

Lists like this always seem like nonsense, but it's summer so here we go: The website has a list of seven popular ice cream flavors, and what they say about your personality.

#1.) Chocolate. If it's you're favorite, they say it means you're "lively, creative, and dramatic."

If you like "double chocolate chunk," it means you look for passionate, exciting relationships.

#2.) Vanilla. You'd assume it means you're boring and bland. But apparently people who like vanilla tend to be RISK TAKERS, and usually rely on intuition when they're faced with a problem.

#3.) Strawberry. It means you're thoughtful and logical, but you tend to be a follower rather than a leader. You also weigh your options carefully, so it sometimes takes you a long time to make decisions.

#4.) Mint Chocolate Chip. People who say it's their favorite tend to be ambitious and confident, and like making plans and thinking ahead. They also tend to be skeptics.

If you like chocolate chip ice cream WITHOUT the mint, it means you're ambitious, competitive, hard working, and good in social situations.

#5.) Coffee. Coffee ice cream fans tend to over-commit to things, and always start new projects before they finish the last one. They can also be very flirtatious.

#6.) Rocky Road. It means you're practical, but you're outgoing in social situations. And you're more sensitive to criticism than most people are.

#7.) Butter Pecan. You're devoted, respectful, and careful with money. And you think integrity is a very important trait to have. (So, senior citizens apparently...which sounds about right for butter pecan.)

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